ClickFunnels For Real Estate: See How It Work (Ultimate Guide 2020)

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Here’s in my guide on Clickfunnels for real estate.

I will show you a better way to generate targeted leads for your real estate business.

Are you still locking on doors or better still doing cold email outreach to generate leads? Worry no more because as for today I will show you a new approach to this.

Real estate is an up and down type of business for some decade now, which means the market is not stable.

For someone who’s new to the industry, it might be overwhelming to hit the rock as there are many big sharks in the game dominating for over a decade, but in other to outshine these big sharks you need to go an extra mile.

In the US alone, there are more than two million real estate agents; more reason the real estate industry is a very competitive market.

That’s why you need a sales process and a strong marketing skill to generate leads as a realtor in other to stand out.

While some real estate agents are still looking to buy more homes, buyers are extremely searching online for their next home to purchase before speaking to experts.

A study from the National Association of Realtors showed that an average of 92% of buyers use the internet to start their home hunting and also to know whether the firm has an online presence.

If you don’t actively engage or giving your customer an easy way to find your business then you’re missing out and you’ll struggle in the long run.

Instead of going to your customers why not let them come to you by utilizing the power of sales funnel with your real estate business.

You see many people for so long think, generating leads and sales couldn’t be possible but the internet came with lots of tools available now a day to make every internet related activities much easier. 

Generating leads and sales is not meant to be difficult in any business if such a business has some sales process in place.

Looking from the angle of how many businesses were affected during the Covid-19 period this year then you’ll have it on the second thought to taking your business online leveraging the power of sales funnel.

And that the opportunity Clickfunnels gives you as a business owner who is more passionate about the growth of your business.

If you are still using other marketing methods that are not working for you, then you’re doing it wrong and losing big time in the long run.

How Can You Use Sales Funnel in Real Estate Business?

Before we dive into the whole guide here is how to leverage sales funnel inside your real estate business.

What is the Real Estate Funnel Template and how does it work?

Are you struggling to generate consistent leads inside your real estate business?

Then you need sales funnel to capture leads and convert those leads into sales for your business.

A business without leads or sales coming in consistently is not a business but a hobby.

What is a Sales Funnel you might ask?

A sales funnel is simply a path or journey you take your customer from being a prospect to a paying customer for your product or service.

Understanding every step inside your funnel will help you know each stage your customers are in your funnel and make adjustments to it.

And also composing messages tailor to them by ascending them into the next steps in your sales process.

Meanwhile, there are different sales funnel stages, we’re going to go through each stage and how they work.

There are some important things to consider before people land on your sales funnel through your ads copy or email in other to grab their attention to fulfill your ultimate goal.

This is the way you pre-frame your offer before them.

You see pre-framing goes a long way when it comes to analyzing your customer journey inside your business.

When a visitor first sees your ads either of Facebook or Google, it paramount to have a Hook, Story, and Offer embedded on your ads copy for you to get click that result in the visitors landing on your sales funnel.

They became a lead if they eventually fill the form on your landing page. You later send promotional emails, text messages, or phone calls to sell your properties to them.

The only way to have a lead come back to your website is to collect their details on their first attempt on your landing page.

The sales funnel becomes narrower as visitors are filtered down the funnel because you will have more prospects at the top of your funnel and lesser buyer at the bottom of your funnel.

Understanding 4 Stages of a Sales Funnel

There are 4 stages of a sales funnel which include the following Awareness, Interest, Decision, and Action. The simple stages can represent the whole customer journey in your sales funnel.

Each stage has a different approach to tailor your message to your customer based on the stage they belong to, so you won’t be sending the wrong message at the wrong time to your customers.

Let take a look at each stages of a sales funnel in details.


This is the stage that people start having the first impression on your business and how it can help them solve their problems. This can be through a Facebook post, Advertisement, word of mouth, Search traffic, Online PR, or another medium of social gathering online.


When customers attained this stage in your sales funnel, they are possibly comparing and making research on your product to other products out there for them to make a final decision.

