Clickfunnels for Affiliate Marketing: How Does it Work? (Ultimate Guide)

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Using Clickfunnels for affiliate marketing is the best decision you would ever make as an affiliate marketer.

Maybe some of these sound familiar when you started your affiliate marketing journey.

  • Generating traffic to your offer but no single sales  
  • So frustrated and not generating as many leads as you want
  • Not making consistent sales in your business
  • Wondering if this is your calling when you’re not gaining tractions
  • Publishing content out there but not yielding any results

You’re not alone in this, we have all been there at any point in any area of our businesses.

But these problems are really not an issue if only the right procedure is followed like a blueprint or guide to achieve a certain result you wanted in your business.

And that’s the purpose of this guide to show you the best approach to start generating consistent leads and sales in your business without burning your finger.

Inside this guide, I’ll show you the best method of converting every one of your online visitors or traffic into a lead and then lifelong customers for your affiliate business.

Let’s get started

What is Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels is a sales funnel/landing page builder software that helps you to sell your products or services online without the hiring of designers or programmers.

As an entrepreneur, you know your time is limited to every task you should be engaging yourself with on a daily basis in your business, so you need a system to automate every single task.

So, to automate the sales and marketing aspect of your business, then you need a sales process in place that sells for your 24/7 while you’re not around, away, or engaging with some other things.

That’s why Clickfunnels comes in place to help your craft a sales funnel that walks your customers through your selling process.

What is Affiliate Marketing Funnel: How Does it Work?

Affiliate marketing sales funnel is different from the old ways of promoting an affiliate offer you’re familiar too.

The funnel is popularly known as a Bridge Page or a Squeeze Page.

With the affiliate marketing funnel (Bridge Page), you can structure your sales process from the ground from where you collect your visitor’s information such as name, email address, and sometimes a phone number.

Then you send them to a thank you page where you gain their trust by believing in what you’re offering them.

On the thank you page is where you show them details about yourself and offer you’re planning to link them so they can make a purchase while you earn a commission each time a sale is made.

The main goal of the affiliate marketing sales funnel is to make sure that you’re collecting visitor’s data upfront before sending them to the affiliate offer rather than the old approach ways many newbies out there are still cultivating.

So, the approach I’m trying to drive home here can be explained better using the AIDA concept of consumer journey or roadmap.

This concept is divided into 4 stages which can be found below with an explanation of how each of those stages matters when selling products or services online.


At this stage of your sales funnel is when you’re providing great value to your target audience using either paid ads or organic strategy either of both works, you just have to pick one and stick with it as a start.

Because most of the audience at this stage will be coming to your world as cold traffic (meaning they have not heard about you before) and you need a process to build trust with them on the first attempt coming to either your website or social media page.

Your content will serve as a tool that creates awareness about your products, services, or an affiliate offer.

So when you have really done a great job to hook your online website visitors with your valuable content then it will be easy to have your build trust down the rest of the sales funnel stages, which can later turn to leads and sales.


Now that your cold audience knows about you and your business, the next thing is to make sure they show an interest in your products, services, or an affiliate offer.

They don’t know whether your product will work for them or not, so they needed that clarity with that.

This is where you tap into their emotion to show an interest in whatever you’re selling.

Your ultimate goal here is to present your offer in front of them and make sure they show signs of interest.


This is the stage where you show your potential customers or online visitors about how your products can actually help them.

You let them know the benefits of your products since they have already shown interest in it through preferably a video.


Now that your prospects have successfully passed the early stages of your sale funnel, next is to make them take action and ask for their purchase using a call-to-action (CTR).

At that earlier stage, they have known about your products or services and also know the benefits it has to offer to them.

Your goal at the stage of your sales funnel is to build trust with you and your product with an end goal in mind.

So as your prospects move up your value ladder so your price increases to serve them better and so you will be able to make more money.

Clickfunnels for Affiliate Marketing: How Does it Work?

Affiliate marketing is not as easy as many people see it online. It requires a lot of dedication and hard work to scale through.

I can boldly tell you this because that’s how I was viewing it when I first got started in affiliate marketing.

