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Russell Brunson is an American Storyteller and Ingenious Affiliate Marketer.

He’s the man that popularized the concept of a Sales Funnel that has been implemented in many businesses online to sell many products and services across different niches.

He’s the man behind the software company called ClickFunnels.

Here inside the guide, I’m going to show you everything you need to know about Russell Brunson starting from his Net Worth, Lifestyle, Relationship, Products, Coaching Program and the story behind ClickFunnels, and a lot more.

I will also be talking about the 10X conference, an event he did at Grand Cardon’s annual event that shows about 15,000 Entrepreneurs in a room on how to grow their business online using the concept of a sales funnel.

So sit tight and relax as I show you about someone that has impacted so many people’s lives in this online business including me. I’m sure you’re going to find this guide very helpful.

So without wasting much of your time.

Let’s get started

Who is Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson is the New York Times bestselling author of the book called traffic secret before he wrote traffic secret he has already written two books called Dotcom Secret and Expert Secrets.

Russell Bronson was born in 1980 in Provo, Utah, United States, where he grew to develop an interest In business and other things.

He started his journey as an Entrepreneur while he was young by collecting junk mails usually used in radio and television ads to keep himself updated about every business opportunity in order to have a better understanding and knowledge of marketing in general.

Aside from marketing and sales, Russell Brunson while he was going up had a passion for wrestling, His father was his home teacher at that time.

During his high school, Russell was named all-time state champion in a competition in which he became number 1 an all-time American in his Senior Year which takes place in the country in every high school.

Fast forward to today’s date Russell Brunson co-founded various software companies himself and some with his partners.

Russell Brunson popularized some of the most used concepts in marketing today, especially sales funnel.

He also has a lot of frameworks that most entrepreneurs have deployed inside their business to grow exponentially, Which later made some of this framework made it into most of the books written by him.

His main ambition is to free you as an entrepreneur so you can serve the people you have been called to serve.

Russell Brunson is well known as a reputable person in the internet marketing space.

So after several years of trial and error failing back-to-back Russell has developed some of the greatest materials to help any business grow their business online ranging from marketing, sales, advertising, copywriting, and many more.

After having experience in most of the popular online skills has not only made his students and clients make more money in their various businesses but also helped him to build a community called Funnel Hackers.

They are called the new breed of entrepreneurship.

He co-founded a software company with his friend Todd Dickerson called ClickFunnels.

Currently, the company has more than 129,000 users while at the same time processed over 1.6B dollars in sales not to mention payment collect over a sales pitch.

That’s an amazing stat right there, all thanks to Russell Brunson because he’s an inspiration to every member in the Funnel Hacking community who goes through his coaching or course content.

ClickFunnels Backstory

ClickFunnels is an all-in-one sales funnel builder software that helps many online entrepreneurs to generate leads, sell their products and services, and set up a follow-up message to get their potential customers back into their funnel.

All set up in a single dashboard.

To run a successful online business, you need a sales process set up in a place that generates leads and sales for you on autopilot.

That means to be able to sell your products or services online you need few things like a hosting plan, landing pages, autoresponders, STMPs. Webinars, Affiliate management dashboard, Membership sites, Shopping carts, etc.

If you combine getting all of these tools mentioned above, it will cost you more money to get them put together.

That’s why you need a sales funnel builder like ClickFunnels to structure your sales process from the ground up.

When you consider using ClickFunnels, you don’t need to set up all these tools one by one, they can be set up all at one straight from your ClickFunnels account.

No matter what business you’re doing right now, ClickFunnels has a funnel you can implement in your business to generate leads and sales.

How does this all start?

The Early Days

The ClickFunnels journey starts as back as 2014 for Russell when he started his Information marketing of the online business.

Prior to the time before he co-founded ClickFunnels with his friend, he struggled a lot in terms of creating a sales page to sell his products and services online.

Each time, he launched a product to the marketplace they will have to keep setting a sales page.

Then thought to himself there should be an alternative to this long-term approach he has been deploying to try selling his product.

That led to the partnership that gave birth to ClickFunnels which was founded under the company name Etison LLC to help online entrepreneurs do more in their business.

During this time he takes advantage of his current followers and list which has been active for over the years when is doing marketing which he uses to launch ClickFunnels to the public for the first time.

