9 Best Link Tracker Software To Skyrocket Conversions In 2021

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In this post, I will be showing you my top favorite best link tracker software to help you improve and skyrocket your campaign conversions.

Each of the tools you’ll discover in this guide is either paid or free.

Your main goal as a marketer, agency owner, or publisher is to monitor the performance of your advertising campaigns either small or big.

So you need to choose the right link tracking software that helps you get ahead and on right track.

As you are spending more money on your marketing campaigns, definitely you’ll want works and what doesn’t. Right?

But when it comes to choosing the right link tracker for their affiliate marketing campaign and advertising campaign lot of marketers don’t know the benefit this can serve them.

It’s cool if you don’t know because everyone is not an island of knowledge.

The choice you make with a link tracking software should provide you with some features and sufficient amounts of data.

So, you’d be able to use this opinion share right inside this post to better optimize your marketing effort to get the highest return possible without spending a fortune.

In this post, I have collated the 10 top best link tracking tools that would give you better insights to track, boost and skyrocket your conversions – and increase your ads ROI.

9+ Best Link Tracker Software For Affiliates And Marketers

Here is compiled a list of the best link tracker – with the most highly recommended ones:

Let us go through them one by one…

1. ClickMagick

ClickMagick is tracking software used by online entrepreneurs to track websites, sales funnel, Ad campaigns, and landing pages.

This tool allows you to track every bit of your campaign ranging from link rotator, ads tracker, sub ID for your affiliate link.

You don’t need to rely on your affiliate back office before you can track how successful your campaign is performing whether you are using paid ads or organic traffic.

Although this tool might not perform like other link tracking software available in the marketplace, it has features that can make your advertising campaign a success with their 14 days free trial.

Features of ClickMagick

  • Tracking & Optimizing your sales funnel

This tool is capable of handling the performance and tracking of your entire sales funnel, right from your landing page, OTO page, and thank you page.

It’s backed by industry-standard UTMs and first-party cookies that can’t be blocked.

  • Facebook Conversion API Integration

ClickMagick is integrated into audience optimization that sends actual conversion data to Facebook in real-time.

It’s not affected by any change that might occur on the Facebook ads site especially the recent iOS 14 compliance.

  • Automated & Intelligent Split Testing

Most people make mistakes while split testing their ads campaign, they only test a few times then immediately decided on the winning campaign and make a final decision on the poor information generated.

This makes split testing very hard and costs you a lot of money.

But with ClickMagick automated & intelligent split testing help you to solve all these problems while tracking each link performance straight from the dashboard.

  • Real-Time Stats & Reports

You can easily track your advertising campaign in real-time, so you can discover what’s working and what’s not while running your campaign for your products or an affiliate offer.

You can easily have access to all-day important numbers from your advertising campaigns such as conversion rates, ad spend, profit, ROI, return on ad spend, return on ad spend and so much more

  • Multi-Platform Retargeting

With multi-platform retargeting, you have the opportunity to target and follow your audience with your ads over on the web.

While this is the most advertising campaign you will ever do because of the leverage it gives you over your competitors.

  • Geo And Mobile Targeting

Clickmagick gives you the power to desire where to direct the attention of your traffic based on the particular locations you choose to target with your links.

You can also specify the type of devices each of your links can receive traffic from.

  • Automatic Bot Filtering

They allow you to filter and block bad clicks coming from your link, so you can easily track your advertising campaign accurately, instead of receiving bad clicks that can drain your ad spend.

  • Knowledge base with video tutorials

There are tons of video tutorials to help you get started the right way ranging from tracking your link, testing and optimizing your advertising campaigns.

So whenever you get stuck you can easily refer to these resources to get yourself up and running in the fastest way.

ClickMagick Pricing

Clickmagick has three pricing options, All of these pricing plans are different in terms of the features that come with the software.

The lease plan called the starter plan starts at $27/month, the standard plan is $67/month, and the PRO plan is $97/month.

2. Voluum

Voluum is an AI cloud base tracking software that allows affiliate marketers, digital marketers,s and agency owners to perform various tracking solutions such as affiliate campaign PPV advertising campaigns, and Deeplink tracking.

It’s one of the best tracking software out there because it allows you to track every advertising campaign all in one dashboard.

