Clickfunnels for eCommerce: Learn What it is + Funnel Templates & Examples

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Let face is it using Clickfunnels for eCommerce is not an easy thing.

Not only that, you need to be able to understand your ideal customers or buyer to whom you’re serving as an entrepreneur or business owner.

This leads to you mastering how to come up with an irresistible offer in front of customers.

To cut the story short you need to be very sound in the marketing and sales aspect of your eCommerce business.

But this isn’t something to be scared of here.

Right inside this guide, I’ll be showing you how to use Clickfunnels for eCommerce online.

I also give you all the tools and resources you’ll ever need to make your business a thriving one ranging from funnel templates, tips, and examples to use for more sales.

Let get started.

What is Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels is a sales funnel builder software platform for online entrepreneurs who have little or no knowledge on how to create a sales funnel or landing pages for their business.

With Clickfunnels, you don’t need to have previous knowledge about coding or hiring any designer, programmer, or tech person.

You can create a sales funnel or landing pages in minutes leveraging all built-in funnel templates inside the Clickfunnels dashboard.

What is eCommerce Sales Funnel Structure?

Normally a sales funnel is a series of steps or processes you take your customer on the journey from an awareness stage to taking an action.

The process work in an approach like this:

  • Your prospects discover your products online (warm or cold)
  • Contemplating whether to buy or not
  • Make a decision to finally make a purchase

All these are processes that make a sale happen but there are more ways to it.

So the number one goal of your as an eCommerce business owner is to make your prospects to spend more money with you each time they went through your sales process.

You make sure to pre-frame them each step throughout your sales funnels from one stage to another.


The awareness stage path of your sales funnels stage is where your prospects either from a warm or cold audience discover your products online.

Your main job at this stage is to get their attention and set a hook that matches your product. You can achieve this by positioning your brand in a more unique way.

When you’re done with this by getting their attention next is to make them hook and show interest in what you have to offer by ascending them into the next phase of your sales process.


Now, that your prospects have clarifications about your products, but don’t know whether it perfect fit for them or not.

Here is where you tap into their emotion to relate with your products by showing interest in it.

Your ultimate goal is to make them show interest and excitement about the offer you’re presenting in their face.


At this stage in your sales process is to show your prospect how your product can actually help them solve their problem.

You showcase the benefit your product will render in case your prospects finally show interest to make the purchase decision.


Now your prospect has passed the foundation aspect of your sales process, at this stage, your prospect has an idea about your product and what it can do for them.

Next is to ask for the purchase by walking them through your checkout page.

If you have pre-frame well enough in the previous stage to make a purchase won’t be so difficult because they already know your business and have to build trust in it that it can surely help solve their problems.

Another way this could be done is by using a value ladder to ascend your prospect from one phase of your funnel to another.

So as your prospects move up your value ladder so your price increases to serve them better and so you make more money.

How Does Clickfunnels Work for eCommerce Businesses?

The most popular approach way of doing eCommerce business online right now is by using Shopify. That’s also the software that power most dropshipping stores online at the moment.

But there’s a challenge using that to sell your eCommerce products which results in you losing a lot of money on the backend after you have sold mainly your frontend offer.

Let me break it down in a way that you’ll understand.

You already know the normal way that a web store looks like, having a bunch of products display on the homepage mixed together with products from different categories.

These navigation menus on your eCommerce website don’t only making distracting your prospects but also making you lose more money selling more products.

You simply chucking a lot of products in their face and asking them to make the best buying decision which isn’t supposed to happen that way.

You as a business owner, your moral obligation is making sure you help your customer make the best decision about your products, service, or offers.

The reason this approach is very bad is that you can setup a backend offer like an upsell, downsell, offer high ticket products, or signup for rebilling or subscription.

You can’t even have contact with your customer to follow with them so you can tell more of your other products as well.

Which is quite bad in my case which I believe should occur to you as well in that manner.

So what’s the best approach to solve this biggest challenge for your eCommerce business?

The answer to that is using what I called a sales process which is mostly known as a sales funnel

Leveraging Sales Funnel for Your eCommerce Business 

To build sales funnels for your eCommerce products, you would need software like Clickfunnels to build it.

