Clickfunnels for Consultants and Coaches: How does it Work? (Guide)

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Having second thoughts on whether Clickfunnels will work for your coaching or consulting business?

If that’s you, worry no more, in this detailed guide on how to use Clickfunnels for consulting, I’ll be breaking every piece down so you can have clarity on how truly it can help you to grow your business and beyond.

As a course creator, coaches, or consultant you need to be finding a way to generate new leads and sales into your business.

A business that’s doesn’t have a system in place that generates clients on autopilot is likely to struggle to thrive and eventually go bankrupt in due time.

So, as a business owner, most of your activities in your business should be solely based on how to bring in fresh new leads that will later turn into a paying client.

Without wasting must time let me show you what I will cover in this guide below?

What is a Sales Process for Course Creators, Coaches, and Consultants?

Not generating enough leads for your consulting business? Then you need to change your sales process.

Before you think about how you’ll go about lead generation for any online business, you need to draft a solid business plan in place that shows how you’ll attract those leads and that’s what a sales process gives you the advantage to achieve.

Oftentimes, mistakes most people make when it comes to consulting are using the wrong approach over and over that doesn’t generate any significant leads for their business.

The best option is to change the way you generate leads when every possible method you have tried didn’t work for your business is by using a sales funnel.

So How Does Clickfunnels for Consulting Business Work?

If your main goal is to get more clients for your coaching or consulting business, then a sales funnel is actually what you needed.

The core ingredients your sales funnel will include are Hook, Story, and Offer about your products and services.

You need to structure your sales funnel as a consulting in such a way that at the top to bottom of your funnel your quality leads and know if they are a good fit to become your customer.

Sales Funnel

Below are stages you should walk your potential through;


This is the stage that people start having the first impression on your business and how it can help them solve their problems.

This can be through a Facebook post, Advertisement, word of mouth, Search traffic, Online PR, or another medium of social gathering online.


When customer attained this stage in your sales funnel, they are possibly comparing and making research on your product to other products out there for them to make a final decision.

At this stage is when you build trust with your prospect by not been salesy at the beginning of your funnel. The ultimate goal here is proven your expert by helping them to attained their desire in any way you can.


Your customers at this stage have their own decision to make with several alternatives to choose which might include your own product or service.

You make them the best offer that will look irresistible so they won’t have other option but to take up on your offer.

You can do this by looking at what other competitors in the same niche is offering by providing more value greater than what your competitors are offering.


At this stage, you have just acquired a new customer into your business, but your work doesn’t stop here.

Your job at this stage of your sales funnel is to make them buy more of your other products but not just a one-time purchase.

In other words, you need to treat them very well, collect feedback on your products, and ask for recommendations.

Since you know the stages of your sales funnel and better still an over edge approach to help you grow your business.

Let me show you how to structure your funnel to move people through the sales process and how to convert your leads into sales.

If you look at a traditional author, speaker, coach, or consultant, your value ladder usually looks like below.

Consulting Value Ladder

We’ll go over this value ladder one by one so you can see the benefit of providing your customer value at each stage of your value ladder as they ascend in the next phase.

Free Offers

The first phase of your value ladder must warrant the attention of your potential customer by providing value upfront in an exchange for their email address before proceeding to the next step in funnels.

As a coach and consultant, when you provide value upfront with your potential customer it helps to build trust with the attractive character (You).

When you start running traffic to your funnel which we’ll cover later in this guide, not every single visitor that came to your funnel will give you their details. That why you need free offers to pre-qualify your leads.

If someone can give you their email address in an exchange for free information then they aren’t qualified to be your customer.

The main goal of your free offer is to weed out bad leads.

Frond-End Offers

Immediately your potential gives you their email address, at this point, you sell them a low ticket offer comprehending the free offers they claim in the first phase of the value ladder.

As they enter as prospective customers (traffic), your main goal is to convert as many as possible into repeat customers by selling to them your front end

The Item you offer in phase is usually a low ticket as I said above of like $7 in worth in price.

Then you set up a series of follow-up emails to direct them to the offer sales page contain the free magnet you promise on your free offer landing page.

Not every one that land on your front-end offer will buy for the first time but with a series of follow-up sequences setup with any email marketing of your choice can absolutely do a perfect job here.