At this stage is when you build trust with your prospect by not been salesy at the beginning of your funnel. The ultimate goal here is to prove your expertise by helping them to attain their desire in any way you can.


You customer at this stage have their own decision to make with several alternative to choose which might include your own product or service.

You make them the best offer that will look irresistible so they won’t have other option but to take up on your offer.

You can do this by looking at what another competitor in the same niche is offering by providing more value greater than what your competitors are offering.


At this stage, you have just acquired a new customer into your business, but your work doesn’t stop here.

Your job at this stage of your sales funnel is to make them buy more of your other products but not just a onetime purchase.

In other words, you need to treat them very well, collect feedback on your products, and ask for recommendations.

Your prospects go through stages of your sales funnel before eventually becoming a client.

To be able to implement every aspect of this stage in your sales funnel you need strong sales process builder software, and that’s what Clickfunnels offers you the ability to create high converting sales funnel to ascend your prospect from the entry point to the bottom of your funnel.

Bringing this approach to real estate, that’s when you’ll need a real estate funnel template to generate a lead, build relationships, and convert them to clients.

Like I said above the real estate industry is a big and competitive industry, so you need to position yourself to stand out from the group by leveraging a sales funnel for your lead generation.

Lead generation is so important in any business not exclusive to offline business.

When you have a lead generation set up in your real estate business, it keeps bringing and generating pipelines of traffic to your business day in day out so you can also focus on another way to make the business grow.

Does Clickfunnels Works For Real Estate?

Are you still looking on down or probably using the magazine to find fresh leads that can later turn into a client then you’re missing if you’re not using Clickfunnels by now?

So you might ask why I said so…

Well, if your business needs a pipeline of leads coming into your real estate business on a daily basis then you surely need a Clickfunnels account.

Clickfunnels is a sales funnel software builder that allows you to create a sales process to generate leads and convert those leads into a client without the needing of techie person in your team.

This marketing tool makes it easy for internet marketers and entrepreneurs to create a product, market it and delivery thought a membership base platform inclusive to paid customers only.

There are lots of prebuilt templates available that you can easily make a little change and start generating leads for your real estate business as fast as today.

Clickfunnels is what I have been using to generating leads and sales in my affiliate marketing business for a long time now and the experience has been amazing so far.

You don’t have to be a techie to use this tool to create your marketing campaign that generates leads to your business.

With the drag and drop sales funnel builder, you’ll see changes to your funnels as you’re editing and adding all your marketing assets into the funnel builder in real-time.

Aside from using it for generating leads, you can also use it to send email marketing campaigns and follow-up sequences to your prospect immediately you captured their details.

While this saves you more on subscription to other third-party platforms out there.

If your main goal is to generate leads for your business then there absolutely a funnel for you, Clickfunnels has been helping many businesses in different industries for the 5 years now including the real estate industry.

Just recently Clickfunnels co-founder Russell Brunson interviewed small business owners in the brick and mortar kind of business on how they are leveraging the power of a sales funnel to generate leads inside their business.

Below are what they have to say in this FREE Brick and Mortal Summit you can attend to have more knowledge about how sales funnel can help your business grow exponentially.

Brick and Mortar Summit

This platform can literally help you to generate leads in any business as I have mentioned above.

How to Use Clickfunnels as a Real Estate Agent or Firm

Real estate agents can benefits in various ways when implemented Clickfunnels into their lead generation pipeline.

As you can tell, lead generation is the soul of any successful business, as business owner if you failed to find a way to generate consistent lead for your business on daily basic your business will struggle on the long run.

Using Clickfunnels to generate is surely a perfect approach for your business to grow but you need bait called lead magnet to induce them to provide their detail on the frontend before you change the selling environment by having one of your sales reps to close the client on your properties.

Here are a bunch of leads magnet ideas you can implement in any type of business arranged based on a real-life case study from

This guide will show you various ways to implement a Lead Funnel for your business which is strictly a 2-step page funnel.

How Does The 2-Step LeadFunnel Page Works?

