ClickFunnels for Insurance Agents: Here is how it Work (Ultimate Guide 2021)

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In this guide on Clickfunnels for Insurance, I’ll be showing you how to deploy funnel to grow your practice online as an insurance agent business owner.

Definitely, Clickfunnels works for any type of business.

Also in this post, I’ll be sharing with you some tricks, tips, and funnel templates to make the process of growing your insurance business fast so you don’t need to create your funnel all by yourself from scratch.

I don’t care which type of insurance your business is helping your client to solve right now maybe;

  • Health Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Car Insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • Finance Insurance

It doesn’t matter because the funnel I’ll be sharing with you here can work for any of the insurance business types.

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My main goal is to get your setup the right way so you don’t have any issue using Clickfunnels straight after you’re done with this guide, so you just go immediately to implementation.

Here’s a recap of what you’ll learn inside this guide

  • How to use Clickfunnels for Insurance as an Agent
  • See how to deploy the funnel I shared with you into your Clickfunnels account
  • How to get 12 months of Clickfunnels account for the price of 10 months only

Let’s get started

What is Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels is an online sales funnel builder software for creating any type of funnels for your business to sell your products or services.

The tool has helped many online entrepreneurs to get their message out there and be heard by their dream customer they have been called to serve.

As an entrepreneur, you know the tool you use to grow your business is paramount, so you need a sort of sales process in your business to work for 24/7 non-stop even when you’re not around to keep generating leads and sales for you.

And that’s what Clickfunnels helps you to achieve in your business so you don’t get handcuff by tech people before you get your business online.

Clickfunnels is not just a sales funnel builder tool but can also help you send out email campaigns to your subscribers on your list.

What is Insurance Sales Funnel: How does it Work?

How does it feel to have a sales process for insurance businesses that work your customers step-by-step while selling, generate leads, and collect payment 24/7 all on autopilot?

Without you actively running the business and this can be called Set and Forget.

You set it once and start seeing sales and leads coming into your insurance business on a daily basis.

Did I just heard you say Awesome, Yes that what an insurance sales funnel looks like.

Also as an additional, How about having all your business run on a system that does everything for you without hiring a salesman to close your clients even without having an understanding of how a website work.

As an insurance agent broker, you surely need a sales funnel in your business, so you can keep landing clients that are ready to work with you using a sales process to prequalify them if truly they are fit working with you.

Having to offer all your insurance service offer to all your client at every stage of their need is not easy and it’s a problem that should be solved.

That’s why you need an automated sales process that can help you put all of those together.

You need a marketing sales to funnel that walks your client through a step-by-step from an awareness stage to action that leads to conversion so they can bring out their wallet to pay for your service.

Sales Funnel

Without thinking twice and on a continuous basis.

How cool is that?

But on second thought, all of these things I have mentioned here, are not applied in your business right now, and that how much money you’re leaving on the table.

The best approach to better serve your customers you’ve been called serve is leveraging an online sales funnel.

But there’s a problem people won’t want to deploy this approach inside their business.

There are many people currently from different insurance firms ranging from life, health, mortgage, auto, and finance insurance agents using a sales funnel to capture leads and sales for their business.

Without guessing, there’s a way for you to start stacking lots of leads to your firm and make much money to your practice utilizing the concepts of a funnel.

The amazing thing about the approach is that it’s not difficult to set up even if you’re not a tech person.

All the things you needed to get you up and running as fast as possible are right here in this guide ranging from funnels, templates and copy, and many more.

Keep reading on.

Clickfunnels for Insurance: How Does it Work?

Clickfunnels is known as an all-in-one tool that structure helps business owners like you to build an online business all from a single dashboard.

So you can say goodbye to all the old method that every other insurance agent are currently using to try to grow their business.

Say bye-bye to all complicated software.

As an insurance broker online that needs a way to generate leads, close sales, and have a recurring client coming into your business on a daily basis.

And also having your business run on autopilot, you definitely need a sales funnel like Clickfunnels for all your leads and sales activities of your business.

As a matter of fact, Clickfunnels was created in mind for an insurance broker like you that don’t know how to code and same time not having to be tied down by any tech person and having a very smooth sales process for your business.

Clickfunnels as an All-in-One Solution for Any Business

Clickfunnels is widely known as an all-in-one marketing solution for the purpose of helping any online entrepreneur to do more in their business using tech to improve your lead generation and sales.


There are various things you can do inside of your Clickfunnels account because it comes with lots of tools, resources, and strategies to help you grow your business.

That makes it super easy to put it all together without wasting much time when you considered the route of building a normal sales funnel from scratch.

Clickfunnels comes prepared with the following tools and features.

  • Responsive Page Builder and Editor

For easy access to have your pages up and running in no time, this makes it easy to build sales pages faster.

  • Third-Party Integration

The most online tool requires you to plug in an external integration before you can perform such a task, that why you have the privilege to integrate your own tools like payment gateways, webinar registration, email marketing, etc.

