How to Remove Made with Clickfunnels Badge from Your Funnel

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Looking for a way to Remove Clickfunnels Badge inside your funnel? Then looking no further because in this guide I will show you how to remove the made with Clickfunnels affiliate badge.

You might also want to read to the end of this guide as I lay down the reasons to keep the badge on your sales funnel.

It’s nothing new in the world of SAAS companies to have their brand display on the customers using their platform.

But there’s surely a way to remove or turn off the badges on this platform with different approach to solve it.

But Clickfunnels is not an exceptional because you can remove the Clickfunnels affiliate badge with ease.

Let’s dive into what I’ll cover in this guide below

The 2 Ways to Remove Made with Clickfunnels Badge

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There are literally 2 ways to solve this issue inside your Clickfunnels account and I have shown you step-by-step on how to do this.

Click here to learn how to create your first Clickfunnels Page.

Method #1: Remove Clickfunnels Badge from Existing Funnels

Step 1: Login to you account by entering your login information

Step 2: Hover on the Clickfunnels then click on Funnels to show all your Funnels

Step 3: Click on the funnel you want to edit

Step 4: Then on the funnel Click Edit Page

Step 5: Then clcik on Edit Page to proceed to nex step

Step 5: Select General from the Settings menu

Step 6: Select Hide from the affiliate badge drop down menu

Step 7: Click on Save to make changes

NB: You would need to make these changes to each of the funnels you want to turn off the affiliate badge.

Method #2: Turn off Clickfunnels Badge from Future Funnels

Step 1: On your account dashboard Hover to the account name as shown below.

Step 2: Select the Account Settings from your profile menu

Step 3: Stroll down then Click on Expand beside the Affiliate Badge

Step 4: Click to toggle off the Clickfunnels Affiliate Badge

Step 5: Click Save to make Changes

NB: If you account exceed the monthly usage limits then the Clickfunnels affiliate badge will show by default.

If you do any of the method correctly then you would be fine to get rid of the Clickfunnels affiliate badge from you existing and future funnels.

Reason You Would Want to Keep Your Clickfunnels Badge

As a Clickfunnels user, when you activated your 14 Day FREE Trial account. You’ll also be getting an affiliate account register for you.

As a result of this that why the Clickfunnels badge come as a default option that let you to learn a commission each time anyone clicks on that badge and signup for a trial account.

Clickfunnels reward their affiliates a whopping 40% commission for the affiliate program when you refer customers to continue with their subscription after the initial 14 Day FREE Trial period has expired.

But recently, Clickfunnels change their terms and conditions that strike new affiliates for promoting the free trial account directly but only through the affiliate badge activated on your funnels.

As a result of these new affiliates is reward with a 20% commission for each signup that resulted from the badge on your funnels.

When you earn $1,000 with the affiliate program you can request to pump your commission to 30% which will now unlock your access to promote the 14 Day FREE Trial affiliate link.

 So you can start promoting the affiliate link to your audience for a commission.

The amazing thing about Clickfunnels affiliate program is that the commission are recurring i.e. when you acquire a new affiliate signup through your link in a month you keep getting paid each months so far they keep paying their subscription.

So, you now see the reason you should keep your Clickfunnels affiliate badge on each of you funnels because that will always results in a FREE commission signup without much effort at your own end.

Turn Off Badge – 10 Steps to Setup High Converting Sales Funnel with Clickfunnels

Step #1: Select Your Sales Funnel Type

With Clickfunnels, it’s doesn’t matter if you lack design skill you’re full cover with a premade template you can swipe and make a tweak in second to match with your brand.

You can get started to create your first sales funnel with more than 35+ readymade templates inside of your Clickfunnels account.

But if you’re little confused and wondering how sales funnel can specifically help your business grow as a business owner then you might consider getting your hand on a copy Funnel Cookbook to learn more.

Step #2: Select Your Funnel Template

Like I said above there are readymade templates in various type of funnels you could ever think about that can work specifically for any online and offline businesses.

All you need to know is to determine which one is actually a good fit for your business.

But, how do you determine this?

Well it will be base on the goal of your business and how fast you plan to achieve those goals matching with you funnel goal chosen.

Step #3: Determine Your Funnel Steps

When you’re done selecting you funnel steps, Clickfunnels will help you to structure your funnels steps according to the type of funnel you selected.