As at the time he still had some problems reaching a wide range of audience to sell the software to, so he decided to start spending money on paid ads using Facebook ads to acquire new customers to try the free 14-day trial that’s not sure it will convert to a paid plan.

So to curb this method of acquiring new customers to try the ClickFunnels 14 days he decided to launch a funnel to sell his free plus shipping books which are also called a break-even method of acquiring a customer.

Why is this book free to get but they are only asked to pay for the shipping and handling which cost roughly $19.99.

He’s not making much on the frontend offer but consider this stage as a way of acquiring new leads into his business which can later turn to high ticket clients weighting the customer lifetime value of each lead.

When each of these customers purchased his books on the backend they were pitched to try the 14-day ClickFunnels for free.

Instead of promoting ClickFunnels up front that doesn’t know about sales funnel, He tried to educate the mind of the prospects to understand what actually a sales funnel can help them to do in their business.

Using this approach may close marketer she said the uses of click Funnel in their business

Like I said above, when new prospects purchase the free plus shipping you will be introduced to ClickFunnels on the backend, So this way people are already educated on how the tool can help them to grow their business.

An example of this free plus shipping is the Dotcom Secret book which introduced online entrepreneurs to how to use a sales funnel using software like ClickFunnels.

Until Tuesday ClickFunnels across a wide range of followers into their community with the use of this secret room for negotiating to acquire customers.

It’s not only Dotcom Secrets that Russell has free plus shipping offers, most of his books are sold using this approach.

Clickfunnels Logo

Now ClickFunnels is now doing much with its affiliate program where they give cars to people for referring customers into the community.

It’s now grown to a multi-million dollar company without any venture capital or raising any money from investors.

ClickFunnels Today

In the first year of starting the company, they were able to close about 10,000 paying customers but most of them did not stay as customers and some canceled their accounts after the trial.

Five years later, in 2019 precisely, ClickFunnels pulled in over 100,000 paying customers that have grown the company’s net worth of $360 Million Dollar in annual revenue.

At the time of writing this (early quarter 2020), which happens to be their 6th birthday – Russell called out his partner and co-founder out at the Funnel Hacking Live which is a yearly serve as a reunion between the Funnel Hackers.

During his speech, he shared the latest stats and changes since the last event which is 2019. Here are some of these changes as stated below.

ClickFunnels Stats Today

There are 341 amazing people serving you all over the world in different time zone.

  • 154 Customer Support
  • 75 Product Development
  • 28 Business Development
  • 47 Marketing
  • 18 Operation
  • 19 Coaching and Events

ClickFunnels Members by Year

  • Year #1: 10,043
  • Year #2: 20,195
  • Year #3: 50,737
  • Year #4: 60,193
  • Year #5: 76,726
  • Year #6: 100,667
  • Currently: 112,200+ Active Members

Vision For ClickFunnels

  • Processed over $10.2 Billion in Sales (Which is more than double since the last Funnel Hacking Live in 2020)

Two Comma ClubWinners

  • 789 total winners (Which is 288 new in the last 12 months!)

Two Comma Club XWinners

  • 56 Total winners (18) new in the past year since 2019 (12 months)

Two Comma Club CWinners

This is an award given to anyone that has surpassed more than $10 million in their funnel i.e

  • $25 Million
  • $50 Million
  • $75 Million
  • $100 Million

ClickFunnels has a program to award their affiliates with a car after referring over 100 active ClickFunnels users. More people have won this car already and still counting.

One of the affiliates that his story surprises me the most Spencer Mecham because he has won the dream car multiple times and a few others.

Russell Brunson Products & Services

After spending over a decade in the internet marketing niche, Russell Brunson has gone to create so many digital products to help entrepreneurs like you grow their businesses online.

Follow along as I show you in detail all of these.

Russell Brunson Frameworks

Frameworks are the diagram representation of how Russell tries to deliver his message inside most of his book.

The logic behind it is that even if you read the book countless times but can remember anything with the doodle diagram you can quickly pick it up from there.

Here are the frameworks from all of the three books he has published.

Hook, Story & Offer

This is the framework explained in the Dotcom Secrets Book on how to sell your products or services with the power of storytelling.

It helps to grab your dream customers’ attention.

When you’re using the framework to sell, it doesn’t look like selling which can be called “Selling Without Selling”.

To better understand it, let me explain it separately.