  • Affiliate Management Tool

You can run an affiliate marketing platform for your business using the feature inside Clickfunnels called Backpack.

This tool makes it very easy to run an affiliate program your products or services by recruiting an army of affiliates to sell for you by rewarding them with a commission.

  • Shopping Cart

This is an amazing feature that allows you to sell your products or services and at the same time collect payments.

  • Membership Site

This is a built-in feature that allows you to sell digital products like courses and online training.

  • Email Marketing and Automation Tool

This is a built-in email marketing solution that helps you send email broadcasts, schedule autoresponders messages, tag your leads, and connect with your client.

  • Webinar Registration (Webinar Funnel)

You can host your live and recorded webinar inside the Clickfunnels platform that can help you sell more high ticket products to your clients.

It doesn’t end there!

Ever since I have deployed to use Clickfunnels in my business for the past 1 year ago now, I don’t have to create any funnel from scratch.

Do you know why?

That’s because I have a wide range of funnel templates types that I can easily deploy in minutes without an extra effort at my end.

So I don’t need to start creating any funnel or reinventing the wheel, all I have to do is to choose from any high converting funnels, edit, and launch.

Predesigned Templates

A good design funnel templates and that’s proven to convert.

There’s no doubt all of these funnels will work for your insurance business 100%.

Also as you continue to read this article, I will share with you a funnel template for you to download into your Clickfunnels account.

Without an extra cost when you signup for your account.

But the main issue is that.

Clickfunnels can work for any insurance agents/brokers. It helps you to quickly structure your pages and offers that sell your insurance services for you on autopilot even when you’re not around.

For additional info – click the image below to learn how insurance agents/brokers like you are dominating the game while crushing their competitors leveraging a funnel.

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Part #4: How to use ClickFunnels for Insurance

Now you understand how ClickFunnels can help you grow as an insurance agent/broker for getting clients while increasing your sales record in your business.

So what’s next?

It’s so frustrating how most business owners (including insurance broker) not only finding it hard to use Clickfunnels but also how to:

  • Position their message
  • Create enticing offers
  • How to structure a value ladder-like upsells, downsells, and order bump with any backend offers
  • Craft marketing copies
  • Weave their hook, story and offer in actions
  • And lastly, traffic generation to their funnel

Each of these things above is what keeps most insurance brokers from leveraging funnels. That mostly an issue every people face when first getting started in the funnel world like I also struggled in that area until I gain clarity.

No one is ever an island of knowledge but with due time everything is going to come clearer to you.

And all these changes don’t happen overnight not until when I go through the One Funnel Away Challenge, ever since then, funnels have brought a turn arounds to my business.

The Challenge is a 30 Day funnel coaching and offers creation anchor by Russell Brunson himself and fellow colleagues available at

Clickfunnels is known as a marketing tool platform for online entrepreneurs to get their messages out there in front of their audience so they can serve them better.

While also on the other hand you’ve to have the right marketing skills and strategies to actually make the tool works for you.

Correct right?

Even as the training challenge like OFA teaches this concept, then you still need to get your hand dirty to apply the whole concept physically.

Now let’s go over some steps on how to implement a funnel using ClickFunnels for insurance business.

Actionable Steps on using ClickFunnels for Insurance

To be able to get the most out of your ClickFunnel account when your signup, here some of the things to implement to have success with a funnel in your insurance business.

#1: Having a Lead Magnet Funnel

This approach is not complicated when you abduct the right strategy, all you need in this scenario is a 2 step page funnel to collect your prospect information on the landing page usually an email address and phone number.

So the lead magnet is a bribe you’re giving to your prospect in exchange for their email address or phone number. The various thing you can use a lead magnet ranging from short videos, PDFs, checklist, cheat sheet, and so on.

You can save yourself a huge time trying to craft the perfect lead magnet for your business by downloading tons of them here at

One of the most converting pieces of bride you can give to any potential clients is offering them a free consultation call with a download to a financial planning report or having both setups.

Also, have it at the back of your mind.

That you need to have good clarity about your client so you can help so their pain points and how to structure your offer in front of them.

#2: Generate Lead Using an Application Funnel

The application funnel is a type of sales funnel that use mainly if you’re looking for a way to generate new clients or customers by booking an appointment, call, or schedule a meeting with you after showing interest in your services.

Also, there are a bunch of ways to structure and map out your funnel.

For example – you can have it set up as shown below.

The above image showed the demonstration of how to structure an application funnel for generating leads and sales into your insurance broker business. So if you check the below example which is a bit complicated.


Step #1: When someone fills out your application on the first page.

Step #2: Then lead will drop into your email marketing tool (Such as Getresponse) or the built-in automation tool inside of your ClickFunnels.

Step #3: Follow-up with your lead immediately they drop their details through either a call, text, email to notify them you’ve got their info and working on it.

And have you or someone from your sales team close them right from the call.

Step #4: As a subsequent time they keep getting your follow-up message to go out each day in case some people don’t show up on the call.

