13 Best Email Autoresponder Software, Services & Platforms for Clickfunnels (2021)

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Choosing the Best Email Autoresponder for Clickfunnels might be a little challenging for someone new to the sales funnel world using Clickfunnels.

There are a few key features you need to consider before you signup with any email marketing services for sending your first email campaign. 

The best email marketing services out there all have different pricing points and features.

Most of the best email marketing software are great tools but you just need to find the one that works best for you.

For example, if you’re a sale driven person and care more about email deliverability and marketing automation tools, Active Campaign is a great choice.

In this guide, I’ve picked the best email marketing software for Clickfunnels that you can integrate into your funnel, so you can start building your email list and save you the most money.

Let’s get started

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What is the Best Email Autoresponder for Clickfunnels?

Choosing the best autoresponder software for Clickfunnels has to comply with the following agenda like deliverability, automation, campaign builder, form builder, reporting, and pricing.

The best email autoresponder software should allow you to schedule your automation, segment your list, landing page design, good reporting, and personalize your message to your audience. And the best part is your message should be delivered to your subscriber’s inbox.

The goal of email autoresponder is to send the right campaign to your audience and deliver it to them at the right time.

Here is my pick for the best email autoresponder software for Clickfunnels to try with your next sales funnels.

1. Active Campaign

Active Campaign

Active Campaign gives you the best email marketing automation with precise CRM tools that you need to create an incredible customer journey.

You can grow your audience targeting the right prospects by capturing their attention using a message tailored to who they are.

Build a relationship with your audience by helping to solve their pain point and sell to them at the same time by nurturing and education.

Given your prospect to engage with your content and move them thought one step of your sales process to another.

Grow each of your customers by knowing what they want, how they want, and when they want it will make them buy more from you and tell others about your product or services.

In addition to that, they have the customer messages features using it you can send targeted messages straight to your website visitors, therefore optimizing the overall customer experience.

It’s doesn’t stop there, Active Campaign is the best marketing automation out there not only they are extremely powerful but also easy to use.

Offers advance reporting to track activities such as geo-tracking, click maps, and page visits. Abandoned cart tracking is available on higher plans for Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce.

How much does Active Campaign Cost?

Overall, Active Campaign is not doubted the best email automation tool you need for and advanced CRM, high deliverability and rates, and lead scoring.

You can get started for free with their 14 Day free trial to get familiar with the dashboard. Then later you can upgrade to their paid plans which comes in 4 different pricing plans.

I recommend you start either with their Lite Plan ($9/mo) or Plus Plan ($49/mo) which depends on your list size as you grow. And also you can take advantage of their discount when you pay for a yearly plan.

2. Aweber


Aweber works with 90% of small business owners to create, deliver, and grow their business while serving their customers. With their 24/7 customers support that is willing to assist you anytime you face a challenge using your account.

Customers have full features activated from day one they signup and membership pricing increases as you list grow.

Aside from automation, Aweber offer splits test and web analytics that allow you to use your custom domain as a link to monitor what you track inside your email campaign. 

You can also import prebuilt automation into your account to accelerate your automation and increase your marketing effort.

With their AI power smart design architecture, you can easily create your amazing looking branding templates in a matter of minutes.

They also offer easy to navigate drag and drop email and landing page builder to create custom email and landing pages in minutes without ever writing a single line of code.

No doubt Aweber is suitable for small business owners and someone just getting started with email marketing.

To get started, you start with their lowest plan starting at $19/month for free when you signup.

3. Constant Contact

Constant Contact

Constant Contact has been in the email marketing industry since 1995. And be the leader in the email marketing space for over 20 years they have provided powerful email marketing tools for small businesses to grow their business online.

They provide affordable and easy to use email marketing services. It also has everything you need to send a great marketing campaign to your customers.

With their modern mobile-optimized template with a drag and drop editor makes it easy to create, customized, and send professional emails that work for any industry from real estate to non-profit.

Segment your contact to send the right message each time by expanding your reach with powerful list-building tools. 

As stated on their website 98% of email campaign send through Constant Contact is guaranteed to hit your customer’s inbox. 

Track your email marketing campaign with result-oriented real-time tracking tools that display who’s opening, clicking and sharing your email so you can plan your next email campaign.