Funny enough that what most newbies affiliates think when they first get started promoting affiliate campaigns, but the whole concept is different.

Another thing most people do when promoting an affiliate offer is to direct link to the advertiser squeeze page or landing page which is a bad approach. If you’re already doing your affiliate marketing business this way then you need to curb it.

The product might not be your own instead an affiliate campaign, But you need to take it as your own product immediately you started promoting any affiliate offer.

That will help you in the long run when you start running your own affiliate program for your products.

Direct linking to the advertiser’s landing page means you’re helping them to build the business and not yours.

Immediately you directly send someone to an advertisers page and they end up purchasing a product you don’t have their data again but the advertisers do. So you can’t market to them when next you have an affiliate promotion.

A better approach to cultivate is to set up a squeeze page or a bridge page that serves as a middleman between the customer and the advertisers landing page

Since you’re not the only affiliate promoting that campaign, that’s why you need a strategy to position your promotional method differently from what other competitors promoting the same offer are already applying.

And that’s what Clickfunnels gives you straight out the box for promoting any affiliate marketing campaign.

Clickfunnels for affiliate marketing is a complete business marketing tool for creating engaging funnels for affiliate marketers to generate leads, nurture those leads, and those them into sales with the help of automated email marketing campaigns.

Rather than using the old ways of promoting an affiliate offers by just linking a prospect straight directly to the advertiser landing page.

Which in the end can result in losing a lot of money in the long run since you won’t be able to track, follow-up, and scale the affiliate offer.

Straight out of the box Clickfunnels give you enough things that you need to kickstart a successful affiliate marketing business without depending on any extra third-party tools.

You can follow-up with your leads right from the Clickfunnels member’s dashboard area.

Because you’ll be generating leads upfront immediately someone lands on your squeeze page or bridge page. And then send them to your thank you page where you build relationships and presell the affiliate offer to them.

To make the whole scenario make sense to you, here’s a diagram illustrating the whole concept of how affiliate marketing funnels should look like.

So to sum everything up here’s finally how the whole concept actually works.

#1: Create your Affiliate Marketing Sales Funnel Using Clickfunnels

You can start generating leads in a matter of minutes from now for your affiliate marketing business of every single online visitor coming to your squeeze page.

It’s better this way so you can market to them at a later time in the future when you have some other campaigns.

And the best advantage is you can do all these without hassle inside the Clickfunnels member’s area.

#2: Drive Traffic to Your Lead Magnet

When you’re done creating your funnel, the next step is to determine how you want to start generating traffic to your affiliate marketing sales funnel. Examples of traffic you can test out are Facebook Ads, Google Ads, or Bing Ads, etc.

The first page of your bridge page or squeeze page should be set up to capture your customer’s information, so you can later send them a promotional campaign at a later time when you’re any offer.

You can decide to use the built-in Follow-up funnel inside Clickfunnels or a third-party email marketing platform.

#3: Thank You Page for Building Relationship

Now that your prospects have given you their information, your moral obligation is to start the relationship-building process upfront to get to know about you and position yourself as an authority leader.

You’ll introduce yourself to your prospect stating your name and the story behind how that particular affiliate offer has helped you to achieve anything in your life. If you have not to use the affiliate product before then let them know why you’re promoting it as an affiliate.

Then you let them take the next action to sign up for your affiliate offer by clicking a link or button anywhere you place it on your thank you page.

Most times it is usually a button placed at the bottom of the bridge page video which connects to the advertiser landing page – More on this later in this post.

#4:Follow-up Funnel or Using an Email Marketing Software

With the Follow-up funnels inside the Clickfunnels, you can send email marketing campaigns to your subscriber at any time.

Because not all your online visitors to your website will buy the first attempt, so you need to follow-up with them after they are opt-in to your list.

You can also send email autoresponder messages to your subscriber linking them back to your “Thank You” in case of those that didn’t take action at the first attempt.

Clickfunnels for Affiliate Marketing Funnel Template

These are some of the best performing Clickfunnels affiliate marketing funnels you can implement in your business right away and start generating unlimited leads into your business starting today.

