How to Get Accepted Into Any Affiliate Network

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Want to know how to get accepted into an affiliate network? Then follow me as I guide you on how to get your application approved into any affiliate network.

When you’re just starting out as an affiliate, the first thing to do is picking your own affiliate marketing niche and starting promoting affiliate offers.

But that doesn’t stop there as you would need to get accepted before you can start promoting those offers.

You’ve have applied to an affiliate network to accepted but didn’t hear from them about your account consideration for days, and later you receive a mail which happens to be 

“Hey [Name]

Thanks for your interest in joining our affiliate network but at this time we can proceed with your account.

Your account has been declined and this decision is final.

Thanks for interested in XYZ Network


Every single affiliate network online doesn’t want to work with you.

It feels they don’t want to approve you because you’re a beginner, just getting started and have not to experience at all.

I know how it feels like a newbie affiliate when I was just getting started, no one would want to work with you as a newbie affiliate.

It’s really frustrating, and if you’re not strong enough you might want to give up during this process.

What most people don’t understand is that applying for an affiliate network is the same thing as applying for a job and a university education.

So each time you’re applying for an affiliate network you have to treat it like a job by giving more details about yourself and your business as possible.

In this guide, I’m going to be sharing some criterial most affiliate network lookout in any application that gives them the absolute assurance if a particular candidate is worth working with them

Why my applications keep getting denied?

You might be wondering why most networks don’t want to work with you

Why they don’t want me? I could be the next 7-figure affiliate!

Another thing that might be getting your account rejected is because of fraud, most affiliate networks find it not to work with certain countries because of past experience.

For this reason, there is no chance of getting accepted into the network especially if the fraud rate from such a country is very high.

Most affiliate networks would want to work with an affiliate marketer who’s already earning five-figure per day rather than working with a newbie who at the end don’t know about sending traffic to an affiliate campaign.

But to get your account pass this stage you need to let them know every detail about yourself.


You have seen a little mistake that might not have been getting your account pass the approval stage. Now let me show you what actually this network wants to see in you as an affiliate.

No doubt, they would want to work with a super affiliate doing at least five-figure per day in affiliate commission.

Which do not prequalify a beginner affiliate who’s just starting out?

What does that mean to you?

It simply means they want to work with people who treat it like a real business rather than some into it as optional.

There are going to invest some resources in you, so they expect to see the return on their effort.

They want someone who’s versatile and can handle every piece of their business on their own without someone holding their handle to implement their own process for them.

The mores strenght and experience you have to convince them to some extent the more your chances of getting approved into their network.

In order to  increase your chances of getting accepted into an affiliate network of your choice follow this process below:


It’s not only that hate it when it comes to filling a long application form online, Hggghhh Always a pain in the ass BUT affiliate network stays the stage very seriously. 

When you’re filling the application always give details information to help them proceed with your application.


How did you hear about us?

Bad Answer:

Facebook Group

Good Answer:

“I’m searching for an affiliate network program and found your network listing on Affpaying while searching for Best Affiliate Network Program. I reviewed the listing description on Affpaying before applying and it seemed like a great potential fit so I wanted to apply and learn more about the opportunity to see if it’s a good match.”


Don’t be like those always in a rush when filling any application, make it more detailed by completing every important aspect on the form. Because this is going to increase your chances of getting accepted into the network.

Question asked most by affiliate network is, What promo methods do you use to drive traffic?

Bad Answer:

Pay Per Click

Good Answer:

I will be using blog content to drive traffic to your website and also will be using a paid traffic source as well using social media promotion and Search PPC to bid on an approved keyword by your offer.


Most affiliate networks want to be plain about yourself and never tell them what you’re not. Have you worked with other affiliate networks before? 

If you have never work with any network before, let them know and if you have worked with any network before, prove it to them by sending screenshots of your earning and give contact details of your past affiliate manager in those networks.

Your duty is to show them some capabilities of getting accepted into their network. 

What promo methods do you use to drive traffic? Don’t tell them you have run traffic to a campaign before when you actually have not.

If you have run traffic to a campaign before make sure to let them know what campaign it is because most of these affiliate networks have almost the same offer.

What is your performance marketing experience? If you let them know you don’t have any experience in marketing but you have enrolled in some course that can help, it gives them the credibilities to trust you and how dedicated you’re


To also fast track your approval, it’s a good idea to have someone already in the network to endorse you.

Also on a lookout for the latest affiliate marketing summit in your local area to network with other affiliate marketers as well.


Immediately you’re done with the application submission, you should call the support line on their website telling them you’ve just completed your application and hope your account gets approved. Doing this shows you’re serious to start working with them and they also want to work with you.

This will increase your chances by 100% over someone who just submitted their application and waited days before they contact them


Most networks like working with anyone earning $x,xxx amount per week, since you’re a beginner just getting started you might not be making up to that

Why not try to apply to work with some newbie-friendly affiliate network from the beginning.

Then once you have more understanding about the whole concept, you can take that idea to apply to other networks. 


I have just shown you the simple trick that can help you fast track your application approval when next you’re applying to join any affiliate network.

Also, have at the back of your mind that affiliate networks make anyone planning to join their program to undergo application approval for a reason.

And don’t underestimate this opportunity by applying everything I have stated in this guide

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