Constant Contact is based on the size of your email contacts in your list. There paid plan is $20/month with a cap of 500 contacts.

You can get started today and save 30% when you paid for 12 months with my link below 

4. ConvertKit


ConvertKit is an email marketing service for bloggers and creators. They know what their customers want so they can build an online presence.

They help you grow your email business through attractive forms, trackable data, and simple but powerful automation to maximize engagement with your subscribers.

The writing editor is power in such a way that you can start sending emails to your subscribers in a matter of minutes like you usually do with your normal Gmail account.

Also, they offer email marketing automation that tailors to your audience targeting with visual automation builder, so you can well assure that your target content to human in your audience and focus on growing your business by easily segment your audience based on their customer journey.

With ConverKit you can also do the following:

  • You can create a powerful automation lead funnel 
  • You can also customize your contacts path based on their previous action
  • Their email text looks so good and doesn’t have their branding logo attached in your email

They have a free account where you’re limited to have 1000 contacts but can’t send automation to your subscriber which I don’t recommend anyone to signup for at all.

The purpose of email marketing is automation so you set it once and start generating leads, build relationships with your subscribers and sell to them on autopilot while growing your business.

But they have a $24/month plan which comes with 14 Days free trial which allows you to send email automation to your subscribers.

5. Drip


Drip helps marketers to automate eCommerce marketing at scale with personalized marketing automation techniques to drive meaningful engagement and long term customer loyalty.

Using drip you can integrate your favorite’s eCommerce platform to your email marketing automation when sending your broadcast email to your audience.

They understand every whole of your customer’s journey with insight on what they are doing like clicking, perusing, and craving to identify tags you can use in every unique customer story.

Segment subscribers by their interaction in your email automation with pages they clicked, emails they’ve open, items they have bought, and so on. Then group your marketing strategies to every unique offer in other for all your message to hit the inbox and build your brand from email.

Built trust from your inbox with Instagram by tapping into easy-to-use email marketing, behavioral workflow, and marketing automation to reach your customers anytime and anywhere without writing any line of code.

Optimized easy to use analytic tracking your email marketing insight on what your customers react to the most with an inbuilt eCommerce CRM features that can let you tag each customer on their every action.

You can get started with Drip for free with 500 people in your account at $19/month when you click the button

6. Getresponse


Getresponse helps online business owners to grow their audience, promote, services, and sell products with marketing software that does the work for you and keeps your business running.

Email marketing tools are designed to deliver perfect offers to your subscribers when they are most active.

You can build an effective email marketing strategy in minutes with just a few simple steps with professional email templates and fast deliverability without breaking your budget.

Send automated welcome emails to your subscriber each time they enter your email list so that you can improve their skills or reach their goals with dedicated relevant offers.

Get real-time analytics with your email marketing such as click-through-rate, open rate, and goals reach in real-time.

Getresponse comes pre-pack with readymade templates to use for your next email marketing campaign to generate a lead, product sales, and newsletter subscriptions.

Each of these templates is designed to nurture your email list and maximize your funnel’s conversion rate.

Also, Getresponse is no doubt the best autoresponder tools to create automated lead funnel automation.

You can get started with their 30 Days free trial and later upgrade to their $15/month Basic Plan with a discount on their annual plans.

7. Hubspot


Hubspot gives your business a better approach to grow your business with the best marketing, sales, and software service without issues.

They provide you with an integrated marketing package with completely free CRM’s at its core. 

Free CRM gives you everything you need to organize, track, and build relationships with lead and customer.

They have tons of custom features to start with based on your business size and can upgrade later when the need.

Hubspot allows customers to set up automated workflows, as well as seamlessly integrate contact information to get the most of their email marketing campaigns.

Their drag-n-drop text editor is easy to use with personalized premade templates to choose from or start from scratch to give you a flexible and secure experience. 

It’s one of the easiest text editors to use for composing your marketing emails. Fast and user-friendly than any other marketing tool you know.

You can also personalize your content based on a user’s devices, or an email client such as Apple Mail, Office 360, and Gmail.

The feature combined included with email marketing are tailored to give you marketing and sales benefits:

  • Full free CRM 
  • Ability to see contact insights and reporting
  • Marketing Automation
  • Lead Generation
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Customer support

HubSpot is the best email marketing software that perfectly allows your inbound and outbound marketing in the most effective possible way.

