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There are lots of payment gateways available for integrating using ClickFunnels.

It’s important to know if your preferred payment method is integrated before you sign up for the 14-Day Free Trial Account with ClickFunnels.

Also, you’ve to make sure that the payment gateways are compatible with your existing marketing software in order to reduce the stress of setting everything up.

There’s no marketing software you would want to use to sell your products or services online, you’ll definitely need a payment gateway to accept payment from your customers.

But as you may know, a strong software company like ClickFunnels has support for a wide range of payment gateways.

While you’re not even aware that some of it exist with a seamlessly integrated.

Inside this guide, We’re going to be covering everything you need to know about ClickFunnels payment gateways. Most importantly how each of these platforms works.

We’ll also be covering how to integrate them into the ClickFunnels account to collect payment from your customers via the order form or on checkout pages.

Without wasting much of your time.

Let’s get started!

List of Supported ClickFunnels Payment Gateways

Accepting online payment is crucial to the growth of any business online through either an online store or inside your funnel.

As a matter of fact, it reduces the stress of accepting payment on delivery (POD).

One of the most popular payment methods online now is Stripe or PayPal as it’s widely used by big brands and merchants for accepting payment from their customers.

Either on subscription-based or a one-time payment.

ClickFunnels advises using Stripe to accept payment online If you don’t have anything. but there are many.

ClickFunnels and support the following payment method

Direct payment gateway API integration

Third-party payment integration

The second payment integration is very complicated into your funnel while the second is so easy.

Here is a full list of supported ClickFunnels payment integration.

Let’s start with direct integration.

#1. PayPal

PayPal is a widely accepted payment method that is widely used by merchants and popular brands online to accept payment in their store or on their website.

With the help of direct integration in your ClickFunnel account, You can accept payments in your funnel using the one-time offer and order bump.

At the time of writing this ClickFunnels PayPal API integration only works with only standard form and not with the two-step form.

Otherwise, it will not work.

Also, make sure that you are operating a PayPal business account and = have your developer account link with your business account

Steps on integrating PayPal directly with your ClickFunnels:

To start integrating your PayPal account with your ClickFunnel account kindly follow the following steps.

From your ClickFunnels account navigate to the “Account Setting” on the left top corner of your dashboard.

Clickfunnels Payment Gateways

Then click on “Payment Gateway” And Click “Add New Payment Gateway” on the next page.

Add Payment Gateways

Click PayPal V2

List of ClickFunnels Ppayment Gateways

Then you’ll be required to create your PayPal credentials such as client ID and client secret key.

To get these credentials.

  • Kindly login to your PayPal account
  • Then navigate to the PayPal developer account
  • Go down to the bottom To locate your rest API app and Creates a new App
  • Enter your Desire App name
  • Click create app
  • Click on the Live section to view your live API credential
  • Stroll down to show your secret key

Now copy and paste your secret and client ID from your PayPal account

ClickFunnels PayPal Integration

Now Paste the Client and Secrets ID you got from PayPal into the field

Lastly, Click on “Create PayPal V2 Account

So now that your PayPal account is connected with your ClickFunnels account let’s go over some issues that you may encounter while integrating your PayPal account with your ClickFunnel account.

How do I test PayPal payment in ClickFunnels?

To determine if your PayPal account is connected properly with your Clickfunnel account, Essential to test this out before you launch your phone so you won’t have an issue when customers are making payments inside your funnel.

To make sure this is correct kindly turn in the live credential, as shown above, Make sure to enable the Test Mode toggle in your funnel, Then test the product funnel in incognito mode.

Here is a training video that shows the details on how to set up this

How to add a PayPal to your ClickFunnels order page?

This is sometimes used to collect a single payment inside usually physical products in ClickFunnels.

Firstly, you need to make sure that your PayPal payment is integrated properly with your funnel.

See here for a training video that shows in details how to set it up

How to add a PayPal button to my ClickFunnels order page?

This can actually be done in two ways: Follow me along as I show you in detail how to do it below.

