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Hey, My name is Wale Adetona, I’m Web Consultant and Digital Product Creator

I’m enthusiast about anything that make live and run a successful business easier.

I love the freedom running an online business gives you while at the same time having the opportunity to spend some time with your loved ones.

My journey began immediately after my Youth Service called NYSC in my country (Nigeria), then I have designed a few web development projects for few clients.

But for me to position myself in front of my ideal customer I need to master sales and marketing.

So, after that night I went online to make a few research on best sales and marketing book to help me master the skill.

I happened to stumb upon a few amazing programs that could help

Started learning with some resource I had access to then started to apply the knowledge I gained from them and helping a few of my friends to get their business online.

Then I started to make a research on how to make money using the knowledge to with my web development skills if don’t need to depend when my next client is coming from.

I was browsing my Facebook newsfeed and an ad pop talking about how to make money online selling other people’s products called Affiliate Marketing.

The ad was a FREE training from ClickFunnels called Affiliate Bootcamp Summit.

It’s a training organized by Russell Brunson with some other big Internet Marketer in the online business game.

I enroll into the program to learn how affiliate marketing works

Later, I noticed i needed to advance my skill to master offer creation and publishing so I can start seeing results in my business

So, I joined One Funnel Away Challenge, In that challenge, Russell Bronson makes the whole things easy for me ever since

And that’s what gave birth to this website to show you the best marketing tips, tools, strategies, and tactics to run a successful online business with hassle.

Wale Adetona

My main goal is to show you the best marketing tools and resources in the marketplace to increase your business cash flow and serve the people you have been chosen to serve.

I mostly focus on helping people like you to achieve more and growing there business exponetially.

Let’s grow together and make a better impact to change the world because it’s only who that are determine to change the world are the one that actually do and I so much believe in you.

If you need any help or guidance to grow your business with any guesswork, then I highly recommend you start your journey with the One Funnel Away Challenge now because the next challenge is starting very soon.