Here are some of the things you can also perform with Voluum

  • Optimize ads for better performance
  • Automate your work with rules and alert
  • Integrate all your traffic sources with voluum
  • Track the performance of your affiliate marketing strategies in your business

The only disadvantage of this tool is using it effectively other than that every other thing is good.

Features of Voluum

Custome Conversion Tracking

Ability to track different types of conversion of each visitor’s journey on your website without needing to use custom affiliate software.

Reporting API

Voluum API provides you with remote control as part of your volume subscription to leverage their API to connect to an external application so you can control your account activities from your own tracking application.

Redirect Webhook

Set up an end-to-end conversion tracking to send server notification from your voluum account each time a visit occurs and will reply with a different lander/offer.

Direct Tracking

Ability to track paid and organic traffic with no regrets which is great for GEOs with slow collections and also compliance with Facebook ad tracking requirements.

A/B Testing

Using the voluum click tracker you can determine which of your campaign is performing the most with the help of the A/B test so you better focus on high converting ones.

Voluum Plans & Pricing

Voluum has four pricing plans for content creators and marketers to choose from, the discover plan which starts at $89/month, the profit plan starting at $149/month, the growth plan for $449/month, and the agency plan which is offered based on a request by contacting the sales team start at $999 per month.

3. Improvely

Improvely is a marketing analytics platform that tracks tests and optimizes its marketing campaign.

It makes the testing results of your clicks and then finally optimizes them for better results.

One of the best link tracker software out there that helps you To improve your conversion game.


  • Built to optimize your marketing conversion goals
  • Track and monitor suspicious clicks activities
  • Real-time results to know how your visitors are performing on your website

This best link tracker and click-tracking tool can be used as a link tracker for your website and sales funnel designed to work with various advertising networks because you don’t need to install anything.

Let’s take a look at some of the features of improvely…

Features of Improvely

Conversion Tracking and Attribution

These are the minimum features that every link tracker must have and this is included in improvely to help marketers and online entrepreneurs track clicks, monitor online conversion, and optimize for skyrocketing cash flow.

Some of the benefits of these features are as stated below:

– Improvely show you where your conversion and revenue are coming from so you don’t waste your advertising budget.

– It helps you to track each stage of your funnel that your visitors are dropping off.

– You can segment your traffic to see those that convert leveraging this great click tracker.

– This click tracking software shows you enough data to know more about your link clicks from top advertising sources referrer, keyword, location, device type and so much more.

– It literally creates a group of profiles of visitors to your website so if they visited again they don’t count as new visitors but repeated traffic.

Improvely Detects and Prevents Click Fraud

It blocks, prevents, and reports any fraudulent activity from your links at any time with details send into your inbox of each incident to your ad network.

Each reporting contain in the activity are as follows:

  • Ad click to (Destination URL)
  • Location (Where to fraudulent coming from)
  • Referrer URL
  • Tracking Link
  • Ad

Then with these details, you can use it to block any activities coming from that Geo-location henceforth in your improvely dashboard.

White-Label Reporting for Agency Owner

This is one of the considerations should have in mind when you are to choose the best link tracker When you are working for a client and or in an organization.

Improvely has a built-in agency-ready marketing report which can help any digital agency owner increase their marketing conversion and services. Voluum link tracking software also has the features.

Improvely Pricing Plans

Improvely offer 14 free trials to see how the tool can help you with link tracking of your advertising campaign, then after your trial has expired you’ll need any sweet table pricing plan as shown below:

Freelancer – $29/month

Startup – $79/month

Small Agency – $149/month

Large Agency – $299/month

4. ClickMeter

ClickMeter is one of the best link trackers in the market, with a click-based link tracking feature that allows you to see where your visitors came from and also where they drop off in your funnel.

To get the most out of ClickMeter, they categorize their benefits into 4 stages for creators.

  • Agencies
  • Affiliates
  • Advertisers
  • Publishers

ClickMeter for Agencies

Agencies can use this tool to help their client to manage, track and monitor their customer’s advertising campaigns. It can also be used to track sales, conversions and detect fraudulent clicks.

Then you can share their report with your clients at the end of the month or based on agreed terms.

ClickMeter for Affiliate Marketing

For affiliates that are spending 4 to 5 figures or more each month, it’s very essential to cloak your affiliate links from any advertising platforms before sending them to your destination URL.