First Page (Landing Page) – This is the first page your prospect will land for visiting your sales funnel for the first time when they click on your Facebook Ads or Google Ads.

This page pre-frame them on your lead magnet with the benefit you will provide for them when they opt-in to your email list then you deliver your promise on the next phases of the leads funnel

Second Page (Thank You Page) – The second page in your 2-step lead funnels is where you deliver your gift on your landing page.

When you have through with the delivery of your lead magnet then you can ask them to book a call with you or schedule an appointment with your sales representative.

They will likely have further question to ask you when structure your lead magnet in such a way to arrest their attention to know more about what you do in your firm.

For your lead magnet to work it need the following flavor

  • A landing page
  • Messaging
  • Great Content

With all these factors in place, here are 5 lead magnets ideas for a real estate leads funnel you use for your real estate business.

1. Your Guide to Buying a Home in 2020

This is a type of lead magnet to build trust and position you as an expert in that field.

The prospect that claims this type of lead magnet is likely people that want to buy a home but still need more clarity on the next step to take.

If you follow up this type of lead with the right message in place you can close them buy some of your properties because they have become an easy sell when they claim your lead magnet.

2. Your Guide to Selling a Home in 2020

These are people that already own a home but looking for a trustworthy realtor to list their home with.

They are actual target people you need so you can follow up with the right message to take up your offer.

3. List of Foreclosed Properties in (neighborhood)

This type of lead magnet is a great choice to grab the attention of some private investors which will be a great move for your firm.

But you need the right follow up sequence to keep them informed about your value-based content.

4. 2020 Real Estate Market Analysis for (neighborhood)

This another kind of lead magnet that people find to stay informed about the value of their home and someone that wants to buy a particular property in some area is likely to be interested in such a lead magnet.

5. List of Homes in (neighborhood) under (price)

If you using this type of lead magnet to generate a lead for your real estate business, you are not just building an email list but a list of potential buyers that are likely to explore your properties.

It also guaranteed that they are likely to open the subsequent email you send out to nurture them in your email autoresponder series.

Examples of a Real Estate Funnel (4 Conversions Optimize Focused)

Here are some of the high converting real estate funnel templates to deploy right now

#1 Real Estate Funnel Template

Realtor Clickfunnels Template

Ultimate Real Estate / Realtor Property Funnel *HIGH CONVERSION** Sell More Houses

#2 Clickfunnels Real Estate Funnel

Clikcfunnels Real Estate Funnel

This easy-to-edit template is perfect for Realtors and other real estate professionals. Just drop in your images and text and go.

#3 Realtor Funnel Template

Realtor Funnel Template

This is a simple yet modern looking one page template which you can use to get new schedules.

It’s fully compliant with Facebook™ (just in case you want to drive some paid traffic from Facebook™ to your opt-in page). It’s easy to make changes as it mostly uses standard elements.

#4 Real Estate Clickfunnels Template

Real Estate Template

This is a real estate seller and buyer sales funnel template that can help you generate lead and let your potential buyer book an appointment with you.

Download The Template Now

The Benefit of Clickfunnels for Realtors

Clickfunnels helps you to grow your business online by taking care of every sales and marketing aspect of your business.

They provide you with professionally designed templates to help you build super attractive sales pages, webinar registration, membership site and product launch funnel with each one has their own specific goal to thrive your business.

Clickfunnels also saves you time to track your leads and sales right inside your dashboard in real-time, so you don’t need to worry about the loss of lead or sales. It’s also pre-loaded with a nice-looking readymade template to deploy for leads generation funnel in minutes.

Here are some of the benefits of using Clickfunnels in your Real Estate Business:

#1 Easy to customize sales funnels

The sales funnel are easy customization by just picking from already built funnels from different categories like webinar funnel, lead generation, product launch, or squeeze pages.

All this funnel can be built inside Clickfunnel without creating anyone from scratch.

#2 Email Marketing Integration

Clickfunnel has an inbuilt email marketing services that allow you to send all your messages to your client all in one dashboard without any third-party integration.