Method #1: Integrative PayPal buy button in any of your funnels

  • First, you add a custom HTML and JavaScript code in your funnel
  • Go to your PayPal account to copy the code snippet generator for you
  • Inside your ClickFunnels account, Navigate to the custom HTML and JavaScript element.
  • Paste the code you copied from your PayPal account Into the code editor
  • Lastly, choose the third-party code embed from the drop-down menu

Method #2: Plug-in a link button that redirects from your ClickFunnels account to PayPal

Firstly you need to add a payment link to your funnel or website

Go to PayPal to get your code by clicking on the email tab

Head back to your ClickFunnels account

Click on the element buttons to open the settings

Click Set Action

Click on the Goto website

Finally, paste the URL from the PayPal email tab

#2. Stripe

Stripe is commonly used by Funnel Hackers in the ClickFunnels community to process an online payment in their funnels because you can accept payment mostly every currency around the world.

Which is a lot easier than PayPal

Before you can start accepting payments with Stripe, You need to create an account, But before that check a list of supported countries by stripe because they are very strict in terms of which country to create an account.

Stripe wasn’t accepted in my country but I found a way to get my company registered in the UK so I can use the business name to register for a UK Stripe account.

Here you also have a list of restricted businesses from Stripe.

Before you proceed with registration you are advised to open your Stripe account in the new tab (not a new window) so you can get your Stripe account linked together with ClickFunnels.

So here are the steps to link your Stripe account with ClickFunnels

  • From the “Account Settings” option check the navigation to locate “Payments Gateways” and click on it
ClickFunnels Stripe Integration
  • Click on create Stripe Account
ClickFunnels Stripe Integration
  • Input the name you want Stripe account to be called
  • Choose the domain you want to activate Apple Pay (optional)
  • Now Google the default Stripe option (Optional)
  • Hit the Create Stripe Account
  • Lastly, Click next to connect your Stripe Account

Then if you log in you will automatically connect the stripe account with ClickFunnel or require you to login in order to connect your account.

Here are some likely issues you can encounter when connecting your Stripe account with your ClickFunnels.

How do you test Stripe in ClickFunnels?

To determine any issue with your Stripe account you need to make sure that your order form is connected properly in your funnel.

Make sure you have created your order form linked to your payment page created successfully and have your stripe account integrated appropriately.

To carry out this action you can set your Stripe account API key to test mode before you turn on the light so to make sure that you have everything set up correctly.

Can I have a multiple Stripe account on ClickFunnels?

Yes definitely, you can connect more than one stripe account with a current account but it is limited to a single account on the Starter Plan while Platinum Plan has only 3 accounts.

Can I offer a subscription-based service or offer with ClickFunnels using Stripe?

Yes, you can offer a solution based service which phone are using your strength where your customer I’m going to pay you on a monthly basis depending on the plan you put them on when they purchase your product

#3. Apple Pay/Android Pay

If you check the above option that says accept payment with Apple Pay or Android Pay, then this section of this guide is going to be helpful to you on how to accept payments on your funnels using this method of payment.

First thing is to accept the terms and conditions from the payment up in your stripe account.

Now is the time to add the Apple Pay option to your payment gateway, But there is an option for this when you’re setting up your stripe account, leave this option black if you have already checked it before.

You can be with the correct setup in the stripe integration to verify this.

Lastly, add Apple Pay to your payment form page. Also, note that this does not work with two order forms. By clicking an element then select the Apple Pay option and save the page.

#4., Keap & Recurly

Now, let’s see how to integrate Recurly. To connect with your payment form you’ll need it to be integrated via Keap or Recurly.

Luckily Keap and Recurly are integrated as payment gateway to accept payment and subscription from your funnel.

However, you will need to connect your with your Keap or Recurly account in order to accept payment with ClickFunnels account.

Here is how to get everything set up step by step below.

Before you proceed head over to your Keap account

Navigate to the menu option, then select settings

To choose the order settings, Choose the order

Then on the Default account for Manual Order

Let’s account

Click Save

The next option is to get your Keap API Key

Right from the Admin Panel

Select Settings

This will provide you with an Encrypted Key to be input into your ClickFunnels account

Now is the time to connect the key to your ClickFunnels

Starting from where we stopped on how to connect InfusionSoft with ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels InfusionSoft Integration

Then you’ll be shown a permission message to grant access for your connection with InfusionSoft, Click Allow, and you are done.

Now let’s see how to connect Recurly

You will need an account with Recurly and a Subdomain to get started using this payment method with your funnel.

From the Recurly back office Click the integration tab

Click the API credentials

Please look up your API Public Key and API Private key

Now go back to your ClickFunnels account on the payment gateway option Choose Recurly.