  • Hook: A physical hook is designed to grab someone’s attention and this is basically how it works in marketing. I desire to grab your target customers’ attention by separating yourself from your competitive advertising the same product as you to do the same audience.
  • Story: The story is a book of your marketing and message. It’s called a story because that’s exactly what it is.
  • Offer: Now that you grab your audience attention, grab their attention with your hook, tell them a story related to your product by showcasing that you have been there before, so next is to make them take action which kind could any of the following, buy your product, signing up for your email/newsletter or sign up to a free events/webinar.

Value Ladder

Value Ladder

A value ladder is a lineup of offers that helps you to increase the perceived value of your offer by resonating with each of your potential prospects to become your customer.

It usually starts from initial awareness where you cover your product pre-order content which is free to the process of buying your premium offers.

Which is an effective way of building trust and maximizing the lifetime value of each customer.

As your customer ascends your valued ladder, so your prices will increase and the value you are given to them.

Attractive Character

Attractive Character

This is another framework introduced in the Dotcom Secrets which starts by laying it down into these key elements:

Story: What challenges did you overcome before you are in the position where you are right now?

Parables: What important lesson have you learned from your journey?

Character Flaws: This showcases the weaknesses of the attractive character in the business like fear, greed, jealousy, incompetence, excessive pride, addiction, or abuse.

Polarizing: This is you standing out in your own unique way from other competitors.

Epiphany Bridge Scripts

This is the Script that shows how your attractive character started your journey to become who you are currently or want to be. By answering all of the following questions.

  • What challenges did you face while trying to build up your empire?
  • What’re your internal reasons?
  • What are your external reasons?
  • What conflict did you encounter on the journey?
  • What’s the epiphany?
  • What is the new plan that emerges?
  • What is the new conflict that arises?
  • What’s the achievement?
  • What is the transformation that you gain?

Hero’s Two Journey

This concept was first popularized by authors Michael Hauge and Christopher Vogler. This is better explained by Russell Brunson in his book called Expert Secrets.

Each of the story consist of 3 core pieces:

A character with a desire in mind to achieve, while going through a series of conflicts that create emotions on the path to achieving desire.

Russell Brunson Books

Russell Brunson has published 3 books as of the time of writing this which has sold over millions in sales and more than 100,000 copies across the three combined.

Each of the books is proven frameworks and strategies to help any business grow massively online when implemented accordingly.

There are other books that are also written by him but can fully be called a book. But here are some of them: Funnel Cookbook, Lead Funnels, and 101 Split Test Winners.

Book #1: Dotcom Secrets

Dotcom Secrets

The Dotcom Secrets Book is a FREE book that shows your 28 virtually unknown secrets to growing any company online with sales funnels.

You’ll learn inside of this book uncovered new secrets funnel strategy that almost nobody is deploying in their business so you can take advantage of them to grow and scale your company faster than anything else you could ever imagine!

This book is literally for any business to want consistent leads and sales coming into their business on a regular basis.

  • What to see inside look of what this book teaches then check below:
  • How to identify your dream customers
  • Where are they congregating
  • How to structure content like a hook to grab their interest into your world
  • How to provide results to your dream customers

The good thing about this book is that it’s a free plus shipping book, where you only need to pay for the shipping to have it delivered to you anywhere in the world.

Book #2: Expert Secrets

Expert Secrets

The Expert Secrets Book is a FREE book that literally shows you 19 virtually unknown secrets for converting your online visitors into lifelong customers.

While this book shows you the psychology behind why your customers would want to pay for your knowledge.

You’ll also learn the single biggest secrets to selling with your funnel without driving extra traffic using the concept of storytelling.

It shows you the best way to communicate your message with people who entered your funnel and understand how to tell your story in a way they’ll understand.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn inside this book when your claim your FREE copy

  • How to find your VOICE, and move away from just selling a product or service…and toward creating offers, and finally leading a movement that changes the life of your customers.
  • The framework for teaching your frameworks (The process for delivering your knowledge and skills in a way that helps your dream customers learn, and guides them straight to the result they want!)
  • How to create your own “blue ocean” in the “red market”, that sets you up as the category king of your niche…and leaves all your competitors fighting over the scripts in your category.

Book #3: Traffic Secrets

Traffic Secrets

The Traffic Secrets Book is a new FRE book that shows you 20+ virtually unknown secrets to get tons of traffic to any website or funnel.

You’ll learn some hidden traffic method for filling your dream customers to your business.