You can schedule or trigger email sequences to your subscribers each time they optin into your email list.

This feature is not available in their $97 plan but you easily integrate any third-party email marketing service. It will still give you the same feeling.

On other hand, the $297 plan gives you the privilege to use Clickfunnels own email marketing services called Actionetics to broadcast email to your subscriber.

#3 Easy to Create Sales Funnel

You can easily map out the customer journey at each step of your sales funnel, Each message you sent to your subscribers can easily be tailored to them based on the step they are in your sales funnel.

 So you can easily ascend them to the next steps in the sales funnel.

#4 SSL Certificate

If you plan to accept online payment for your products or services then you will agree with that you need to make sure your funnel is secure enough, so your customers know that their information is safe with you.

That’s why Clickfunnels is giving you a free SSL certificate to make sure your sales funnel is secure enough to be hijacked by a hacker.

#5 Offers A/B Testing

Clickfunnels offer A/B testing on your real estate sales funnel that let you know and pick the best converting funnel so that you can focus more attention of the one performing best and weed out the lease performance.

#6 Easy Customization

You can create compelling and nice looking landing pages in matter of minutes without any complex plugins.

The platform has a great UI/UX and most importantly you don’t need technical skills to create your own sales funnel inside Clickfunnels.

#7 Ready-Made Professionally Designed Template

Designing is a little bit of a complex task if you don’t portray the skill. That’s why Clickfunnels gives you access to a pre-built designed template to swap and use for your funnel with just a single click.

#8 Host Ever Green Webinar

You can sell your products and services through the power of automated webinar features inside Clickfunnels. You can host the webinar straight inside your sales funnels.

Other benefits of using Clickfunnels for your Real Estate Business

  • Payment gateway
  • Membership site creation
  • Access to learning resources (funnelflix)

You can literally have all your business run on Clickfunnels without other external third-party tools to grow your business online.

How to Generate More Leads in Your Real Estate Business

Like I have said above, a business that failed to find a way to have a consistent lead coming their way on a daily basis will struggle in the long run.

I have been there and I know how it feels not getting a stream of fresh leads into your business because I can’t imagine how such business is going to survive.

You see the only way to keep your business on track and also be ahead of your competitors is to find a loophole to unlock access to various traffic sources to bring you leads.

The best part is that Clickfunnels gives you the power to unlock barriers and consistently have a new lead for your real estate business without failure.

Let take a look at how to attract a fresh new leads inside your real estate business

#1 Using Social Media (Facebook)

There are two ways you can do these including free strategy (Organic traffic) or paid strategy (facebook ads)

But let’s talk about the free strategy first…

  • Profile Funnel

This is an approach of using your personal facebook profile to generate unlimited inbound leads by optimizing your facebook profile photo, cover photo, feature picture and sales funnel you created using Clickfunnels.

Each time you interact on social media i.e. liking, commenting, sharing, posting…

You’re generating fresh organic traffic straight back to your profile page (you may not notice this but that actual how it works.)

Even if you’re not most active on social media, you’ll still have a inbound leads of potential customers coming your world through your social media profile every single day.

Facebook can literally help you find leads in real time.

Here are 3 steps to optimize your Facebook profile if you want unlimited inbound leads coming your way on daily basics.

  1. Optimize your profile
  2. Connect your sales funnel
  3. Engage and drive free targeted traffic
  • Paid Advertising (Facebook Ads)

As I have said above, lead generation is the pipeline of every business, so you need to find how to get leads on daily basis by implementing new approaches to generate leads for your business.

You can generate unlimited leads for your real estate business using Facebook lead ads to run paid ads for your properties showcase the tour of the home in a carousel format.

Real estate developer and agents like you have been using Facebook leads ads to build list of home buyers for years now.

If you’re not using this approach already in your business then you’re missing in the long run.

As we all know Facebook is #1 social media networking platform in the world right now.

So you can connect with real buyers leveraging various tools, insight, and data to reach your target audience.

Here’s a step to consider before running Facebook ads for your real estate business.