These templates have proven to convert like crazy because it has been used by most 6-7 figure affiliate marketing business owners in the industry, so you rest assured to lay your hand on a proven funnel.

All you have to do is download them, edit and modify then launch.

  • Affiliate Marketing Sales Funnel #1

Bridge Page Affiliate Funnel – Squeeze Page

Clickfunnels for affiliate marketing 1

Bridge Page – Thank You Page

Clickfunnels for affiliate marketing 1a

Download Link –

  • Affiliate Marketing Sales Funnel #2

Affiliate Funnel (Affiliate Marketing)

Clickfunnels for affiliate marketing 2

Download Link –

  • Affiliate Marketing Sales Funnel #3

Complete Affiliate Quiz Funnel

Clickfunnels for affiliate marketing 3

Download Link –

  • Affiliate Marketing Sales Funnel #4

Best Converting Affiliate Funnel

Clickfunnels for affiliate marketing 4

Download Link –

How to use Clickfunnels for Affiliate Marketing

To create your affiliate marketing funnels using Clickfunnels is straight forward without any hassle when you combine it with some of the predesigned funnel templates I have shared with you above.

Aside from the predesigned templates, I’m sharing with you, there’s also a bunch of other templates you can choose from inside the Clickfunnels dashboard area.

Here’s how Clickfunnels can help you run a successful affiliate marketing business.

#1: Log in to your Account and Select Funnels to use

You know I said from the beginning of this guide that your ultimate goal as an affiliate marketer is to always find a way to generate leads upfront with any affiliate campaign you’re promoting.

So in this scenario, your goal is to collect your prospect email address before showing an actual offer you have for them.

Clickfunnels Funnel Type

#2: Choose from Predesigned Affiliate Marketing Funnels Templates

Clickfunnels has a lot of predesigned funnel templates to get you started the right way for your affiliate marketing business without creating one from the ground up.

All you have to do is decide your goal for your funnel then choose from any of the designs from the platform to use and have your funnels set up in minutes.

Aside from the funnel templates, I have shared with you above this is also another way to fasten your funnel building process so you can focus more on driving traffic to your funnel.

Predesigned Templates

#3: Edit and Customize Your Predesigned Funnel Templates

You can at the same time edit the funnel type you have chosen from the Clickfunnels dashboard area to match the feel of your brand and customize it the way you want it to look using the classic Etison Editor.

Clickfunnels has one of the most interactive funnel builder editors compared to other competitors. The editor is designed in such a way that makes it easy for you to move sections, columns, rows, and images arrow without having any technical knowledge.

You can move literally anything from one place to another, the payment form builder is also not an exception.

If you want to produce well-written sales copies to make any sales letter you put out there respond to your customers, then try using Funnel Scripts.

Etison Editor

#4: Setup Email Marketing and configure your Automation

With Clickfunnels, you can set up an email marketing campaign and automation to track with activities of your subscribers inside the Clickfunnels member area through the Follow-up Funnel (Formally Actionetics) or use third-party marketing automation.

Your subscriber can opt-in to your email list and start getting a series of emails starting from the first day up until the last drip email content inside of your Autoresponder (AR).

The majority of popular sales funnel builder software out there don’t offer this feature to their users but you have this inside of the Clickfunnels dashboard.

With Clickfunnels, you can schedule and send single emails to your list of subscribers whenever they made a purchase of your product or opt-in to your lead magnet.

Clickfunnels Follow Up Funnels

#5: Launch and Drive Traffic to Your Affiliate Marketing Sales Funnel

Traffic is the lifeblood of any business no matter who you are serving in your business, without having traffic coming to your business, products, services or an affiliate offer on a regular basis then you’ll struggle in the long run.

You can expect to have a sales funnel and wait for traffic to start rowing on their own without figuring where your traffic will be coming from to your funnel.

Your traffic source has to be planned at the initial stage before you have your funnel go live.

Most traffic sources online work differently in every business, but the most widely used traffic source for promoting an affiliate marketing offer is using social media and PPC.

Here are some of the traffic sources you can try when promoting any affiliate marketing campaign.