As you may know that traffic is the lifeblood of business for any business that operates online.

So, if your business is not visible by your dream customer, there’s no way for you to generate regular sales or lead into your business that’s why you need traffic coming into your business.

In this book, you will learn the three types of traffic to use for your business and how to use them to build your mainstream traffic.

Like other books above, the secret is also a free plus shipping book where you’ll only pay for the shipping to your doorstep anywhere you are in the world.

Book #4: Network Marketing Secrets

Network Marketing Secrets

The Network Marketing Secret Book is a free book by Russell Brunson showing network marketers the opportunity of growing their downlines on completed autopilot without knocking on doors or pleading with family members to join their business.

You will learn about using sales funnel and to grow your downline and have your downlines grow their lines as well without needing complexity.

This book is well-written for absolute beginners to use a sales funnel to grab and make people begging to buy what you sell.

You will need a lot of case studies from different categories of businesses in the network marketing industries that are applying sales funnel to grow their business.

Book #5:FunnelHacker CookBook

This is a recipe for Funnel Hackers that are new to the sales funnel world especially using ClickFunnels.

It shows you how to get yourself familiar with using the ClickFunnels better for some that just sign up for the 14-Day Free Trial account.

You’ll get to understand the elements and components of a funnel and how to choose the right funnel for your products or services you wish to sell.

This book also comes with an easy to understand diagram and explanation to help anyone to get their funnel up and running in a matter of weeks.

Book #6: 108 Proven Split Test Winners

This book compiled By Russell Brunson is a proven copy of all sales Funnel doing very well online in various niches so you can copy and model them for your own business.

Keep in mind that there is an audio version of this book but it comes as an upsell after you have bought the physical book.

Book #7: Lead Funnels

Lead Funnels

Lead Funnels Is the only ebook version of Russell Brunson Book. Lead Funnels is a downloadable swipe file of 106 versions of the different lead generation funnel template designs that have proven to work in any industry.

It cost only $7 and you can get access to it immediately when you make the purchase.

Digital Courses

Over the years Russell Brunson has created a bunch of training courses that can help anyone learn the art of sales and marketing.

Here are some of the digital courses that have been created by Russell.

Course #1: 30 Days Summit

one funnel away

The 30 Days Summit is an online masterclass anchor by Russell Brunson where he invited 15 best super affiliate rockstars over years in the ClickFunnels community.

The hook for the summit is simple he asks them “You Suddenly Lose Everything…What would you do in 30 Days to Save Yourself…?”

Inside this training, you’ll learn from authority leaders from different niches that show you what they’re going to do to take their business to the next level if they completely lost everything today.

During this FREE summit, you’ll learn from the following reputable people in the industry.

  • Stephen Larsen
  • Peng Joon
  • Dan Herry
  • Stacey Martino
  • Julie Stoian
  • Garreth J White
  • Etc

Course #2: Affiliate Bootcamp Summit

Affiliate Bootcamp

The Affiliate Bootcamp is an online training course that shows you on a 100 days path to becoming a ClickFunnels super affiliate.

Inside this training, you’ll learn how successful affiliates in the ClickFunnels community is generating consistent recurring commission promoting ClickFunnels as an affiliate to their audience.

Currently, more than 100 affiliates have won the dream car award which is not limited to any one, what you need to do is create your free account today.

Course #3: Brick and Mortar Summit

Brick and Mortar Summit

The Brick and Mortar Summit is an online event for small business owners that show you how to utilize the power of the sales funnel in your business.

At this summit, you’ll learn from the top 15 industry experts from different niches who has a brick and mortar think of business while using the concept of a sales funnel to grow their business.

After you sign up for FREE for this summit you’ll get instant access to all of the training for straight 96 hours pass to learn how to truly you can leverage sales funnel work for your business.

Course #4: One Funnel Away Challenge

One Funnel Away Challenge

The One Funnel Away Challenge is a 30 days challenge that teaches anyone from various niches just getting started in the sales funnel world.

It’s also suitable for any experienced internet marketer because during the challenge you be accountable and stay motivated to take action each day to complete the task given during the training.

Inside of this training, you’ll learn the most high-income skills that can boost the sales and marketing of your business.

  • Offer Creation
  • Storytelling
  • Paid Advertisement
  • Sales funnel structure
  • How to become an attractive character/leader in your niche
  • Etc

You’ll be learning directly from Russell Brunson, Steven Larsen & Jolie Stoian during this challenge.