Here are some of the steps of the funnel that are arranged inside your Clickfunnels account.

Lead Generation Funnels: This is in a 2 step page funnel contain just a capture page and the thank you page but you can also add more pages to this funnel aside from the one Clickfunnels create on the goal.

Membership Site Funnels: You can use this type of a funnel to deliver your online courses to your students. This is available in 4 steps funnels page including the sales page, upsell, thank you page, and membership.

Webinar Funnels: Unlike all the above funnel type the webinar funnel has more pages. It comprises of a sales process in 5 steps funnel including the webinar registration, confirmation, LIVE webinar, checkout and thank you page.

Step #4: Customize and Tweak Your Funnels

After you have selected your funnel type and determine if you would want to add or remove any pages that come with each of the funnels you selected.

Now is time to edit and customize the pages to resonate with your company or business brand.

There are few places you can find a customize CSS or Javascript to made your funnel more attractive or perform some user interaction to your website visitors.

Step #5: Complete the Goal of the Funnel Pages

Here is when you’ll start fill your funnels with their respective goals as you may know each funnels type will have different action you want you customers to perform on the sales process.

Like the lead generation funnel, you would need to customize the page to blend with your brand identity then connect third-party email marketing services or use a built-in Clickfunnels Follow-up Funnels (Actionetics) to start generating leads into your business.

The membership site funnel will have you to integrate some third party service as you’ll be dealing with payments. An example of a payment gateway that’s the widely used world is Stripe that you can implement with ease.

On the other hand, webinar funnel will also have you to integrate your webinar registration code into your registration page so your prospects can register.

if you’re someone without an existing  audience the best traffic source to you get people register for your webinar will be a Facebook ads. So as a result of this you can place your tracking code inside registration page properly retargeting ads.

Step #6: Split Testing your Funnel Pages

You can never know the best performance of your sales funnel off the ground when you’re launching your funnel.

Especially when you’re running paid ads it’s necessary to have a split testing in place so you can know which one is performing better so you can focus your attention on that then probably eliminate the non-performance or still make changes to it.

Clickfunnels give you the ability to split test each of the funnel type I have mentioned above.

So the main pages you’ll be split testing mostly will be the lead gen page where your prospects are exchanging their emails in other to receive a value from you.

Step #7: Integrate Automation and Sequences

Automaton is an awesome feature as a business owner to implement so you can save yourself attending so some manual activities inside your business.

Image if someone bought your products on your sales funnel but you will have to be sending an order confirmation to the manual.

How many time will you spend per day sending this email but with automation is ease to fulfill this task.

There is a built-in automation system integrated inside your Clickfunnels account.

But if you are on a basic plan then you can use an email automation platform like Active Campaign or Getresponse.

Step #8: Launch Your Funnel

Now that you have everything setup on your funnel is time to launch your funnel.

Launching your funnel meaning you can start drive traffic to you funnel so your potential customers can start seeing it and eventually become a customer.

Test each of your funnel pages to know if they are linked together, check your third party email marketing service is working perfectly.

As an addition check, send the funnel to some of your relatives or friends to test it and report any difficulties they encounter when making a purchases.

Step #9: Driving Traffic to your Funnel

Traffic generation is soul of any successful business online but not just any kind of traffic here.

What’s point of generating traffic when they are not converting into sales?

So, I’m talking about a targeted traffic source of potential that are willing to do business with you continuously.

The fast way to starting getting traffic to your offer in minutes from now is no other than paid ads.

There are difference traffic sources in these categories you can use to drive visitors to your funnel which includes below:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • Pinterest Ads
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Email Marketing

Step #10: Track Your Sales

This also an important aspect of online business to where all your leads and sales are coming is an ultimate approach to scaling your business to the next level.

At a go Clcikfunnels shows you how many leads and sales you’re generating inside of your funnels.

But there’s a better approach for tracking your funnel link clicks straight from your ads to your landing page is nothing other than ClickMagick.

Final Thought (Conclusion)

That’s all about how to get rid of the Clickfunnels badge from your funnels. If you have any question or concern kindly use the comments box below to express yourself and I will be very glad to answer them. You can consider check out my review of 18 Best Sales Funnel Builder Software

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