What Exactly Is A Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel is a term that online marketers use to describe a series of web pages and emails.

What makes a sales funnel different from a website is that email emails and web pages are ordered in such a way that they create a path for your customer so they are more likely to do what you want.

So rather than building a website where you land on a page with million choices, a funnel orders each page in steps.

  • Step One > Click Here to next Step
  • Step Two> Click Here to next Step
  • Step Three > Click Here to next Step

The emails in your sales funnel are usually messages sent to keep people on track because this gives people step-by-step instructions, some will still leave without buying but you need to keep following up with them.

That main purpose of emails!

Now that you know sales funnel and email are series of groups of web pages together to give your customers a great shopping experience, what are the jobs of the other pages aside from your main frontend offers like the upsell, downsell, or OTO?

This is absolutely simple; it likes a knife, as you may know, we also have a chef’s knife, bread knife, steak knife, etc.

They are all to perform the same action which is to cut but what different is how we call it. It’s the same that applies to funnel.

Now A Basic Sales Funnel Looks Something Like this

Sales Funnel

No matter how complex your sales funnel might look like there are 3 core elements that go into a good structure sales funnel at every phase your customer enter your funnel through an Opt-in, Sales, and One Time Offers (OTOs)

  • Opt-in

Your ultimate goal here should be getting people to opt-in to your email list as possible. Once you have generated new customers on your list, then you can decide to sell them something and also know lead come before the sale.

  • Sales

Now it’s time to ask for a purchase and make them pull their credit card and actually purchase something. The first purchase is also the hardest to get.

So it’s good to always offer something of value up front at a low price then you can guide buyers up with OTO’s (hyperactive buyers)

  • One Time Offers (OTOs)

The only goal here is to maximize your profit margins by offering a second and even a third product immediately before the sale is over.

The higher you can get your Average Order Value (AOV) throughout your whole funnel, the better chance you have at running paid ads profitably after the 1,000 free visitors test.

Now that understand the 3 core pieces of every Sales Funnel we can break it down even further and get down to the ONE root cause of WHY we create a sales funnel…To Acquire A New Customer Profitably!

Once you have a system (the funnel) that’s able to acquire new customers profitably, you have an UNLIMITED advertising budget to build your list of customers.

Yes, you will make money with this funnel, but what will REALLY make you money isn’t the funnel, it’s your customer list.

Once you have a customer list, you can instantly drive free traffic anywhere you want! And the bigger your list, the more traffic you get.

There’s no other option aside from the secrets I have shared here on how to build a successful online business.

And this is the secret to why influencers make so much more with their audience.

When you look closely at how most influencers make their money it’s all come down to the size of their “list”:

  • They sell their own products and make more money
  • Other Businesses pay them to advertise to their list (which includes ads on their platform)

And most time some of them do BOTH.

When you have your own list of raving fans that need your product, then this whole internet marketing game becomes easy.

There are various ways in which you can create a funnel to acquire new customers daily.

There are Presentation Funnel, Book Funnel, Self-liquidation Funnel, Cart Funnel, Tripwire Funnel, Challenge Funnel, and Phone Funnel etc…it sounds complex but in reality, it’s very easy.

The type of funnel you have chosen will determine base on your product and price point.

You can learn more about each of these funnels and decide which one is the right fit for you in the Dotcom Secrets.

So how does it work in terms of an eCommerce business?

Well, it works like this – you set up an advertising campaign either using Facebook ads, Google ads, or Bing ads to send prospects to your sales page rather than the usual way of sending them to a storefront like Amazon or Shopify store.

When they landed on this page then you can sell to them your frontend offer usually the main offer then ascend them to another step.

But there is a lot you can do on this frontend page to generate your first sales with a low ticket item you’re selling upfront.

Some prefer to offer free plus shipping in the frontend of their offer while some rather sell a low ticket item.

Either way it works.

But the best approach I’ll advise you to take is to always find a way to generate leads on your frontend, so that way you can sell some of your other products to them in subsequent time.

For example;

If you’re in the weight loss niche and you sell Keto supplements or have you have a course on the Ketogenic diet, a good offer might look something like this:

“FREE RECIPE: 11 Mouthwatering Tasty Keto Treat Recipes

That Will Have You Wondering…is This Even Keto?!”

