How to Build a Membership Site with Clickfunnels [Ultimate Guide 2021]

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Thinking of using Clickfunnels Membership Site builder for your first or next membership-based content, and then looks no further.

In this ultimate guide, I’ll show you how you can build a membership site in minutes inside of Clickfunnels.

No doubt Clickfunnels is one of the best sales funnels builder software online widely used by entrepreneurs like you.

But it wasn’t build to create just a sales funnel alone, you can build different types of funnels not excluding a membership site.

There’s no other option you need a membership site now than you want to monetize your knowledge, skill, or expert in a particular field which is a great decision if you ask me and also position you as an authority in your niche.

And there is a lot of membership sites builder software out there with different features but you need to specifically show one that helps you deliver your content in a more efficient way to your students inside your membership dashboard area.

At the end of this guide, I will be giving you a membership site funnel template that you can easily deploy and have your membership site set up in minutes without ever creating one from scratch.

All you need to do is tweak some content, upload your logo, blend the colors with your brand, add your course content, and connect your own payment processing platform so your student can start enrolling for your course.

Like I said above, the only way you might need a membership site is because you want to monetize your knowledge or skills, a FREE book like Expert Secrets can show you step-by-step how to turn it that skills into an income-generating machine.

Expert Secrets

Here’s what I’ll be covering in this Clickfunnels membership site builder review below:

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Why Use Clickfunnels Membership Site

There are a lot of reasons you will want to consider using Clickfunnels to build your membership site as an online course creator, coach, or consultant.

You need a flexible with an easy to use solution to confidently deliver your course content to your student without any hassle.

That’s why Clickfunnels membership site is a great choice for you and there are also some reasons Clickfunnels is not the best choice in terms of hosting an online membership course.

I shall be showing you everything in details here inside of this guide.

Before that there’s also some good reason you might want to consider building a membership site using Clickfunnels like the premade template design available straight out of the box ready to be integrated with your favorite third-party applications.

That’s not all about the amazing features you get creating a membership site with Clickfunnels.

Here are some other features you might want to know if you consider using the Clickfunnels membership site below:

#1: Drip Your Course Content Over Time

This is one of the amazing features about Clickfunnels you’ll like as a course creator, coaches, and consultant to leverage for your business.

The split payment option is a great advantage you should set up for any more that wants to enroll for either your course or consultation services because it gives access to people that don’t have full payment to your online courses.

But if you offer this type of payment your student should have access to all of your content straight up in other to avoid any payment issue in the future when they have to pay for their balance.

That’s why the need to drip your course content to restrict some access for your lesson span a week or months until their payment is fully completed.

This feature also helps you to secure your content and give access to paid members of your membership site member area only.

You can decide you want to unlock access to each of your courses module on a daily basis to your students.

#2: Premade Membership Site Page Templates

The main reason Clickfunnels exist in the first place is to make it easy for non-designer or programmer like yourself to be able to create a sales funnel and membership site without writing any single line of code.

With lots of premade templates that are available inside of Clickfunnels, you can create a full-blown membership site in minutes so you can save time to work on other aspects of your business.

All you need to do next is to make changes to the template you have chosen so it’s blend and match with your own business or brand.

#3: Delivery Your Online Courses with Ease

As you may know, being a Clickfunnels paid user you get access to training material that help you launch, marketing, and scale your online courses.

So you get everything you need to make an online course a success like 1-Click upsell, downsell, order bump, and set up a follow-up funnel within the Clickfunnels dashboard.

You don’t have any problem selling and delivering your digital products online using the Clickfunnels membership site.

Below are some of these amazing features that can help you profit from your online courses or coaching

  • Host a Webinar
  • Setup a Follow-up Funnel
  • Set an Autoresponder Sequence
  • Third-Party SMTP Integration

#4: Accept Online Payment

This is an important aspect of any membership site that’s operating on a global level in other to reach more people and impact lives.

There’re many online payment gateways available on the internet nowadays that specifically work with any kind of business no matter where you operate.

Clickfunnels membership site is integrated with most of the widely used payment gateway used by most of the giant companies.

Below are some of the payment gateways you can use to accept payment from your membership site with Clickfunnels.

  • Apple/Android Pay
  • EasyPayDirect
  • Keap
  • NMI
  • Recurly
  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Clickbank
  • JVZoo
  • WarriorPlus

These are all the amazing features you get straight out the box when you build your online course using Clickfunnels

Who is Clickfunnels Membership Site Best For?

Anyone with little or no experience running a successful online business should consider the Clickfunnels membership site.

All you need is an email marketing automation tool, registered domain name and you’re good to go.

If you an advance or experienced user you can set up your own domain names with hosting companies like Bluehost and build out most of the pages of their website on their own.

But as a Beginner, you can consider building every page of your site using the Clickfunnels membership site.