Russell Brunson will show up every single day for 5 days to lay out the foundation of what you’ll be doing.

He’s going to show what you need to create an irresistible offer to sell to the red ocean in the marketplace.

Steven Larsen will show up on a LIVE group call where he’s going to be your accountability partner that holds you by the hand and make sure you do the work during the training before the next call.

Jolie Stoian will walk you through the process and “how-to” of turning your abstract customized 30-day plan into an actual funnel that’s built, and up and running.

Course#5: 5 Day Lead Challenge

5 Day Lead Challenge

The 5 Day Lead Challenge is a LIVE training by Russell Brunson that guides you with a step-by-step process of generating new leads into your business.

The challenge is FREE to attend and it will for a whole 5 days.

Inside this training, there would be two guest speakers namely Rachel Miller and Yara Golden.

Russell Brunson is a marketing genius and the co-founder of the best sales funnel builder software company called ClickFunnels.

Rachel Miller is a Lifetime Learner and Serial Business Builder. She has built a multiple 6 and 7 figure business, she’s also an author.

Yara Golden is a skilled communicator who specializes in writing emails focused on stories to communicate (or reconnect) with the audience, create relationships and engage them in a conversational manner.

Course #6: Perfect Webinar Secrets Training

Perfect Webinar Secrets

The Perfect Webinar Secrets is a proven webinar framework written by Russell Brunson that shows how to run structure an effective webinar for the first time or next.

If you can simply copy and paste you can actually run a successful webinar that converts.

This is the script you need to sell a high ticket offer and watch out for the number of numbers sales that you can close when they show LIVE.

The script is designed in doddle format with every layout showing how to set up everything even if you have never run a webinar before.

Course #7: Funnel Builder Secrets

Funnel Builder Secrets

This is an all-in-one package by Russell Brunson that comes with tons of training on funnels, traffic, offers, software, and a period of 6-12 months of free ClickFunnels membership.

The Funnel Builder Secrets package at some time is one of the high ticker offers by Russell; It’s very well packaged and highly valuable.

But you can only get these course videos for FREE to guide you for any ClickFunnels user inside the FunnelFlix dashboard.

Russell Brunson’s Coaching Program

Aside from creating digital courses Russell Brunson also has a coaching program where it teaches a group of people the concepts of sales and marketing using the art of storytelling.

This coaching program is more costly than most of his courses because at this level he’s giving his customer more value.

Find below as I show you the coaching program that Russell is running currently.

2 Comma Club X

The 2 Comma Club X coaching program is a platform created for Funnel Hacker that shows them the part on how to get themselves into the 2 Comma Club award.

The coaching program was launched at the Funnel Hacking Live in 2019 that takes place in Nashville.

During this first announcement, more than 1000 people were enrolled in the coaching program.

The coaches on this coaching program are some of the topmost guys in the ClickFunnels community.

The coaching program is using an Application Funnel which means you have to fill an application to show your interest that you want to enroll into the 2 Comma Club X before your application can be considered.

Funnel Hackathon

The Funnel Hackathon is also a coaching program that teaches the path to join the 2 Common Club Award. it’s also an application Funnel where you have to apply before you can be considered into the coaching program

When your application is successful you will be sent an email for the next process to take.

Russell Brunson Inner Circle Club

The Inner Circle Club is a coaching program where Russell Brunson is going to work personally with you one-on-one in your business to help double your traffic, conversion, and sales over the next 12 months.

There are several topmost guys in the internet marketing space that have gone through this Inner Circle Club that is doing perfectly well in their business currently.

The likes of Peng Joon, Steve J Larsen, Jolie Stoian, Stacy Martino have gone through this same coaching program.

Russell Brunson Live Events

Aside from launching software to help people grow their business online, Russell Brunson also runs a life event to help his dream customers in their business.

Launching a book for an internet marketer to increase their sales and conversion rate

His life event is usually run on a yearly basis where most Funnel Hackers come together to share ideas and their losses over the past years.

Funnel Hacking Live

The Funnel Hacking Live was launched after ClickFunnels was founded. It is an annual event hosted by the same group of marketers it usually runs for a period of four days.

The annual event can host more than 5000 members in 2020 events including several speakers alongside speakers that will teach you how to grow your business online during this event.