And then immediately your prospect opt-in in exchange for your offer. WOAH you just acquire a new customer on your list that you can later market to for FREE anytime you want.

Free + Shipping

This is my favorite way of structuring a sales funnel which is an exception to “Must be Free”.

Free + Shipping Offers (F+S) are popularly used by eCommerce business owners for dropshipping products from platforms like Amazon or Aliexpress.

The approach works in the sense that it taps into the buyer psychology and combines with “Opt-in” and “Sales” steps into one sequence.

  • Step One: You get the prospects email address by adding them to your email list and also get their shipping address.
  • Step Two: You complete the hardest task of the whole funnel by getting the customer to pull out their credit card and pay for shipping.

Anyone who fills out this form will automatically add to your subscriber’s list, even he/she doesn’t end up filling the step two.

All you need to create an F + S Offer is to have a small tangible product that requires shipping. The goal of F + S Offer is not to make money on the frontend but rather on the upsell after their initial purchase at the first phase of your funnel.

Your main goal is to get your prospect to opt-in to your email list and also give out their credit card info.

Then you would want to give out this product as cheaply as possible.

For example, let say you’re selling your F + S Offer in the US and the shipping to send those packages to your customers shouldn’t be more than $5.

And the product you’re giving out for FREE is $7.

So, if you give out this product for “FREE” + $11.95 for shipping and handling. See how that works?

Another cool way to use the Free + Shipping offer is to offer a sample of your product for free and then getting people to subscribe to a monthly rebill of your product as the One Time Offer.

This knocks 3 birds with 1 Funnel. You can opt-in to your email list + a sale + community of loyal subscribers to your rebill offer.

Once you a customer is opt-in and order their free product you’re giving on the frontend, then you can send them to a One Time Offer (OTO) pages with One Click Upsells.

  • The first OTO, you can offer more 3 more of the same product they just purchase for higher prices like $50 (more high-profit margin here consider the shipping fee).
  • The second OTO, you sell higher cost price products more than the first one, it’s course a digital course that teaches how to use your product and this can be sold at a price of $197 or higher (100% profit).

How to Use Clickfunnels for eCommerce?

To create your first sales funnel for your eCommerce product is so easy when you know your way around the member dashboard area, which is what I’ll be showing you in this section.

You can choose from a built-in design funnel template to use without creating anyone from scratch. Clickfunnels have more than dozens of template you can think of in different categories of the sales funnel.

Step #1: Create your free account and choose a sales funnel to use

If you can recall, you know we would be collecting an email address upfront. So that’s why will need to select you goal to be “Collect Email” from below option.

Clickfunnels Funnel Type

Step #2: Choose from an eCommerce Prebuilt Funnel Templates

Here is where you’ll be choosing from a built-in design funnel templates that matches your eCommerce product that are available inside of your Clickfunnels account.

Predesigned Templates

Step #3: Modify your Chosen Predesigned Funnel Template

You can easily modify and customize you eCommerce funnel to the way you like it using a well user friendly editor inside of Clickfunnels called Etison Editor.

The editor is one of the most responsive sales funnel and landing page editor out there in the market compare to every other competitor.

You can drag-and-drop, move and edit you page design, logo, text, color, videos etc.

To move your sales copies writing to the next stage, then you consider using a tool like Funnel Scripts.

Etison Editor

Step #4: Setup Your Automations and Configure Emails

Clickfunnels allows you to create follow-up email automation sequences for your funnel to be sent out each specific time you have set.

Your prospects will keep getting your email on a regular basis, this emails will be based on how many emails you have set up to be sent inside of your Clickfunnels account.

Most sales funnel builders don’t allow you to send email sequences and automation via its platform which will require you to get signup for external or third-party email marketing services.

But with Clickfunnels, you can send all your email marketing campaigns right from the dashboard.

Clickfunnels Follow Up Funnels

Step #5: Launch and Drive Traffic to Your eCommerce Sales Funnel

As you may know that traffic is the lifeblood of every business, without traffic coming to your eCommerce sales funnel or landing page there’s no way to generate consistent lead and sales on a regular basis.

So you need to find a way to generate traffic to your business which can result in leads then sales eventually.