Step 1: Open a Facebook business manager account

Step 2: Create a page for your business to run Facebook ads

Step 3: Define group of you target audience

Step 4: Select your ad format (how it’s display across Facebook)

Step 5: Upload a selected images (or video format) and write the ads copy and CTA

Step 6: Create your ads, enter your headline, input a detail description, and insert you sales funnel link created with Clickfunnels

Step 7: Your ad is ready to be submitted for approval. Select your dates and budget, and launch it.

What you can achieve with Facebook is endless when it comes to lead generation for any business.

  • Create a Virtual 360 Tour

You can use software like My Virtual Tours to display a virtual tour of any properties you have available to be sold.

The customers interested in any of your properties can see the house they are purchasing and implement a call to action (CTA) to speak with any of your sales representatives.

Little explanation about how this whole concept work is below.

  1. You can simply create Facebook ads targeting homeowners or buyers in your neighborhood displaying the properties you have available for sale.
  2. After you have pre-frame them on your properties, this is when you send them to your sales funnel built using Clickfunnels to capture their email list.
  3. Send them to your virtual tour built on My Virtual Tours to show them the 360 tours of the properties they are buying.
  4. You can also have a live zoom call with your potential client to book an appointment
  5. Lastly, ask them to request a Free Consultation by talking to one of your sales representatives then they close them over the phone.
  • Doing Facebook Live

This is another angle you can connect with potential homeowners or buyers on social media who would be interested to do business with you.

This approach is proven to work because you specifically getting on camera to build trust and answer a few challenges your client might be having and help them to solve by proving a solution to it via your Facebook live.

For this method to work in your favor, you need to create valuable content for your audience.

Here are some of the ideas you can discuss on your Facebook live for your real estate business.

  1. Display a virtual open home visits
  2. Explore your neighborhood
  3. Broadcast a Livestream auctions
  4. Compare properties display in various environment
  5. Interview with reputable mogul on site
  6. Tell your backstory about what made you started your real estate business.
  7. Host Consents and giveaways
  • Leveraging Facebook Buy and Sell

You can display all your properties available for sales inside the Facebook buy and sell section in your Facebook account.

With these potential homeowners or buyers can easily find your properties and eventual land on your sales funnel.

#2 Build Your Google My Business Page

Google My Business is a fast approach to have potential homeowners to find your business on Google maps.

Utilizing this approach will position your real estate business to get free targeted traffic coming from the #1 search engine in the world Google via search engine optimization (SEO).

Update some basic info about your business like phone number, business address, available hours, and business category for easy find on your business when your potential buyer is making research on Google search.

You’ll also fill your sales funnel built on Clickfunnels to direct prospects from your Google my business listing to your landing page for proper prospecting and then ascend them to the next step on your value ladder.

But if you decide not to try Clickfunnels for now then you can consider building a simple landing page using Elementor or Thrive Architect hosted with no platform other than Bluehost.

ClickFunnels Discount for Generating Leads in Your Real Estate Business

You are reading this part as a real estate business owner now as you would like to discover and save cost on your purchase of Clickfunnels subscription.

This is a secret on how to lower your Clickfunnels pricing and I’ll reveal to you how to take upon this HOT cake deal today.

Basically, Clickfunnels operate on 2 difference plans $97/month and $297/month respectively.

I was on the $97/month plan but immediately I saw the advantage and the discount, I opted to the 6-month Clickfunnels platinum plan.

This plan comes with an unlimited funnel, unlimited page view, affiliate management (backpack), and unlimited leads generation (Actionectics).

But you call only have access to this discount when you register for a Free training called Secrets Masterclass.

The normal price of Clickfunnels platinum is around $1782 for 6 months straight without discount.

But you could save yourself a whopping discount of $785 on the $297 platinum plan when you signup today through the Secrets Masterclass.

To take advantage of the Clickfunnels discount Click here to attend the masterclass and save the cost of the Clickfunnels account.

Better still attend the Free Secrets Masterclass here now!