Then enter your Recurly subdomain (Like

Paste in your API key

Also, Paste your public Key

Lastly, click on “Create Recurly Account

ClickFunnels Recurly Integration

If all done successfully now you can accept payment using your Recurly account

#5. EasyPayDirect

EasyPayDirect is another fantastic payment gateway that you can use to accept payments with ClickFunnels. They are well-known as a high-risk merchant payment processor.

Before you proceed with this step make sure to create an account with EasyPayDirect.

Like other payment gateways we have talked about in this party you will definitely need an API key to connect this with your ClickFunnels account.

Below is how to get your API Key

Right inside the EasyPayDirect account navigate to the Settings and click on All Settings.

Stroll down to Security Options, and then click Security Keys

Select the user and Check API

Lastly, click on Create New Key, then copy it

Now head over to your ClickFunnel account to complete the whole setup With the EasyPayDirect payment gateway

ClickFunnels EasyPayDirect Integration
  • Enter your EasyPayDirect login credentials such as Username and Password
  • Paste your API key from the previous explanation above
  • Click on Create EasyPayDirect account

And you are done can now start accepting payment in your funnels with EasyPayDirect.

#6. NMI (Gateway Funnel Pros)

Create an account with GatewayFunnelPros, then enable the NMI vault by clicking on the customer vault and also make sure that it is turned on.

You can retrieve your NMI by following the steps below

Head over to the options tab on the left sidemen inside your NMI account and select settings

  • Right beside Security Options then choose Security Keys
  • Enter your Description and Select a user to assign
  • Check API and Carts
  • Lastly, Create New API key and Copy it to the clipboard
  • The step is to integrate the end I payment gateway into your ClickFunnels account
ClickFunnels Stripe Integration

Enter your login and password from your NMI dashboard

Paste your Key Credentials

Click Create NMI Account

The listed above payment method are very easy to accept payment with your funnels to sell your products and services using ClickFunnel

The next we are going to look at now is the third-party ways of accepting payments with your ClickFunnels.

These are examples of third-party integration platform you can use for accepting payments with your funnels such as PayPal ClickBank WarriorPlus JVZoo

So let’s take a look at this third-party integration below.

#7. ClickBank

Using ClickFunnels third-party integration you can track all your product sales from your ClickBank account right inside the ClickFunnels dashboard.

This way you can have a sales funnel to sell to them via ClickFunnels.

Also note this is not the process of you selling as an affiliate but selling your own product right from ClickFunnels.

Like other integrations, ClickBank also requires an API to integrate before you can start accepting payment with your account.

So all you need to do is to log in to your ClickBank account to copy your Secret Token.

  • Follow the step-by-step below on how to integrate ClickBank with ClickFunnels.
  • Head over to your ClickBank account and head over to account settings
  • Stroll down and click on Edit Clerk API Key and Create a new API key
  • Give a name to your description and check all the other boxes and click Save

The next step is to get your developer key

To get your developer key kindly follow the same process used to get your Clerk API Key.

Now you’re done click save to continue the ClickBank API key Into your ClickFunnels ClickBank integration session.

ClickFunnels Clickbank Integration

It’s not over yet

  • Now we are left to get our Secret Token
  • From your, ClickBank Dashboard navigate to the Vendors Settings
  • Then Select My Site
  • Stroll down to Advanced Tools to copy your Secret Key
  • Go back to your ClickFunnel account to paste the Secrets Key into the Secrets Token

To add more ClickBank products to your funnel, you must have followed every step layout above and a product added into your ClickBank account.

Kindly follow the steps on this page to quickly configure and add products to your order form page via a Webhooks set up.

#8. JVZoo

If your aim is to sell your products on the JVZoo marketplace then this step will guide you on how to set up a product with JVZoo and your ClickFunnels account.

Let’s assume you have your product set up already in your JVZoo account then follow the steps below to integrate it with your ClickFunnels account.

Next is to get your secret key like we’ve done above for the other integrations.

  • Right your JVZoo account click on My Account
  • Stroll down to the bottom of the JVZIPN Secret Key
  • Click the link to Edit your Secret Key
  • Click Generate to get your JVZoo Secret Key
  • Copy the Secret Key somewhere else (For usage in ClickFunnels)

Go back to your Payment section of ClickFunnels Account to add the Secret Key as shown below.