While there a different means of generating traffic to any business online, but the best way to start getting traffic to your website is using a Paid Advertising.

Some of the most popular paid advertising platforms online right now are:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Bind Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Influencer’s Marketing
  • Youtube Ads
  • Native Ads

To learn better means of approach of generating and filling your eCommerce funnel or website with your dream customers the Grab your copy of Russell Brunson’s book called Traffic Secrets.

Most definitely the best place to start with the traffic generation aspect of your business as an online entrepreneur and business owner.

Clickfunnels for eCommerce Funnel Templates

There are eCommerce funnel templates you can replicate into your business today.

Most of these funnels are prebuilt template so you’re not making them from scratch, within a few minutes you can have them downloaded into your Clickfunnels account.

#1: Clickfunnels eCommerce Funnel Template

eCommerce Funnel Template (F + S Offer)

Download Link –

#2: Clickfunnels eCommerce Funnel

Supplements Funnel (Weight Loss)

Download Link –

#3: Clickfunnels eCommerce Funnel

eCommerce Funnel Website

Download Link –

#4: Book Funnel (Free Plus Shipping)

Free + Shipping Book Funnel

Download Link –

#5: Cart eCommerce Funnel

Shopping Cart eCommerce Funnel

Supplement Funnel

Download Link –

Clickfunnels for eCommerce Benefits and Features

There are the very reasons you might want to consider using Clickfunnels right away for your eCommerce business even if you have not made up your mind yet.

Clickfunnels gives you everything you could think of that might be needed to run a very successful eCommerce business as an entrepreneur.

Most of these tools are sometimes charged separately by some of the other third party sales funnel builder platforms online.

And most of these tools are comprises of the following.

#1: Integration with Third-Party Software Platforms

Clickfunnels is one of the funnel builder software’s out there that can be integrated seamlessly with other third-party applications to make your workflow much easier to complete.

As you may know that eCommerce really requires integration with third-party apps like email marketing automation, payment gateway, social proof, etc.

And all of these can be integrated inside of your Clickfunnels account no matter what pricing plan you’re subscribed to.

Some of the most popular platforms you can integrate with Clickfunnels account are below:

Clickfunnels Payment Gateway

  • Stripe
  • Paypal
  • JVzoo
  • WarriorPlus
  • NMI
  • InfusionSoft CRM
  • Clickbank
  • Recurly

These payment gateway platforms make it easy to accept payment from your eCommerce sales funnel and never have to worry about security issues as you’re backed by end-to-end encryption data security.

You can also integrate your favorite email marketing service to your Clickfunnels account if you decided not to use the built-in Follow-up Funnels.

Clickfunnels Email Autoresponder Integrations

Here are some of the most popular email marketing platforms you can integrate into your Clickfunnels for eCommerce funnel.

  • Aweber
  • Active Campaign
  • ConvertKit
  • MailChimp
  • Constant Contact
  • Drip
  • Ontraport
  • Madmimi
  • Market Hero
  • Keap
  • SendLane
  • HubSpot

#2: Selling Digital Products through Membership Site

Like I said when we’re talking about how you can sell your digital products as an upsell for your physical eCommerce business.

These features inside the Clickfunnels dashboard allow you to create a membership area access where customers who purchase your digital product to access it immediately when they made purchases.

You can also give access to a section of your upsell which your customers paid for through the Clickfunnels drip content.

Another option is you can drip your content out to be delivered every day, this feature is very important for any online course creators that accept payments on 2 or 3 split payment model.

Better still you can send them to a “Thank You Page” that contains the download link of your digital products.

#3: Email Automation Follow-up Funnels

This feature inside of Clickfunnels was formally called Actionetics that lets you to send email automation, sequences, and autoresponder messages to your subscribers all from the Clickfunnels dashboard.

With Follow-up Funnel, you can send email marketing to your audience is inside of your sales funnel so you know how to craft your email campaign that will trigger their attention and take action on your offer.

Here’s a recap of what the Follow-up Funnels can help you to achieve:

  • Speak with them about the information provided to you
  • Where they are in your sales funnel
  • What’s their Geolocation
  • Segment them into your Seinfield email sequences

#4: Readymade Funnel Templates to Deploy

Clickfunnels does not have only eCommerce funnels alone there are also some various other funnel categories inside the Clickfunnels dashboard.

