5 Best ClickFunnels Books by Russell Brunson for Entrepreneurs

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Are you looking for the best Clickfunnels book written by Russell Brunson for entrepreneurs like you for growing any businesses online?

Clickfunnels has a whole lot of marketing resources to get you started on your journey to becoming an entrepreneur or expert in your field ranging from marketing, copywriting, sales, lead generation, and traffic generation.

Like some of the listed amazing products Clickfunnels below:

Perfect Webinar Scripts

Funnel Hacking Secrets

One Funnel Away Challenge

Brick and Mortar Summit

Lead Funnels

30 Day Summit

And any more…

The Clickfunnels book collections are great marketing content books filled with every tip, trick, and tactic to run a successful online business even as a newbie because this is the same book I read and apply to all my daily marketing activities in my business.

As the author of the book Russell Brunson, he’s well known as the guy that popularize the term sales funnel which is the gold concept that every business needed to grow exponentially online.

As the books are a free plus shipping type of funnel and they all worth every penny I spent to get them across to me. Like the Dotcom Secrets, Expert Secrets, and the rest.

Without wasting much of your time, let get to the purpose of this article.

List of Clickfunnels Books by Russell Brunson for Online Entrepreneurs

Let’s start with the origin and my most prefer…

#1: Dotcom Secrets

Dotcom Secrets

Dotcom Secrets is one of the first marketing books I read by Russell Brunson that open my eye to lots and terms in the online marketing business.

The book has a lot of takeaways and golden nuggets that can’t be ignored for anyone starting or already running any business either online or offline.

One of the terms that I was introduced to was “Value Ladder” which is simply a process that any business can use to serve their dream customers to the fullest and at the same time make more money.

I also learned how to prepare a Soap Opera email marketing series for my leads.

The book is categorized into 28 secrets (grouped into 4 secrets) on how to use a funnel to grow and scale businesses online.

It’s showing you how to find and know where your dream customers are currently congregating so you can know the best hook to throw and grab them into your world like from Ads level to your funnel.

You’ll also know the art of persuasion like what drives people to buy online so you can know how to position your offer in front of your dream customers.

Then proceed to the step of actually building the funnel

You can check out the whole concept here on this page.

Russell Brunson literally shares everything he knows and learns from the last decade and a half inside of this amazing book and it’s one of the books that used by Clickunnels as a frontend offer to bring leads on autopilot into their business on a daily basis.

That has now crossed over $100MM in sales to Clickfunnels in the last 5 years now.

Are all shared inside the Dotcom Secrets book.

If you’re new to online business inside of this book you’ll be introduced to many new terms that you’ve not heard before related to online marketing but that shouldn’t scare you as Russell breaks down the whole meaning into a layman understanding.

And be on the journey to serve your customer and fulfill what you’ve been called to do.

Even if you don’t plan to read any marketing business book based on your past experience but it shouldn’t be Dotcom Secrets because if you read it you won’t regret that you do so.

You can get your own free copy here at dotcomsecrets.com to reserve your order now.

The book is free as I said above but your only pay the shipping fee of $9.95 if you’re in the US and $19.95 outside the Us (International).

#2: Expert Secrets

Expert Secrets

This is a follow-up to Russell Brunson’s first publication called Dotcom Secrets.

To get the most out of all Russell books, you’ll need to have read the previous one that is one ahead of the current one.

And that is Dotcom Secrets in this case.

Expert Secrets is a continuation of Dotcom Secrets on doubt about that.

Like the title sound…It’s an underground playbook to turn your online visitors into lifelong customers who is eager to purchase your products or services.

While also making more money offering your knowledge as a product in the form of mastermind, live event, coaching and consulting, digital courses, etc.

It’s the best Clickfunnels book to read if you’re planning to become a leader while building and creating a mass movement of audience, fans, or tribes while sharing your knowledge with these groups of people.

I have learned a lot from this book myself like so much I have gain when I first read the Dotcom Secrets book.

You might be thinking that you’re not ready to build your very own online course yet…But what I can assure you is that it’s worth reading even you don’t plan to build anyone now.

Expert Secrets is all about building a brand and loyal followers by becoming a thoughtful leader in your industry.

While helping your audience to solve their problems.

Those that have read the first version of this amazing book also bought the new version that released recently.

Like how the foreword for these book sound that’s written by Robert Kiyosaki

“Expert Secrets is the map that will allow you to turn your specialized knowledge, talents, and abilities into a business that will work for you! This is one of the shortcuts of the new rich. “

The Clickfunnels book comes in 5 sections comprised of 22 secrets to digest all from creating your mass movement (finding your voice) to identifying your attractive character in your funnel.

#3: Traffic Secrets

Traffic Secrets

Traffic Secrets book is the last publication from Russell Brunson from his series of a secret book called Trilogy.

He announced (March 2020) that this would be his final series while he moves to other things.

This book literally shows you how to fill your website or funnel with your dream customer that is willing to pay for products or services.

Just a quick reminder here about his past books.

Dotcom Secrets is a free book that shows you how to use a funnel to grow any company online while serving your dream customer and making more money.

Expert Secrets is a free book that shows anyone how to build a branding of raving fans while making money from your knowledge or experience.

Now, the third book in the Trilogy, Traffic Secrets aim to help your drive quality evergreen traffic to your business.

As you know traffic is the fuel that drives any online business without traffic coming in on a daily basis sooner or later such business will struggle to grow in the long run.

No trafffic…No leads…No customer…No sales.

You’re on this page right now because you discovered it from somewhere.

The whole internet business game is all about traffic generation and you need the psychology behind it to crush your competitor to that getting their traffic into your funnel or website.

Over the last decade, Russell Brunson has learned the art of generating millions of traffic to his funnel so he knows how the whole game works.