My highly recommended email marketing services that I like to you for this type of follow up with my offers is Active Campaign.

Middle of the Value Ladder Offers

This stage of your funnels is when you’ll offer a higher price kind of product to your potential customer by providing even more value compared to the front-end offer.

The name of this type of offer in your funnels is also called an upsell or one time offer (OTO).

An average price you can charge for the products in this stage of your funnel is usually $97 or more.

Back-End Offers

When some of your potential customers buy both your front-end and middle offers, there’s a high possibility that they will buy any products you have available for them to know as your backend offers.

At this stage in your sales funnel when you ask your prospect to book a strategy call with you to sell them your high ticket offer over the phone.

Every step lay down here can be achieved with the help of solid sales funnel builder software.

How Does Clickfunnels Work for Course Creators, Coaches, and Consultants?

If you want a replaceable salesperson that works for your coaching and consulting business 24hours straight without asking for an extra fee or complaint and still generates you qualify leads on autopilot then Clickfunnels will work for you.

So you need to take your prospects by the hand and walk them through each step of your sales process.

The only way to build your sales process after you have drafted it as I have explained above is by converting it into a sales funnel.

Many coaches and consultants are still using the old way (traditional websites) of generating new leads on a daily basis.

If you’re hoping your website will generate leads for your business that means you don’t have a solid business plan and it will block your progress of impacting others you have been chosen to serve.

It’s a trust that you can generate targeted leads with consistency and still actually make a profit.

But all still come down to have a sales funnel to your coaching and consulting business if you don’t already have one now.

An example of a case study share on the Clickfunnels blog should be an inspiration for you to see that sales funnel can actually work for the consulting business.

Another scenario about using a sales funnels instead of a website for generating leads for your business is explained below:

Imagine as coaches and consultants you invested an average of $1000 to buy traffic for Facebook ads and drive that to your sales funnel.

Then visitors start coming to your website to watch your presentation and they apply to book a call with you with the following steps.

Traffic (Facebook ads or Google ads)

As a coach, you spend $1,000 on the advertisement to drive traffic to your sales page to generate leads.

Lead Funnel (built on Clickfunnels)

Send your potential customers from your ads to your sales funnel and convert them into clients with 50% of close rate which generate you, 3-5 clients, from the $1,000 spent on ads.

So that pure $5,000 in revenue into your pocket from just a few clients because of the sales processes you have set up.

Book a Call (High Ticket)

At the stage, imagine out of those 3-5 clients later bought your higher ticket offers worth more than $10,000 and above.

That’s a huge profit just for spending $1,000 on ads to send traffic to your visitor.

Examples of a Consulting Funnel (6 Conversions Optimize Focused)

Below is a list of three conversion focus based consulting funnel you can use for you products and services today.

To have access to this template simply click on each to download them into your Clickfunnels account.

Download Membership Site Funnel Template 1

Download Membership Site Funnel Template 2

Download Membership Site Funnel Template 3

How to Implement Clickfunnels for your Consultant Business?

Now that you know how your consulting business can actually benefit from using sales funnel to generate more leads and sales.

Let me show you how to create a sales funnel inside of Clickfunnels today.

Don’t have a Clickfunnels account yet? Get a 14 Day FREE Trial Now!

Step #1: Pick Your Sales Funnel

Clickfunnels Funnel Type

First, when you have a claim you’ve created your Clickfunnels account, next is to start building your funnel.

But before that, we need to specify what type of funnel we want to build that will eventually work for your coaching and consulting business.

Below are funnel type that can work specifically for this kind of business below:

  • Reverse Squeeze Page Funnel
  • Lead Magnet Funnel
  • Daily Deal Funnel
  • Survey Funnel
  • Webinar Funnel
  • Store Front Funnel
  • Membership Site Funnel

Each of these sales funnels is already scientifically pre-designed to sell your type of service.

Step #2: Select the Page Design

Predesigned Templates

So you have to pick your funnel type, now is to choose from the entire pre-designed funnel page template inside your Clickfunnels account.

When you’re done choosing your template then you can start editing the funnel to match your brand.

Step #3: Edit Your Page

Lead Generation Editor

It’s time to make the page your own by adding your own personal brand. Using the EASY “drag and drop” style editor to immediately add, delete, or re-arrange any elements on your page until it looks and feels the way you want.