Most of these funnels are done for you (DFY) templates that can be easily deployed in minutes without stress and creating it from scratch.

So you can have your eCommerce sales funnel up and running in minutes.

All you need is to change the text, color, video, or images so it can match your business brand.

Here are some of the most funnels categories you can deploy inside the Clickfunnels member’s area.

  • Autowebinar Funnel Templates
  • Brick and Mortar Funnel Templates
  • Book Funnel Templates
  • Cart Funnel Templates
  • Challenge Funnel Templates
  • Sales Funnel Templates
  • Supplement Funnel Templates
  • Video Sales Letter Funnel Templates
  • Membership Funnel Templates
  • Presentation Funnel Templates
  • Tripwire Funnel Templates
  • Product Launch Funnel templates
  • High Ticket Funnel Templates

Their funnel templates have been proven to work for each of the funnel categories, no need to reinvent the wheel.

All you need to do is deploy the funnels.

So, after you have decided to conclude on which funnel you want to use then select it, edit and customize, and deploy.

With the power of the Clickfunnels Etison Editor, you can do this without any hassle and structure your eCommerce funnel or anyone you’ve chosen above the way you want it to look.

#5: A/B Split Testing Funnel Feature

You can know your winning funnel when you first launch your sales funnel, so that’s the goal of split testing a funnel with any traffic source you have chosen to use.

The split test feature in Clickfunnels will make your funnel to run on two funnel structure and each one of it will carry their own statistics so you can know the winning and kill the one that’s not performing very well.

Some of the area of your sales funnel you can split test are the following.

  • Sales Copy
  • Hook, Story, and Offer stack
  • Sales Video (VSL)
  • Buy Button (CTR Button)
  • Images
  • Pages structure and Opt-in format
  • Social Psychology

#6: Track Your Sales Record Statistics

Not all sales funnel builder software platforms out there can give you a well-detailed analysis of how your sales funnel are performing so you can make a tweak to the ones that are not doing well.

But with Clickfunnels, you will be able to track your sales record through your dashboard, see how many leads you have generated and out of those lead which one converted into sales, and so on.

Inside of your Clickfunnels dashboard, you’ll be able to track each of the processes below:

  • Get an analysis overview of how your sales are recorded in your funnels
  • Know how many people have joined your email list and also who have unsubscribed in case you’re using the Clickfunnels Follow-up Funnels.
  • Decide which of your funnel is converting than the other, so you can scale up the winning one.
  • View how your business is performing for over a period of time through the daily time stamp in this range (daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly)

6 Steps to Follow if you Consider Using Clickfunnels for eCommerce Business

To be sincere with you, eCommerce is a very competitive niche and many people are coming into it every single day.

So you need to find a way to differentiate yourself from what every single person is doing to grow their business online.

What you should be doing is not only picking a product, create a sales funnel, and starting running ads to it.

It’s more beyond just doing all of the above I have mentioned.

You need to be sound in your offer creation, storytelling communication, and how to use spoken word to get into human psychology, people buy these days with emotion and not logical anymore.

That’s why you need to be good at persuasion.

So, the best approach to be able to crush your competitors and start driving crazy amounts of sales to the business every single day is to follow each of these steps as I stated them here.

#1: Get A FREE Copy of Russell Brunson’s Dotcom Secrets Book

Dotcom Secrets

Dotcom Secrets is a FREE book by Russell Brunson that shows anyone how to grow any type of business online leveraging the power of a sales funnel.

This is the first book that got me hooked into this entrepreneurship journey, learn so much about how marketing work and how to create an irresistible offer that people are willing to pull credit card from their pocket and pay for it.

This book is a must-read for any entrepreneurs and business owners that want to know how to use the concept of funnel to grow their business online.

If this is the best route for you, then this book will be the fuel that drives you through on that journey by grabbing your copy of Dotcom Secrets.

#2: Get A FREE Copy of Russell Brunson’s Expert Secrets Book

Expert Secrets

Expert Secrets is a FREE book by Russell Brunson that shows how to convert your online visitors into lifelong customers who are willing to buy your products or services.