  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Youtube Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Influencers Ads
  • SnapChat Ads
  • Tiktok Ads
  • Native Ads

To better know how to present your affiliate marketing offer in front of your customers then you should consider to get a free copy of Russell Brunson book called Dotcom Secrets and Traffic Secrets.

If you’re planning to be great at what you do as an affiliate marketer then that’s the best route to start on this journey.

Clickfunnels for Affiliate Marketing Benefits and Features  

There are many reasons you might want to consider using Clickfunnels for your affiliate marketing business, and that’s what I’ll be showing you in this section of my Clickfunnels for affiliate marketing.

Clickfunnels gives you everything straight out the box to buida sustainable online business that will make you money and impact the lives of people you have been called to serve.

When you check everything Clickfunnels is giving you then you’ll agree with me that’s what most other companies charge as an extra fee.

Here’s some of the tools you get access to when you start using Clickfunnels for affiliate marketing.

#1: Third-Party Integration Services

Clickfunnels is integrated with some of the most popular third party automation tools out there when it comes to running a successful online business even without any tech experience.

Generating leads using Clickfunnels with affiliate marketing will definitely require some third party integration to collect your prospects information or embed an HTML code on your funnel to run retarget ads to prospects that are landing on your squeeze page but don’t view your thank you page.

Most of the tools you need to run a successful online business has already been given to you but you can integrate your own tool with Clickfunnels ranging from payment gateways, webinar software or email marketing software.

Clickfunnels is integrated with some of the most popular payment gateways out there available from different countries.

Clickfunnels Payment Gateways

  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • Authorize.Net
  • NMI
  • Clickbank
  • JVZoo
  • WarriorPlus
  • InfusionSoft
  • Recurly

These payment gateways make it easy to accept online payment from your customers from different countries and currency without any hassle.

The payment process through the Clickfunnels platform is secure with end-to-end encryptions, so you can be rest assured that your payment and customer data are very secure in safe hands.

Even if your preferred payment gateway is not integrated into Clickfunnels then you can make use of Zapia to create a zap then connect it with Clickfunnels and you’ll be fine.

Clickfunnels Email Marketing Integrations

Clickfunnels is integrated with most popular platforms in the industry even if it’s not included then you can make use of a SMTP to connect it with your Clickfunnels account.

Here are some of the email marketing integration platforms you can implement into your Clickfunnels account.

  • Aweber
  • Active Campaign
  • ConvertKit
  • MailChimp
  • Constant Contact
  • Drip
  • Ontraport
  • Madmimi
  • Market Hero
  • Keap
  • SendLane
  • HubSpot

 #2: Online Membership Site

A membership site is the best way to start a subscription based business where you train your audience on what you know and get paid at the same time.

But the challenge most people face is actually how to host this content online either in video or text based content.

So you as an affiliate marketer just getting started in this journey promoting other people’s products in order to earn a commission, there will be a point in your journey where you’ll have your own products so you can recruit other affiliates to promote for you then you can have videos hosted on a membership platform.

Creating a membership site inside of Clickfunnels is not complicated at all when you know your ways around the software especially with all of the pre-designed funnel templates that are given straight out the box inside of your Clickfunnels dashboard.

But the only problem with the Clickfunnels dashboard is that you can’t upload your content to the platform, you’ll need a third-party app to be able to do this in Clickfunnels.

The simplex way is to have your content uploaded on sites like Mega, 4shared or Mediafiles.

#3: Email Marketing Automation (Follow-up Funnel)

Clickfunnels has it’s own email marketing automation system that lets you send follow up emails to your subscribers each time they opt-in into your email list.

This is an inbuilt inside Clickfunnels, like i have said above if you’t want to use this then you can integrate a third-party platform with any of your funnel.

If you want to use the inbuilt own here are some of the things you can do with it.

  • Know the Geo-location of your subscriber in your list
  • Know where they drop off in your sales funnel
  • Add the newly added email list into your seinfeld list so they can start getting your soap opera.
  • Segment your email list using tags

#4: Pre-Designed Email Templates Ready to be Use

Clickfunels has lots of readymade funnel templates from different type of sales funnels you could ever think of.