Especially when you’re split testing your link, using a link tracker helps you know the best performing campaign so you can focus more of your attention on scaling that up.

ClickMeter helps affiliate marketers shorten and customize their affiliate links to their main offer.

The tool can detect where the clicks are coming from either through a real user or bots.

ClickMeter for Advertiser .

Using a link tracker to monitor your sales and conversion in your advertising campaign helps you to determine which campaigns are product great ROI and non-performing ones.

The tools help you as an advertiser to detect and block click fraud activities and use that for checking data coming from your paid ads advertising network.

ClickMeter for Publisher

The tool helps you gain more trust for the traffic quality you’re sending to any advertising ad network.

ClickMeter for the publisher is the credibility you show to your ad network through the visibility of clicks, views conversion generated with your links.

ClickMeter Pricing

ClickMeter has three pricing options you can choose from as shown below:

ClickMeter Medium Pricing Plan $29/month

  • 25,000 trackable event
  • 2,500 Datapoints (tracking links, tracking rotators, pixels, and banners, etc)
  • 1-year Data storage
  • 100+ Features
  • Advance affiliate marketing tools (cloaking, encryption, 301 redirect,s and commission tracking)
  • A/B test rotator
  • Full Excel export
  • 1 Branded domain
  • Tracking conversions & revenue
  • Retargeting/Remarketing

ClickMeter Large Pricing Plan $99/month

  • 200,000 trackable Events
  • 20,000 Datapoints
  • 2 years of Data storage
  • 100+ Features
  • Advance affiliate marketing tools
  • A/B test rotator
  • Full Excel export
  • 10 Branded domains
  • Track conversions & revenue
  • Retargeting/Remarketing
  • 10 Sub-accounts
  • Click fraud protection
  • Your logo in reports

ClickMeter X-Large Pricing Plan $349

  • 2,000,000 trackable Events
  • 200,000 Datapoints
  • 3years of Data storage
  • 100+ Features
  • Advance affiliate marketing tools
  • A/B test rotator
  • Full Excel export
  • 100 Branded domains
  • Track conversions & revenue
  • Retargeting/Remarketing
  • 100 Sub-accounts
  • Click fraud protection
  • Your logo in reports
  • Dedicated engineer support

5. LinkTrackr

Like other link tracking software, LinkTrackr offers amazing features for online entrepreneurs to ease with the tracking of their advertising campaigns.

LinkTrackr Works exactly as ClickMagick and Voluum

It works in various aspects needed to have a successful campaign such as A/B split testing, cloaking of affiliate links, tracking and analysis, URL rotators and so many more.

That makes LinkTrackr an amazing tool to use for your link tracking advantage.

Features of LinkTrackr

Link Tracking

Instead of sending your traffic directly to your advertiser landing page, LinkTrackr gives you the privilege to customize your final destination link from a long URL to a more little link that’s trackable with any traffic hitting it.

There’s also an option to track every SUBID tracking attached to your links.

PPC Tracking

Get better PPC tracking data for your advertising campaign by leveraging these features to track your Google Adword conversion code on your website.

As an affiliate marketer, you don’t have access to the advertiser’s landing page, also there’s no way to track your conversions but with these features, it’s very easy to track.

Ad Cloaking

This is one of the methods affiliate marketers used to protect their affiliate link from fraud clicks and secure their commissions.

LinkTrackr makes it easy for affiliates to prevent theft with the provision of Cloaker.

Pixel Tracking

It makes tracking of conversions on your site or blog as well as an affiliate network using a simple but effective pixel tracking software.

There are some other tasks you can perform with LinkTrackr

  • A/B Split Testing
  • Affiliate SubID Tracking
  • URL Rotator Software
  • Conversion Tracking


LinkTrackr offers four pricing options to choose from after your trial period is over. You can either upgrade to any of the paid plans as follows: Basic, Pro, Hyper, and Extreme).