This book will truly show you how to sell any products or services and win the heart of your customer using the power of storytelling and persuasion.

#3: Get A FREE Copy of Russell Brunson’s Traffic Secrets Book

Traffic Secrets

Traffic Secrets is a FREE book by Russell Brunson that shows you how to fill your websites or funnels with your dream customer that interested in what you have to sell.

When you get this book today, you don’t need to worry about traffic again in your business as every traffic-related problem you might be facing has already be solved in this book.

#4: Claim Your Clickfunnels Trial Today


You should consider getting your free 14-Day Clickfunnels trial account if you’ve not already done that yet.

So you can see for yourself how this amazing software can help grow your eCommerce business over the moon leveraging the power upsell and downsell in your funnels.

During your trial make sure you try many variant of funnel as possible by A/B split testing your funnel, so you can conclude which one is bring revenue for you and kill those that are not or better still make a tweak to it.

You’re going to get the entire bonuses listed below as a gift for joining the Clickfunnels funnel hacker community.

Clickfunnels Offer Stack Bonus

#5: Get Secrets Masterclass Workshop Bundle + 6 Months Clickfunnels Platinum Plan

Secrets Masterclass

Rather sign up through the Clickfunnels 14-Day Free Trial plan why not save yourself a huge amount of money when you register for a free web class through the Secrets Masterclass.

The Secrets Masterclass will give you a huge saving discount of $785 on Clickfunnels Platinum Plan.

When you register for the free web class today, you’ll get the following as part of your Clickfunnels account signup.

Clickfunnels: 6 Months of Platinum Account.

FREE One Funnel Away (30 Day Challenge)

FREE Virtual DAILY Funnel Hack-A-Thon’s

FREE 10X Secrets Mastery Program

FREE Traffic Secrets/ Ad Skills

FREE Access to FunnelFlix

The Secrets Masterclass pricing plan is $997 for 6 months duration for the Clickfunnels Platinum Plan plus awesome bonuses that came with it worth more than $15,770 in value as listed above.

$6: Get Lifetime Deal of Funnel Script Software

Funnel Scripts

Writing a simple statement is absolutely different from crafting a well engaging sales copy that made your customers pull out their credit card and buy your products or services.

So, if you don’t know how to write an engaging sales copy that shouldn’t be a trouble as from today because that’s what Funnel Scripts help you to achieve by creating a persuasive copy for your eCommerce sales funnel.

You don’t need the help of any copywriters to help you create a sales copy for your landing pages, webinar presentations, ads copy, video sales letter (VSL), emails, upsell and downsell pages in other to drive leads and sales.

With Funnel Scripts, you’re covered all you need to do is take advantage of this amazing tool to start creating your sales copies starting from today onward.

The most amazing thing is you pay a one-time fee to access the software for an unlimited period of time as from the day you signup.

Get Funnel Scripts Lifetime Deal Here

Or watch the free live demo (to see how it work) before jumping on the lifetime deal

Final Though on Using Clickfunnels for eCommerce

Since the adventure of selling products and services online, some people still have the challenges and confidence in selling in their business.

When you divert your attention and focus on what works by neglecting what isn’t working in your business; you’re surely going to see results in no speculated period of time.

But the thing has completely changed this day and it continues to change every in the area of how businesses should be selling their products and services online.

With Clickfunnels, you can solve this popular hurdle which every business faces which is how to sell to your customers.

Clickfunnels as sales funnel software give you all the tools you need to get your business online without having to install any complex plugins or hiring expensive designers and a programmer.

It’s the right tool for entrepreneurs like you to create a good structure sales funnel and landing page without been heard down by any tech person.

Get your Free 14-Day Trial Today for your eCommerce Business

Better still save yourself a huge discount and pay only half the price for a period of 6 months here.  

That’s all for Clickfunnels for eCommerce, Have any questions or concerns about anything that I didn’t address in this post.

Kindly leave me a comment below and I’ll be happy to help.

Wale Adetona

My mission is to show and give access to a curated list of marketing tools, resources, tips, and tactics to run a very successful business to better SERVE, IMPACT, and create passive income for yourself while building your own DREAM life and freedom

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