Each of these templates can easily be customized and modified using the Etison Editor inside of the Clickfunnels dashboard.

You don’t need to be great at web designing or hire an expensive programmer or get hooked down by a tech person.

Here are some of the funnels you can start creating without creating any of them from scratch using the Clickfunnels dashboard.

  • High Ticket Funnel Templates
  • Product Launch Funnel Templates
  • Tripwire Funnel  Templates
  • Presentation Funnel Templates
  • Membership Funnel Templates
  • Video Sales Letter Funnel Templates
  • Supplement Funnel Templates
  • Sales Funnel Templates
  • Cart Funnel Templates
  • Challenge Funnel Templates
  • Book Funnel Templates
  • Brick and Mortar Funnel Templates
  • Auto Webinar Funnel Templates

These funnel templates have been proven to work for any type of business, all you need to do is to pick the one that resonates with what you’re trying to build. But with the shared funnel templates i have given you above you’re good to go.

All you need is to click and download them into your Clickfunnels account.

#5: A/B Testing Your Sales Funnel

Majorities of every affiliate launching their first affiliate campaign is usually based on testing because you don’t know how the marketplace will react to it.

You’re not the only one promoting that affiliate campaign.

The only way to make sure your first sales funnel has success when promoting your affiliate campaign is to always run a split test for the funnel so you know which one of the funnels your audience is reacting to the most.

Here are some of the amazing things you can split test with your funnel when you finally launch it.

  • Hock, Story and Offer Stack
  • Sales Video (VSL)
  • Buy Button (CTR Button)
  • Images
  • Pages Structure and Opt-in Form
  • Sales Copy
  • Social Psychology

#6: Track Your Sales Funnel Statistics

Tracking your marketing campaign is very crucial whenever you’re running any promotion.

The whole game of this internet marketing is a game of numbers so you need to track each number of leads and sales for each funnel that brought leads or sales to your business.

Clickfunnels helps you to track your every bit of leads and sales from any of your funnel on a regular basis.

Inside of your Clickfunnels account, you can literally track every important part of every sales activity in your funnels so you can know the winner or loser.

  • View how your business are performing on a daily basis
  • Get a clearer view of your most performing sales funnel
  • Discover how prospect are opt-in into your email list
  • Know the statistics of sales generated through each of your sales funnel  

6 Actionable Steps to Consider on Using Clickfunnels for Affiliate Marketing

It’s really sad to admit that affiliate marketing is easy especially when you’re just getting started in the online marketing world.

To go very far in this business, you’ll need to understand about marketing and sales.

In order to present yourself in a unique way to your audience online while modeling what your competitors are already doing and add your own little to it.

Selling and marketing of a product online is far beyond just setting up a sales funnel and sitting for traffic to start rowing in but firstly what you need to understand is what drives people to buy.

You and I were never born a guru definitely, so everyone on this planet is a salesperson initially.

Marketing and sales are skills that’s learnable with dedication and time.

Your role as the key person in your business is to master the art of persuasive communication and storytelling because no one is going to do it for you.

That’s why you need the right message positioning to crunch your competitors and start driving crazy amounts of traffic to your business on a daily basis by following every single step that has been laid down here below.

#1: Get a FREE Copy of Russell Brunson’s Dotcom Secrets Book

Dotcom Secrets

Dotcom Secrets is a FREE book by Russell Brunson that teaches anyone how to develop every form of company online using the power of a sales funnel.

This is the first book that got me hooked on this journey of entrepreneurship, learning so much about how marketing works and how to make an enticing deal that people are able to take their credit card out of their wallet to pay for it.

For all entrepreneurs and company owners who want to know how to use the funnel model to expand their business online, this book is a must-read.

If this is the right way for you then by grabbing your copy of Dotcom Secrets, this book will be the fuel that pushes you on the journey.

#2: Get a FREE Copy of Russell Brunson’s Expert Secrets Book

Expert Secrets

Russell Brunson’s Expert Secrets is a FREE book that demonstrates how to turn your online guests into loyal customers who are eager to purchase your products or services.