If this route seems appealing to you then it’s recommended that you direct your Clickfunnels membership site to your domain name. Otherwise, your entire site will be built on the Clickfunnels subdomain like

As a result of this, it can confuse your users, especially when you decided to use your own register domain name later.

You don’t have to use all the Clickfunnels membership site features, but they have set themselves up to offer more things you need to get your online course up and running quickly and easily.

Recommendations with Clickfunnels Membership Site

You can use a Clickfunnels subdomain, but I highly recommended getting your own domain name setup with Clickfunnels to point to it if you don’t already have a web presence.

By doing this you’re building your own brand instead of using the subdomain as your main site.

That might confuse your students especially when they click from your ads and land on your landing page.

Better still if you already own a domain name then you can use the subdomain to mask using the CNAME record of your domain and it will direct visitors to your website when they visit something like

Like most other sales funnel or landing page builder Software Company online always has this feature as a more advanced plan.

But as a Clickfunnels user you get this feature at the basic level plan on the $97/month.

So it’s nice that you have this as an option to use.

Here’s what I recommend using with Clickfunnels membership site.

Register for FREE Product launch e-Class

  • Domain name (register your domain name on Namecheap)
  • Social proof notification (Convert all your online visitor into a customer with UseProof)
  • Email marketing automation tool (Send marketing automation with Active Campaign)

Area of Improvement & Concern About Using Clickfunnels Membership Site

You can find below some of the disadvantages of using a Clickfunnels membership site for your online course:

#1: You Can’t Upload Files, Videos or Audio

In as much as the focus content of any online course is usually video or audio-based. Using Clickfunnels you can’t host any of this content to the platform unless you use some third-party video hosting platforms like Vimeo or Wistia.

But if you want a full fledge online course hosting platform then you can think of Kartra or Teachable.

If you think this feature is nothing to bother about then the Clickfunnels membership site should still serve you better to sell your digital products.

#2: No Tracking of Students Progress

To be able to provide more support to your students who enroll for your online course then you should know their progress.

This is lacking inside the membership site area to track performance, know which modules they have completed and whether they completed an assignment or homework you came during each training module.

#3: Lack Instructor to Student Interaction

Most online course hosting platform has this integrated into each of their lesson modules where a student can send a message straight to the instructor for more clarity on any area they are lost.

It’s more like a messaging integration with a comment suggestion for improvement to the instructor to work on.

This feature is not available inside the Clickfunnels membership site.

But it’s available as a feature included on the Kartra platform as stated on their homepage.

So you see the disadvantages of building your membership dashboard area using Clickfunnels, I leave it to you to decide if it’s a great choice for you to use as an online course creator.

How to Create a Membership Site with Clickfunnels

Now you have got the basic knowledge about how you can sell and deliver online courses with membership sites using Clickfunnels after login into the dashboard.

Let me show how to easily create your membership site following the below steps:

How to build a membership funnel in Clickfunnels

Step #1: Create a Membership Funnels

Select Build Funnel from Clickfunnels menu or Create from the dashboard

Clikfunnels Dashboard Build Funnel

Click on Sell Your Product

Clickfunnels Funnel Type

Choose Membership

Clickfunnels Membership Access

Give your Funnel a Name

Clickfunnels Membership Access

Click Build Funnel

Step #2: Choose the Page Template

This time you’ll choose the membership access step in the funnel. Then you click the membership category now select a membership access page template. Follow this same step to Add membership area template.

Clickfunnels Membership Access

How to Locate Membership Area Access Link

Step #1: Membership Access Page

Your membership area can be access by your student or anyone you give the below link so they create an account and get access to your training content.

To access this page in your membership page funnel simply Click on the membership access then navigate to the overview section as display below.

Step #2: Membership Area

This membership area is where all of your course content or training material will be place so your students can have access after they created an account using the membership access page.

The Secrets SignUp URL is meant to be provided to your customers or students to create a new membership account.

While the Login URL should be provided to them after when they have successfully created a new account.

Alternatives to Clickfunnels Membership Site

After stating the limitation that involve with building your membership site using Clickfunnels, the next question that might come to your mind would be…

Are they any other option aside from using Clickfunnels membership site builder?

The answer to that is Yes!

There are various membership sites that can serve your business, which can give you an experience and features that Clickfunnels doesn’t offer straight out the box like I have stated above.

A great option is Kartra that gives you access to sell, market and deliver an online course all from a single dashboard.

Kajabi is also an awesome tool to build a secure and accessible membership site.

Another amazing alternative to Clickfunnels is Teachable that works similarly to Kartra to build your online course.

Membership Site Funnel Templates

Membership Site Templates: Simply click on any of the funnel templates below to have them copy into the Clickfunnels account.

Download Membership Site Template 1

Download Membership Site Template 2

Download Membership Site Template 3

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