Steps to Follow if you Consider Using Clickfunnels for Real Estate

#1 Get a FREE Copy of Russell Brunson’s Dotcom Secrets Book Today

Dotcom Secrets

The Dotcom Secrets by Russell Brunson is a FREE book that teaches how to leverage the power of sales funnels to grow your business online with today marketing tricks and tactics

You will learn so many things about online marketing and also about how Clickfunnels can help you grow exponentially.

#2 Get a Free Copy of Russell Brunson’s Expert Secrets Book Today

Expert Secrets

The Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson is a FREE book that teaches how to create a mass movement of your ideal customers who are wining to buy your products or services.

This book will literally show you how sell any products or service and win their heart using the power of storytelling.

#3 Get a Free Copy of Russell Brunson’s Traffic Secrets Book Today

Traffic Secrets

The Traffic Secrets by Russell Brunson is a FREE book that teaches how to fill your sales funnel with targeted traffic that can easily be converted into leads for your business.

This book will show 3 types of traffic sources and their category for generating traffic to your sales funnel.

#4 Claim Your Clickfunnels Trial Today


You should consider signing up for the Clickfunnels account if you have not already done that.

So you can see how this amazing software can really help you to grow as a real estate business owner.

During your trial you should try as much as possible to test varieties of lead generation optin forms

And as a bonus when you signup for your FREE trial today you’ll also get the following bonuses

Clickfunnels Offer Stack Bonus

#5 Join One Funnel Away Challenge

One Funnel Away Challenge

Are you still not confused yet about how a sales funnel can help you grow your real estate business in no time then you might consider enrolling in the One Funnel Away Challenge.

It’s a 30-day challenge where you’ll learn about hook, story, offer, paid ads and dream 100, etc.

Each day comes with a mission for next 30 days which you need to do it before the next mission is unlock for you.

They next challenge is starting very soon, click the link below to lock in your slot now.

#6 Get Secrets Masterclass Workshop Bundle + 6 Months Clickfunnels Platinum Plan

Secrets Masterclass

Like I have mentioned above, the Secrets Masterclass is the only plan you can sign up for that will give you an huge discount of saving $785 on Clickfunnels platinum plan.

If you enroll to the Secrets Masterclass today you’ll get the follow:

Clickfunnels: 6 Months of Platinum Account

FREE One Funnel Away (30 Day Challenge)

FREE Virtual DAILY Funnel Hack-A-Thon’s

FREE 10X Secrets Mastery Program

FREE Traffic Secrets/ Ad Skills

FREE Access to FunnelFlix

The pricing for the Secrets Masterclass is $997 for 6 months period for Clickfunnels platinum plan plus you also get amazing bonuses listed above worth in value for $15,770

Final Thought for Using Clickfunnels for Real Estate

To set up a sales funnel into any business especially when using Clickfunnels is the decision you could make as a real estate business owner to take your business to a whole new level.

If you take everything pointed out here into consideration then you won’t struggle again to generate leads for your business.

The main key point you should be focusing on right now is find a way to:

  • Craft an irresistible offer for your prospects
  • Develop a compelling copy
  • Tell your story in a fashion way that relatable to your potential customer
  • Have a great hook that induces prospects

When you have all this checked in place then you surely have to focus on making it perfected and you should be on your way to Two Comma Club generating business with your funnel.

But if you feel lost and think this whole route is really not clear to you right then bother no more because the One Funnel Away Challenge have you cover on this whole journey.

It’s a 30 Day challenge that helps you launch your first or next funnel so you can serve your prospects better with a great offer.

You can sign up here today =>

The One Funnel Away challenge comes as a bonus for FREE in the Secrets Master Bundle Workshop, so you can take advantage of this and save yourself the price of buying One Funnel Away separately.

Lastly, writing a compelled and persuasive copy to induce your prospect is paramount in any business.

And crafting a copy to make someone take action on your offer is essential.

That’s why you should attend this FREE training on how to compose a killer engaging sales letter for your real estate business.

Do you have any questions or anything bothering you on how this whole concept can work for your business? Then leave me a comment below and I will answer them.

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