10X Growth Conference

It’s not ClickFunnels events but for Russell’s dream 100 friend which happens to be an event where Russell and his team fly over to do a presentation with a group of people on how to use Sales Funnel in their business.

The 10X Growth Conference is a yearly event on sales and marketing hosted and organized by Grant Cardone. Russell was invited to speak, educate and train on the stage about marketing, sales and funnels.

During the day in 2018, he pitched the audience from the stage and made more than 3 million in a short 90 minutes. A record-breaking of being the highest-paid closer on stage.

After that time he went ahead to create the course of a 10X secret where he shared a secret about the strategy and tactics he deployed to achieve that record.


At the time of writing this Russell has created two pieces of software in his name one of them is in partnership with his friend called Jim Edwards.



It’s an all-in-one drag and drops sales funnel builder which is used by most marketers for the purpose of increasing sales and capturing more leads.

ClickFunnels also has a built-in email autoresponder service that allows you to send emails to your subscriber called the follow-up funnels and an affiliate management tool to track all your affiliate sales for your products and services.

Funnel Scripts

Funnel Scripts

Jim Edwards created this tool, but it was ClickFunnels marketed it, a company co-founded by Russell Brunson

Simple software that considers user input to create a sales copy of your products and uses benefits.

Is the best most writing software on the planet that helps numerous number of an online entrepreneur to ease the stress of trying to create a sales copy from scratch

It takes care of things that matter most in copywriting such as headlines, webinars scripts, video sales letters, emails, Ad copies, and lots more. He’s also the author of the book called Copywriting secrets book.

Russell Brunson Net Worth

After having a software company, New York Times bestselling author, coach, and a lot of info products under his name someone would want to know his net worth and what this section is about to show you.

Russell is sometimes compared with the top guys in the industry with the likes Gary Vaynerchuk to name a few of them.

Russell Brunson is a serial entrepreneur who has launched many products including a software company called ClickFunnels, he had made millions from several product launches and marketing ventures during his journey.

For example, before he launched his software company ClickFunnels, he had made millions of dollars in a year that pushed him to his first 2 Comma Club doing an online business.

During an event as he was asked in this YouTube video by a kid: “How much did he make per hour” and “his response was $15,000 per hour“.

He could be making up to this per minute due to his several ventures ranging from some of his one-on-one coaching programs aside from the income from the software company

When you also combine the revenue generated from his free plus shipping book and crazy backend offers.

ClickFunnels alone is a company that is worth more than $360 million now as stated by Forbes.

So, if you consider all of these achievements then you can roughly say that Russell Brunson’s net worth to be over $50 million.

Russell Brunson Webinar

If you’re looking for some motivation of some of the most successful webinar that has been run by Russell Brunson and which has resulted in millions of sales so you can model for your current or next webinar to launch your online business.

I have compiled every one that has the most conversion in this section. Here are they below:

Funnel Hacking Secrets Webinar

The Funnel Hacking Secrets Webinar is an online web class organized by the co-founder of ClickFunnels Russell Brunson where you’ll learn the secrets behind every 787 ClickFunnels user that has won the 2 Comma Club Award.

You’ll learn what they do to achieve that and how to model their success inside of your own business.

The summit is FREE to attend for anyone either if you’re a ClickFunnels user or not, it well packages because he over-delivered.

Inside this web class, you’ll learn core fundamentals secrets that the top 1% of ClickFunnels users are doing differently than the other 99% are not for FREE.

Here’s a sneak pick of what you’ll learn inside this FREE training masterclass.

Secrets #1: New secret funnel strategy that almost nobody knows about that has the ability to grow the company faster than anything else you’ve ever experience!

Secrets #2: The single biggest secret to selling more inside of your funnels without driving any extra traffic.

Secrets #3: How to get the right traffic (AKA your “Dream customers to find you online”)

Sales Funnel Strategy Webinar

This is a webinar that’s used to sell Funnel Builder Secrets alongside the ClickFunnels package and course, the webinar is also contained some valuable tricks that are explained by Russell Brunson himself.

You can watch the webinar here.

10X Secrets Webinar

Like I have said above, it’s a webinar used to sell the course of the 10X secret.

A course that goes in details about the concept of creating a sales pitch that your can model for everything in various aspect of your business ranging from the perfect webinar to quick live presentation on Facebook, YouTube, or any delivery your message to your audience.