Traffic Secrets is like a compilation of traffic generation acquired over the years through success and failed so you don’t have to make such things as well while focusing on the goldmine of traffic acquisition in your business.

Traffic Secrets is a free plus shipping book that can be purchased anywhere in the world.

The shipping fee is $9.95 for US residents and $19.95 for shipping outside the US (International).

Since I’m from outside the US I paid $19.95 to get this amazing book shipped to me here.

There is also an option to purchase a series of upselling where you get to add an audio version of the book to your cart and start to listen while waiting for the hardcover version.

#4: Network Marketing Secrets

Network Marketing Secrets

One of the businesses I have ever tried on this journey to become an entrepreneur is network marketing.

I can vividly remember how I struggled so well then because of a lack of clarity on how to get uplines to signup under me.

During this time I was running up and down trying to confuse family members to journey the new business opportunity I’m trying to present to them while getting turn down.

If there should be one something I would have correct in those struggle moment in my network marketing business is to write this book sooner.

That leads us to the fourth book in our Clickfunnels book called Network Marketing Secrets.

Network Marketing Secrets is the secrets goldmine that anyone in the MLM business can deploy to grow a thriving upline and downline leveraging the power funnel without going to look on doors.

It’s literally the only book you needed to grow a team of a successful network marketing team.

It shows the secrets behind using digital marketing tactics that MLMer’s can duplicate.

I know the question that might be popping into your mind right now…

Is Russell Brunson a network marketer himself?

Well, that absolutely true, he started in this game of internet marketing as a network marketer way back from his college days.

So Russell absolutely knows his shit when it comes to starting a successful network marketing business without using the old method that most people use.

If you’re a network marketer or still planning to start one right now, then definitely this Clickfunnels book should be your ground root to start with and you’ll be glad you did so.

#5: Copywriting Secrets

Copywriting Secrets

This is the last one the Clickfunnels book called Copywriting secrets.

It’s not written by Russell Brunson himself. But it’s a marketer and runs as an affiliate program under the Etison LLC (Trademark of Clickfunnels).

Copywriting is written by a genius copywriter in the game for a long time called Jim Edwards.

He’s the founder of the world’s most used copywriting software on the internet called Funnel Scripts and a free headline generator.

I guess you’re on this Clickfunnels book because you already about marketing and sales. right?

And you know the stress you’ve to go through to craft engaging and appealing sale copy for your business. It’s not easy I know.

But the best way to master a copywriting skill is to actually learn how to write one by yourself.

You need copywriting skills to compose words that convert so your customer can bring their wallet and actually pay for your stuff.

This one skill determines how far you can cope in the online marketing world.

Without a copy that forcibly drives your customer to buy your stuff then you know what’s next…No sale.

Since copywriting is all about persuasion because it drives people t take action.

You need copywriting skills in every aspect of your funnels, emails, ads, webinar presentation, and so on.

As you may now that there are more thing to building a successful funnel that spin money out of your customers pocket and also generating traffic.

But there’s much more than to actually confuse someone to buy your product instantly on your page.

That’s why I can’t recommend this book enough for anyone that wants to learn the art of copywriting and use actionable words to drive people to click on your ads, open your email, proceed to the checkout page, and make more money.

Just like every other Clickfunnels book, there’s also an option to order for the audiobook version available as an upsell inside of the funnel.

Copywriting secrets is a free plus shipping book like other books but you’ll need to pay for the shipping which is $9.95 for the US and $19.95 outside the US (International).

Final Thought on Clickfunnels Book

Now you’re wondering where to get started with any of this book and how each one can help you inside of your business no matter whom you serve.

Don worry about that as I’ll help you with some basic tips to grasp on which you need right now.

If you’re new to marketing and not familiar with any marketing term, also don’t know what a funnel is while at same don’t know how it can help a business to grow online.

Then you should get yourself a free copy of Dotcom Secrets.

If you’re planning to sell your knowledge online and grow a tribe of fans then want to buy your products and service online then getting a free copy of Expert Secrets should do it for you.

No matter how your funnel looks like and how much money you spend to make it come to live without showing it to a targeted group of people online who might be interest is nothing but a waste of time.

Who doesn’t need traffic in their business especially if it’s an online business?

That why you need to get a free copy of Traffic Secrets to driving an unlimited amount of traffic of your dream customers to your funnel.

If you’re a network marketer then a free copy of Network Marketing Secrets is the best choice to pick.

Having a headache trying to come up with a sales copy for your marketing and sales aspect of your business like ads copy, email copy, webinar presentation, etc.

Copywriting Secrets is the best choice and claim a free copy.

But there’s also a better route to take if you truly want to get better results with marketing your business.

There’s a workbook you’ll get access to from the 3 books when you purchase a copy.

But to get access to those 3 books including the free workbook called “Unlock The Secrets”.

Then you’ll need to go through any of those 3 books funnel before you can get access to the workbook. There’s also an upsell to an audiobook to get the Secrets Trilogy Book set.

You can follow the Traffic Secrets Book Funnel to start the process.

After that, you’ll be shown a series of upselling just take note of headlines of the funnel and you should finally see the Trilogy Book Series.

  • The upsells in the funnel are as follow (optional if you don’t want them).
  • Traffic Secrets Book audio version at $37
  • Traffic Secrets Book event at $97
  • The book set containing 4 sets including Dotcom Secrets, Expert Secrets, Traffic Secrets, and Unlock The Secrets at $97
  • Funnel structuring software at $397

You can ignore the upsell to get access to the Trilogy Book Set your choice here.

I hope you find this guide on the Clickfunnels book list helpful?

Do you have any questions concerning this guide or anything related to a funnel? Please let me know in the comment section below and I’ll be glad to answer them.

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