LinkTrackr Basic Plan at $7/month

  • 100 Tracking Links
  • 10,000 Clicks/Month
  • Advanced Cloaking & Remarketing
  • Use Default Domains
  • Import Affiliate CSV Files

LinkTrackr Pro Plan at $19/month

  • 500 Tracking Links
  • 50,000 Clicks/Month
  • Advanced Cloaking & Remarketing
  • Your own Custom Domains
  • Import Affiliate CSV Files
  • Pixels & Postback Tracking

LinkTrackr Hyper Plan at $27/month

  • 1,000 Tracking Links
  • 100,000 Clicks/Month
  • Advanced Cloaking & Remarketing
  • Your own Custom Domains
  • Import Affiliate CSV Files
  • Pixel & Postbac Tracking
  • Plus other Pro Plan Features

LinkTrackr Extreme Plan at $47/month

  • 5,000 Tracking Links
  • 500,000 Clicks/Month
  • Advanced Cloaking & Remarketing
  • Plus other Hyper Plan Features

6. RedTrack.io

RedTrack.io is a media buyer and affiliate marketers ad tracking and conversion-based solution platform as a whole.

The link tracker has the capability to track, manage, optimize across all devices, channels, and platforms.

It’s an easy-to-use tool that helps affiliate marketers, agency owners, and media buyers to get the most out of their advertising campaigns.

It also has amazing features like other link tracking software that I have talked about as shown below:

Features of RedTrack.io

  • Advanced targeting
  • Direct tracking landing page pixel
  • Custom conversions
  • A/B testing
  • Real-time stats
  • SSL support
  • 40+ attribution data points
  • Access to API Integration
  • Many more…

RedTrack.io Pricing Plans

RedTrack.io has three (3) pricing models to choose from after the initial 14-day free trial as follows:

7. ClixTrac

ClixTrac is a free link tracking software and banner service that helps you to track how many times your advertisement or links are being viewed and clicked.

It also serves as a banner ad.

When it comes to free and very affordable link tracking software then ClixTrac is your choice.

ClixTrac provides you with an option to own a tracking URL that you can use to track every performance of your marketing campaign the way you set them up. And that made it the best option as a tracking software for beginners.

Features of ClixTrac

Link Cloaking

Using ClixTrac makes link tracking smoothly and provide you with accurate data to determine the success of your marketing campaigns with options to keep track of any of the following:

  • Make it easy to manage your ad and campaign from any PC with internet access
  • Track how many times your eBook, Software, or reports are downloaded
  • Track links to external websites and services
  • Track links in email, email newsletter, or ezines
  • Track all your affiliate links to determine the best performance
  • Track clicks on banner and images

A/B Split Testing

Like every other link tracking software, ClixTrac provides you with the option to split test your links to any landing pages so you can decide on the winner.

Want to see other features that come with ClixTrac? Click Here to see all of them.

ClixTrac Pricing

ClixTrac has three (3) pricing models that you can choose from when you create your account as follows:

Free Plan – $0/month

  • Ability to create an unlimited amount of banners and links
  • Real-time analysis of link clicks count and banner impressions
  • Organizing your banners and links into groups
  • Plus some other amazing features

Premium Plan – $4.95/month

  • Everything that comes with Free Plan Account
  • Create banners and links that never expires
  • Creating banners and links that have no click limitations
  • Track views/impressions on banners of up to 20,000 impressions per day
  • Plus other features

Professional Plan – $9.95/month

  • Unlimited impressions and clicks
  • Complete click data
  • Downloadable reports
  • Mask your traffic sources
  • Custom domain name support
  • Sub ID tracking and forwarding
  • Stat sharing pages for your clients
  • Conversion tracking
  • Split-test different landing pages

8. Rebrandly

Rebrandly is a link tracking software and link management platform to customize, track and shorten URLs using custom domain names.

For better tracking of marketing campaigns, popular brands have adopted the usage of branded links as an alternative to the normal URL shorten.

Rebrandly is the market and most scalable link tracking management platform in the industry. You are provided with API and the needed support to build small and large projects such as SMS, oAuth, and many more.

Features of Rebrandly

Customized Report

You get an analysis with metrics of each of your links to better understand how your links are performing, if any adjustment needed to be made you can know through the reports generated inside your account.

URL Condition Routing

There’s an option to condition the behavior of your link based on the task performed by your website or landing page visitor.

Multiple Domain Name Management

Add more than one domain name with a grouping option, so you can choose which domain name can be used to track a particular link when you’re planning your marketing campaign.