It’s very well worth it, What you need to do is to follow along with Russell and implement whatever he talked about and you shall see the result.

Russell Brunson Social Platforms

We cover so much in this article about the man himself Russell Brunson. So here right in this section, we are going to look at some of the social media accounts he’s currently on.

Russell Brunson Facebook Groups

There are two amazing groups you get support from the ClickFunnels community that contains more than 250k funnel hackers and online entrepreneurs.

While the second group is dedicated to the affiliates called ClickFunnels Avengers by far is one of the active affiliate groups on Facebook.

Russell Brunson Facebook Page

Russell Brunson is followed by a good number of people of the same interest in what he does, the Facebook page has close to over 700k followers and growing.

Russell Brunson Instagram

He’s very much active here where he share visual content in form of marketing and motivational quotes on the largest photo-sharing platform.

Russell knows how to utilize the power of Instagram to deliver his message in front of his audience. He has roughly over 729,000+ followers on his Instagram as of the time of writing this.

You can follow him on Instagram here

Russell Brunson Twitter

His Twitter account, Russell has 43,000+ followers at the time of writing this article.

Russell Brunson across all his social media account was able to pull millions of followers by sharing his message.

Russell Brunson Youtube

Russell has grown his YouTube to a wide range of subscribers which has more than 150,000+ subscribers on the world’s largest streaming platform where he shares his educative contents.

Subscriber to Russell YouTube channel

Russell Brunson Pinterest

His Pinterest account, Russell Brunson has been able to grow his followers, past 15k+, as of the time of writing this post.

Russell Brunson LinkedIn

Russell Brunson has a good reputation on the most engaging platform LinkedIn for growing his businesses over the past years in marketing and sales which has result in a wide range of connections.

Russell Brunson Clubhouse

His followers are increasing on a daily basis using the new audio-only social media platform where the top guy in the internet marketing space. You can connect with him on @RussellBrunson on Clubhouse.

Russell Brunson Podcast

He has a podcast where he shared audio voice note to his followers.

Marketing Secrets Podcast

This is Russell Brunson’s podcast that he shared weekly marketing content usually on Mondays and Wednesdays for free.

You can subscribe and listen to it on all your favorite streaming platform like Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, YouTube, and Stitcher.

You can also listen live and download his podcast episodes from his main blog below.

Russell Brunson Blog

This is not part of his social media account, But it won’t be complete without mentioning his main blog where he marketing strategies, tactics, and tricks all for free.

You can read on Russell Brunson blog at

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) – Russell Brunson

How Old is Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson was born on March 8th, 1980. As of the time of writing this he’s now in his 40’s.

How many kids Russell Brunson has presently

Presently, Russell Brunson has 5 kids, a twin (2 boys), 2 girls, and 1 boy.

Who is Russell Brunson’s Wife

Russell Brunson is married to his beautiful wife named Collette Brunson. They have been together now for the past 15 years.

How to become Russell Brunson Inner Circle Student

Like I said above in this post that Russell Brunson has a coaching program for the Funnel Hackers.

To become Russell’s inner circle program you can join using the Two Comma Club Coaching to choose your choice.

How Can I Contact Russell Brunson

As Russell Brunson is a successful influencer in the internet marketing space, you ready know his social media platform will be so busy, but the perfect way to have direct content with him is actually joining his Coaching Program.

You can as well get in contact with him using any of his social media handle I talked about above.

How to Get all Russell Brunson’s Courses for FREE

If you want to have access to Russell Brunson courses for free then you might need to get a ClickFunnels 14-Day Free Trial to unlock access to FunnelFlix with other top internet marketing gurus courses without any extra course.

How to Get Russell Brunson’s Books for FREE

As you may know, Russell Brunson’s has written 3 books, you can get access to the books like Dotcom Secrets, Expert Secrets, and Traffic Secrets. You can also read my detailed post about all ClickFunnels Books.

How to Register for 30 Days Challenge by Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson has a 30 Day Challenge where he shows you how to start your very own online business called One Funnel Away Challenge.

Many people have gone through this challenge and the results and testimony has been fantastic if you ask me.

During this challenge, you’ll be introduced to important things to enhance your skills.

By the end of this challenge, you’ll understand the concept of sales funnel and have a product to sell that can fetch an extra income for you.

Get Russell’s Funnel Hacking Secrets For FREE!

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