You simply replace any elements in the editor with your own desire branding (text, logo or video, etc) and you’re ready to make your funnel LIVE.

Step #4: Create your Membership Portal

Setup Membership Site

Using Clcikfunnels you don’t need any third-party membership software to host your courses.

If you have products or services that require access to the type of content, file format or training (courses, videos, PDF etc), you can upload them inside the member access only protected area.

Simply select your choice of the membership admin area and then start adding any training content type you want.

You can give access to all content at a time or choose to batch the content to drip out one after the other.

Step #5: Schedule your Follow-up Funnels Email

Clickfunnels Follow Up Funnels

Follow up with your students or potential customers with follow-up with an advance “Follow-up Funnels” System.

Simply select which form of communication approach you want to use for you Follow-up (emails, FB messenger, etc), compose your message, and send it out (or schedule it to be at any time you want)!

You can see in a little as 10 minutes, you can create what has been taken your tech team weeks to do.

It gives you the power you need to turn your ideas into reality.

Clickfunnels gives you the tools you need to market, sell, and deliver your products online all in one convenient spot.

Lead Generation for (Course Creators, Coaches, and Consultants) 

Lead generation doesn’t happen in an instant. To attract your ideal clients consistently, you will need to be consistent in your marketing and sales effort.

There are better ways that will suit your current situation in terms of lead generation for your business.

All you need to choose the methods that are based on your capabilities and not following every marketing trend online.

So, in this section, I’ll show you 5 strategies, tactics, and tools you can use to win your high-paying clients.

#1: Speaking Engagements

You can attract new lead of your potential clients when you giving a speaking gig to a large room gathering full of your dream audience. It will help you to build your authority instantly with them.

The people will be eager to know more about you and your service at the same time maybe they can get any personal help from you.

You might not get paid initially as a speaker, but it’s a great way to get 1-On-1 personal coaching clients.

#2: Partnership (Dream 100)

Do you know any reputation leader in your industry that is currently serving your ideal clients?

You can build trust and become a likable person in front of your ideal client when someone they already working without introducing you.

That way, it will be easy to approach them build rapport, and know how you can help them grow personally or business by helping solve their problems.

Some Large organizations have marketing consultants and other service providers working for them.

But when you build strategic partnerships with these service providers they would be more than happy to introduce you when you have built the right partnerships, you will both benefit from them.

#3: Email Lists

This is an effective approach to build an audience of raving fans that you can share your thoughts, insights, and new services or products with.

Here’s a simple email strategy you can use to build relationships and book more discovery calls with your ideal clients.

Immediately your potential customers optin for your leads magnet or subscribe to your newsletter.

You can start building relationships by sending the following email series usually created with an autoresponder using platforms like Active Campaign.

The follow-up email series can be in 5 email sequences where you will be building relationships and providing more value to them.

You can learn more details about follow-up funnel better by getting your FREE Copy Dotcom Secrets

And in your follow-up email’s P.S. ask if they would be interested in having a 1-On-1 conversation with you.

That‘s a simple but effective strategy to book more discovery calls with your potential clients.

#4: Networking

Every coaching and consulting business is solely run on networking and relationship building. Nothing builds these relationships faster than meeting with your potential client face-to-face.

With this approach you can directly ask your potential clients if they need any help Know their struggles and how you can provide the solution.

#5: LinkedIn Connections

LinkedIn is a great platform you can connect with different company CEO, Co-founders, etc to grow your consulting business.

Build relationships through a personalized message, providing valuable content to your profile, and optimize your account to speak about you as an authority leader in your field of expertise.

Then you can ask them to schedule a discovery call with and close them for your service.

Clickfunnels for Consultants Marketing Strategy

Building a funnel is absolutely necessary for your coaching or consulting business but that won’t make you profit if you don’t find a means generating traffic consistently, you need a system to generate traffic to the funnel.

You also need an attention-grabbing copy to hook, tell a story, and present your offer in front of your potential customers without being salesy.

 You need to craft your message in such a way that induces the logical and emotional feeling of customers in each of the messages you sent.

These are core ingredients to have in place for sales funnel to work for your coaching business.

When you look clear every successful consulting business has a repeatable system for attracting clients.

Here I’ll show you the perfected funnel that can work for you so you can start generating traffic as early as today.