Step #5: When you have close any clients then you can have them move into another list in your automation tool (That becomes your buyer’s list).

Then later you can upsell them with some of your other offers through an email or webinar at a later time.

Step #6: If some of the prospects on your email series don’t convert at a certain period of time then you can have them stored in another list before you finally decide to delete them from your list.

While all of these are possible leveraging an application funnel, is one of the best funnel types to use insurance agents/brokers to quality and close hot leads into your business.

Which is much better than using the lead magnet approach.

Unless you find a way to lead them through the thank you page straight to your application funnel when you collect their information such as email or phone number.

Most of the insurance broker-agent I have come in contact with have the same strategy when it comes to generating leads into their business using the application funnel.

#3: Webinar Registration Funnel

This is another approach you can deploy in the insurance business to generate leads leveraging online presentations.

Conduct a live webinar for your prospects to weed out the main advantages and disadvantages associated before buying their first insurance plan and so on.

Leveraging a perfect guideline like Perfect Webinar Scripts will show you how to structure your offer that tailor to your ideal customer.

Generating traffic to your free webinar presentation or training that helps you generate leads on autopilot then later pitch your insurance products or services straight from the call towards the ending.

The webinar strategy is widely used by most marketers to sell their high ticket products at prices ranging from $997, $9997, and more.

But all of these will be effective when you deploy the right strategy leveraging a proven framework like Perfect Webinar Strategy.

#4: Generate Traffic Using Facebook Ads

When you’re done with the setup of your funnel either using the lead funnels, application funnel, or webinar funnels, now is the time to decide where your traffic will be coming to your funnel.

There is various traffic source online you can use which work for any online and offline business when you pay more attention to your targeting and understand your customer avatar so well.

The most adopted traffic source to grow an insurance business is using social media traffic such as Facebook, Linkedin, or Pinterest. It’s best for growing an insurance business because your audience is already on that platform.

The only thing left is for you to find a way to get your message in front of them by giving valuable content and advertisement.

ClickFunnels for Insurance Funnel Templates

There are some of the free insurance funnel templates you download into your ClickFunnel account straight from the page in a minute.

Auto Insurance Sales Funnel Templates

This is an automated insurance marketing funnel that displays how your prospects can request free quotes.

It then show the thank you page below

Download Here –

Home Insurance Sales Funnel Templates

This home insurance funnel starts your customer journey with a free policy review used as a lead magnet, then on the following page, the client has to provide the location access with a full address.

Then that leads to the thank you page.

Download Link –

How to Save Huge Discount With ClickFunnels For Your Insurance Business

This part is for any insurance agents, brokers, online entrepreneurs, and business owners who have not got started with ClickFunnels.

Better still you’re already an active user but want a huge discount on your current membership plan. Then I GOT you covered.

ClickFunnels comes in two forms which are $97/month and $297/month respectively.

However, the ClickFunnels $297/month plan is called a Platinum Plan. But do you know you can actually pay half of that price for 6 months on that subscription today?

Did you hear you say “Awesome”…Yeah

It’s called the Funnel Hacking Secrets Plan

These ClickFunnels insane money-saving secrets give you a whopping discount and access to some premium training content that can help you advance your knowledge and skills in the internet marketing world.

See for yourself below

Secrets Masterclass Offer Stack

I’m personally on the plan myself after being on the normal subscription plans for some years now. Which I didn’t regret for a sec that I did so.

But guess how much I saved myself upgrading to the Funnel Hacking Secrets Plan a whopping $785.

This is a great deal if you ask me (While investing that amount in some other marketing tools). While using some of it for outsourcing.

Basically, the Platinum plan will cost me $1782 for a period of 6 months. But following the route, I got it at a very discounted and cheaper rate. Which is not a brainer at all.

To benefit from this amazing discount on your Clickfunnels account which comes with unlimited funnel building, email marketing automation, courses, and training (Just like I do).

Or simply watch the Free Funnel Hacking Secrets first.

Final Thought (Summary) on ClickFunnels for Insurance

You can well agree that ClickFunnels is only a marketing tool and a great software at that.

But the tool will not do all of the work by itself if the person behind using the tool doesn’t follow the right framework.

Software use well right can help you skyrocket your business overnight.

That’s why it all comes down to the step I laid down below:

Step #1: Learn the art of a sales funnel and how to structure an offer for optimal conversion (which you can learn from Sound great?

You can get One Funnel Away for free when you register for Funnel Hacking Secrets.

Step #2: Know how to craft high-converting sales copies such as email, ads copy, newsletter, follow-ups, etc that make your prospect bring out their wallet to buy your products or services (leveraging a tool like Funnel Scripts).

Step #3: Master and know how to drive highly converting traffic to your insurance business (to fasten your process on this grab a copy of Traffic Secrets Book).

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Do you have questions or help in any related to ClickFunnels for Insurance? then don’t be shy. Kindly drop them in the comment form below.

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