ClickFunnels JVZoo Integration
  • Select JVZoo and Paste your IPN Secrets Key
  • Click on create JVZoo account

#9. Warrior Plus

Just like we have done for ClickBank and JVZoo, WarriorPlus is not an exception, it’s also a third-party integration payment gateway you can use to process payment in your ClickFunnels account.

If you already have a product on your WarriorPlus account then this step will show you how to use ClickFunnels for processing WarriorPlus payments.

It’s all start from getting your WarriorPlus API Key and Secret Key

Click on Account Settings from your WarriorPlus dashboard account

Stroll to the button and click API Key to Create a WarriorPlus API Key

Finally, copy your Security Key to the clipboard

The next step is to head over to your ClickFunnels account to paste the API Key you get from your WarriorPlus account.

ClickFunnels WarriorPlus Integration

From the list of payment gateway, select WarriorPlus from the options

Grab your copied API Key and Security Key and insert them into the form

Lastly, Click Create WarriorPlus Account

#10. PayPal (As Secondary Payment Method)

You will likely need to use this type of payment integration with your funnel only if you want to accept payment using PayPal and Credit Card.

That means you will need PayPal alongside any acceptable payment gateways with your ClickFunnels account.

So follow the steps below to create your PayPal button inside your PayPal business account.

  • Log in to your PayPal Account from the account setting click Tools
  • Stroll to the button and click PayPal Buttons and then choose your Button Type
  • Enter any Item Name and Item ID in the field
  • Enter Price and fill other options like pricing
  • Head over to step 3 to add a little Customized Advanced Features
  • Then Add the URL your customers should see in case they cancel their purchase
  • Also, Add the URL your customers should go to when they completed the purchase

Now head over to your ClickFunnels account to complete the whole setup.

  • Firstly, click on Setting from your product funnel as shown below
ClickFunnels Funnels Settings
  • Stroll down to the 3rd Party membership access area section, then Click Add Product
ClickFunnels 3rd Funnel Settings
  • Next your desire Product Name
  • Select PayPal from the drop-down list of Billing Integrations
ClickFunnels Add New Product
  • Enter Amount and Currency
  • You can Skip the Price Display Override and Bump
  • Enter the Cart Product matching the same Item ID submitted in PayPal Settings
  • Create your product Webhook URL and copy it to the clipboard
  • Lastly, Click on the Create a Product button
ClickFunnels Add to Cart

Finally, step is to head over to your PayPal account in Step 3 for a little customization.

Like I have said above this part is only required if you choose to use PayPal alongside some other Credit Card payment gateways

Which completely differs from the direct API integration.

Also, there are some restrictions and limitations to this, to know more about them kindly read up about them here.

What’s the limit of Payment Gateways to have with my ClickFunnels account?

It depends on the Pricing Plan you’re subscribing to, there are Basic and Platinum plans.

There are slight difference changes in the number of payment gateways you can add to your account.

If you’re on the Basic Plan of $97/month then you’re required to only add one (1) payment gateway at a go.

But if you’re on the Platinum Plan of $297/month you’re allowed to add three (3) payment gateways processors.

What happened if the order form is not processing payments

There are lots of common issues and questions like things usually been asked in the ClickFunnels community when the order form will not submit to process a payment.

And this normally occurs when you’re testing the product.

The first approach to debugging this issue is to clear your browsing cache. and test the order form in incognito to see if the problem still occurs.

Below are likely possible causes of this problem

  • Mobile and desktop fields are in part instead of merging together
  • Custom code or script loading on the page
  • Custom form affect the processing of the order form
  • Incomplete integration setup
  • Important elements missing in your order form

You can check out the ClickFunnels docs for further help on how to solve this issue.

Do I need to Integrate more than one payment gateway with my ClickFunnels

Well, that should depend on what you’re trying to sell to your ideal customers.

But if you’re just getting started in your business, a single payment gateway integration should serve you better. If you’re a large organization or firm that processes a high number of payments then integrating more than one payment gateway should be a good thing.

Final Thought

You can say this was a pretty long post and a list of integration guides for ClickFunnels payment gateways.

I trust you find every bit of information shared here very informative while you learn the steps to have your payment process integrated into your ClickFunnels account and also get the whole concept of how the integration works.

If you have any questions or trouble trying to figure out how to implement them, then drop me a message using the comment box below.

I’d be more than happy to help you out with any issue you might have encountered with the ClickFunnels payment gateway setup.

Most importantly, do a quick video demonstrating the challenge might help out.


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