This book will really teach you how to market any products or services and use the power of storytelling and persuasion to win your customer’s heart.

#3: Get a FREE Copy of Russell Brunson’s Traffic Secrets Book

Traffic Secrets

Russell Brunson’s FREE book Traffic Secrets shows you how to fill your websites or funnels with your dream buyer who is interested in what you need to sell.

You don’t need to think about traffic in your company again when you get this book today, as any traffic-related issue you might face has already been solved in this book.

#4: Claim Your Clickfunnels Trial Today


If you’ve not already done that yet you should consider getting your free 14-Day Clickfunnels trial account.

So you will see for yourself how this awesome program can help your eCommerce business expand over the moon by exploiting the upselling and downselling features in your funnels.

Make sure you try as many funnel variants as possible by A/B split checking your funnel during your trial, so you can infer which one brings income for you and kill those who are not or better still make a tweak to it.

In order to join the Clickfunnels funnel hacker group, you will get the full incentives mentioned below as a gift.

Clickfunnels Offer Stack Bonus

#5: Get Funnel Hacking Secrets Bundle + 6 Months of Clickfunnels Platinum Plan

Secrets Masterclass

Why not save yourself a massive amount of money by registering for a free web class with the Funnel Hacking Secrets instead of the Clickfunnels 14-Day Free Trial plan instead?

On Clickfunnels Platinum Plan, the Funnel Hacking Secrets will give you a big saving discount of $785.

You will get the following as part of your Clickfunnels account sign-up when you register for the free web class today.

Secrets Masterclass Offer Stack

Clickfunnels: 6 Months of Platinum Account.

FREE One Funnel Away (30 Day Challenge)

FREE Virtual DAILY Funnel Hack-A-Thon

FREE 10X Secrets Mastery Program

FREE Traffic Secrets/ Ad Skills

FREE Access to FunnelFlix

The Funnel Hacking Secrets pricing plan is $997 for 6 months with amazing benefits worth more than $15,770 in value as mentioned above.

#6: Get Lifetime Deal of Funnel Scripts Software

Funnel Scripts

Writing a simple statement is absolutely different from crafting a well engaging sales copy that made your customers pull out their credit card and buy your products or services.

So if you don’t know how to compose an entertaining sales copy, it shouldn’t be a concern as of today, because producing a persuasive copy for your affiliate marketing sales funnel, that’s what Funnel Scripts help you achieve.

To help you build a sales copy for your landing pages, webinar presentations, ad copy, video sales letter (VSL), emails, upselling and downselling pages to generate leads and sales, you do not need the help of any copywriters.

What you need to do is to take advantage of this awesome tool called Funnel Scripts to start making your sales copies from today onwards.

The most exciting thing is to pay a one-time fee for a lifetime deal from the day you sign up to use the app.

Get Funnel Scripts Lifetime Deal Here

Or watch the free live demo before jumping on the lifetime offer (to see how it works).

Final Thought (Summary) on Clickfunnels for Affiliate Marketing

Some business owners still have the difficulties and abilities of selling in their business after the adventure of selling products and services online.

You can probably get results in your marketing campaign in no particular period of time if you plan to change your thoughts from what does not work and pay more attention to what actually works.

But the worst part is that things are changing so much these days, so you need to follow the trend and apply what is currently working into your business.

And by exploiting the power of a sales funnel, that’s the only way to promote any affiliate product campaign online.

That’s what Clickfunnels provides to sell your affiliate offers or verticals with sales funnels right out of the box.

Clickfunnels is a platform for sales funnel builders that can be used to create any sort of sales funnel with the integration of a third-party framework that fits well for your marketing goals.

You don’t need the support of any designers, programmers, or any tech people in general to handle any technological stuff again so that you can expand your company online.

Get your 14-day free trial here and start right generating leads for your affiliate offers

Or better yet, save yourself a massive half-price discount for the next six months here.

Do you have any questions, complaints or assistance about this guide on how to use Clickfunnels for affiliate marketing?

In the section below, leave me a comment and I’ll be very happy to help.

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