Check out the client acquisition framework that will literally work for your coaching business..

  • Facebook Ads
  • Landing Page (Optin Form)
  • Value Content (Video)
  • Calendar
  • Survey
  • Strategy Call

Let now analyze how each of these steps can work specifically for any consultation niche.

#1: Facebook Ads

No doubt Facebook is the right place to attract your ideal clients, as the social media audience is growing on a daily basis.

So you can potentially reach new leads of your potential clients that will show interest in you and eventually wanting to work with you.

The first step is to determine who you want to target for your ads before you get started.

You can search for a keyword like “Home Cleaner” in the audience targeting field and Facebook will run a search through the list of databases and return an approximate people interest in that topic so you run your ads specifically to them.

Then you can also target this audience in a geo graphically location only.

Now that you have a crystal clear about your targeting audience, next is to start creating your ads.

When you’re done with your ads then it will start to show in the Facebook newsfeed of the targeting audience you have chosen above.

#2: Landing Page

Your landing page with where you visitor to go when they click on your ads.

This is the moment you explain more about your offer on the landing page by giving a FREE item in an exchange for their contact information.

So make sure you deliver on what you promise before clicking on your ads when they visit your landing page.

If your promise is to help home cleaner to land more clients so make sure to fulfill on that promise.

You don’t have to make it look complicated a simple headline the call attention of your audience, a short video explaining about your lead magnet and an opt-in form to collect the potential client email addresses.

#3: Value Content (Video)

When your visitors have given you their email address on the landing page, you need to deliver on your promise with the value content usually a video, cheat sheet, checklist, or swipe file.

If you choose your valuable content to be video a 5 – 15 minutes video is enough don’t have to be a longer video.

You provide value through the video at the end ask them if they want to know about everything they have learn here by scheduling a free call with you.

#4: The Calendar

Here is when you send your potential client to your calendar for booking an appointment with you.

There are lots of automated software available online that you can use that lets your warn leads easily book an appointment.

An example of popular software is Calendly, you can also use a spreadsheet or Google calendar which will require a lot of work at your end.

#5: Survey

The survey a simple question you will use to prequalify your lead before jumping on a call with them.

This is an important step as you don’t want to work with people that will wait your pressure time.

The goal of the survey is to know how serious and financially capable you potential before the strategy call.

#6: Strategy Call

Now, that you have your potential client on the phone to discuss their about problem-related to their business, health, or relationship depending on your chosen niche.

It’s time to open the sales loop by asking them a series of questions which usually used to qualify if they are really a good fit for your products or services.

Before you dial the number make sure you have all your question prepared and position your as an expert to help your potential client solve their problem.

You also need the right mindset shift to be able to close any sales conversion you find yourself.

If you have a sales script you follow, read, and master it an hour again before you make the call through.

You can watch this video to learn more about how to use Clickfunnels for consulting as explained by Russell Brunson.

Clickfunnels Discount for Lead Generation as Creators, Coaches, and Consultants

For you to read to this point you must understand how sales funnel and Clickfunnels can work for your consulting business.

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Steps to Follow if you Consider Using Clickfunnels for Consulting

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#4: Claim Your Clickfunnels Trial Today


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One Funnel Away Challenge

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Final Thought for Using Clickfunnels for Consultants

No doubt, the sales funnel has been the most approach for any business owner who’s looking for a way to maximize the number of sales generated on each of the products or service been sold.

As you provide more value to your customer in your value in your sales process so you can charge more in your value ladder and make you understand each customer at every level of your sales process.

That’s what Clickfunnels gives the opportunity to do when you set up your sales process tailor to your business in any industry.

You as a coach or consultant, your ultimate goal in each of these stages is to firstly, get your customer’s information, and sell your products to them on the backend.

Clickfunnels can help you achieve this goal in your business without a doubt.

Get your Free 14-Day Trial Today

When you’re done signup with your 14-Day trial of Clickfunnels, the next step is to write the copy for your products or service which is time-consuming especially if you just getting started.

That’s why you need to a copy this persuasive copywriting

Now it’s your turn

What other questions or challenges that pops into your mind about using Clickfunnels as a sales funnel builder to design your sales process for your coaching and consulting business with the application funnel or membership site funnel?

Let us know your thought in the comment section below.

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