Link Remarketing

Have some visitor that has come to your website or landing pages in the past but doesn’t move down your funnel or perform any task you require of them, then with the remarketing feature you can target this audience using a paid advertisement.

Rebrandly Plans & Pricing

There is three (3) pricing option you can choose from aside the free plan option with some restrictions and limitations.

Rebrandly Starter Plan – $29/month

  • Unlimited fast redirect
  • 25,000 clicks tracked per month
  • 5,000 total branded links
  • 5 Custom domains

Rebrandly Popular Plan – $69/month

  • Unlimited fast redirect
  • 150,000 clicks tracked per month
  • 15,000 total branded links
  • 5 Custom domains

Rebrandly Premium Plan – $499/month

  • Unlimited fast redirect
  • 1,500,000 clicks tracked per month
  • 150,000 total branded links
  • 20 Custom domains

9. Bitly

Bitly is a leading link tracking management platform that helps marketers and leading companies to better track and analyze link metrics for businesses to understand their customer journey experience.

This tool turns links into already simple and ubiquitous into more powerful and versatile assets.

Bitly is known to be used by the world’s largest brands because of its powers linking features that help to dispersed across an entire business.

Features of Bitly

Advanced Branded Links

This feature helps you to increase engagement and exposure by getting more clicks to your link by replacing the “bit.ly” custom domain name append to your choice so you can take total control of your content.

Campaign Management & Analytics

Track and optimize every stage of your customer’s journey experience inside of your funnel so you can stop moving from one spreadsheet to the next to track the performance of your campaigns.

Link Management

Build and share powerful links that are easily redirected to any link, change the destination URL for any short link, including QR codes.

Mobile Links

Create a seamless user experience that taps into powerful bitly API to create thousands of unique SMS communications for customer support updates, order status. service delays, etc.

QR Codes

Bridge offline to the online experience that gives you all of the powerful tracking and features of your links and can be placed virtually anywhere either by print media, billboards, storefronts, stickers, etc.

Bitly Pricing

They have a free plan just like Rebrandly but if you want more additional features you can decide to choose from either of their two plans as shown below:

Bitly Free Plan – $0/month

  • Create an unlimited amount of links monthly

Bitly Basic Plan – $29/month

  • Everything in Free plan, plus:
  • Up to 1,500 branded links / month
  • Complimentary custom domain
  • Create and share branded links
  • Basic email support
  • Redirect any link
  • Bulk link shortening
  • QR Codes

Bitly Premium Plan – $29/month

  • Everything in Basic plan, plus:
  • Up to 3,000 branded links / month
  • At scale link generation
  • Advanced user and group permissions
  • 99.9% SLA uptime
  • Comprehensive data and analytics
  • Personalized onboarding and expert account manager support

Conclusion – Which is the Best Link Tracker Software?

And that’s all detailed and layout

For my list of 10 best link tracking software services for your next marketing campaign objectives.

Link tracking for your marketing campaigns helps you as a marketer to better see the direct impact of how each of your campaigns is performing either new or old ones.

Tracking saves you a lot of time of having to scout through a bunch of data and reports analytics – which are difficult to trace when done manually.

You need to know how visitors are coming into your websites or landing pages through external sources.

These tools laid down in this post are just right the best tool to help you accomplished that.

I hope reading through this guide you’re able to find which link tracker actually meets your needs, requirements, and budget.

To better advance and improve your online business.

But if you’re yet to make the right decision on the best link tracking software to choose from right here then try to consider my top picks below.

Most link tracking tools out there specifically have the same features of link tracking management, analysis report, optimization for conversion but not all of them provide advanced features when it comes to tracking at a large scale.

My best pick is ClickMagick link tracking software, as it comes with all the needed features you need as a beginner and as an expert. It’s also recommended for use as an affiliate marketer.

Click Here to Try ClickMagick

My second pick is Voluum for affiliate tracking report specifically for affiliate marketers – come with some amazing features to help you run a successful advertisement campaign.

Click Here to Try Voluum

If you’re looking for a free best link tracker, then I highly recommend Bitly – It’s one of the most affordable link trackers out there.

Click Here to Try Bitly

Out of the best link tracker listed here which is your favorite?

Or you have a great tool in mind that I didn’t include here.

No matter what just let me know your thoughts in the comment section below

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