You can get started for free and later upgrade to their Marketing Hub Starter Package for $50/month.

8. Keap (infusionSoft)


Keap (formally infusionSoft) is what you need to manage your business effectively with their all-in-one CRM, sales, and marketing automation software to help you consistently win more business.

It’s designed specifically for small businesses with a solid around email marketing solutions with integration of customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation inside a single dashboard.

Schedule hassles free appointments by sending just a link to your customers to pick an available time to meet while you continue with your daily activities. 

Say goodbye to back and forth catch every meeting every time from anywhere.

The soul of email marketing is getting leads into your business, with analytic tracking implemented into keap makes it easy to manage, organize and track each of them along with an existing client throughout your sales process.

You can organize and prioritize each of the work so you can know everywhere your customers are inside each of your sales processes by triggering email sequence automatically when you move leads from one sales stage to the next.

Send and accept credit card, invoice, and track which of your customers pay through an app.

With Keap it makes it easy for your client to pay by setting either daily, weekly, or monthly payment based on your business needs.

Keap is one tool every business owner needs to run a successful business online with its seamlessly features.

  • Access all your client information on all your devices.
  • Less work. Better results.
  • A dedicated business line, and email to stay connected.
  • Client book appointment based on your availability
  • Dashboard to track all your sales

You can get started today with their Keap Grow plan at $149/months with their amazing feature that comes with it.

9. Mad Mimi

Mad Mimi

Mad Mimi is the easiest way to create, send, and track email marketing campaigns. 

It’s for people who want an email marketing campaign to be simplified.

With over 40 million people sending and connecting with their customers daily via emails you’re guaranteed to have successful email marketing with delightful and powerful services.

There interface is simple to navigate through so you can start sending your marketing emails as quickly as possible.

One of the key features of Mad Mimi is easy to find with its large text link and big buttons. Users that are new to the world of email marketing and creating a marketing automation campaign with Mad Mimi is straightforward.

Compare to other email marketing providers, Mad Mini doesn’t provide it’s the user an excessive amount of templates to choose from.

But you’re provided with one theme with a few layouts and some color schemes to choose from.

Also, you can import your branding header image into the editor with drag-n-drop builder features to add suitable fonts to display it in.

With Mad Mini, their Autoresponder features are easy to set up, and setting the drip campaign is also straightforward.

Eventually, you’re capped to sending emails based on the time interval and event dates (anniversaries, birthday, etc.) and nothing more complicated.

Mad Mimi offers a clean and simple analytic dashboard which makes it easy to manage every activity going on makes mailout easy.

You can get started today with their Basic Individual Plan at $10/month with unlimited email sending

10. MailChimp


MailChimp is established in 2001 by The Rocket Science Group founders Dan Kurzius, Ben Chestnut, and Mark Armstrong. It’s remaining one of the user-friendly email marketing services out there.

Their free plan gives customers a user-friendly interface with a minimum of 2,000 contacts and 12,000 email sending limits per month – suitable for any business just getting started in the world of email marketing.

Their free plan gives access to Autoresponder, analytics, marketing emails, and tons of third party integration. For easy access to your email whenever as it matters to you, with their free mobile app available on both Android and iPhone.

When exceeding your free plan capped at 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails, you can upgrade your subscription to their 2,000-2,500 at a $30/month plan which gives you more contacts and email sending upgrade.

No doubt MailChimp is one of the most used free email marketing services but there are many other options to choose that can create more customized marketing emails.

If you need a basic and not complicated email marketing service to grow your business, then you might give MailChimp a trial.

11. Market Hero

Market Hero

Market Hero is the first email solution that actively tracks every sales and conversion across your businesses without you having to make any major changes.

There lead ROI calculation to see how much lead in your system is worth over time with countries filters so that you know exactly what is getting you the best ROI in your business.

Automation integration is essential for any business, but with Market Hero, you get to reach your customers using Messenger on the two most used fronts of communication online.

With Facebook messenger automation, it gives you the power to leverage bots in your marketing as people are currently getting many open rates than with standard email marketing.

Compare to other email marketing platforms, Market Hero has focused on the sales aspect of helping you grow your business with email marketing.

No doubt Market Hero user interface is easy to navigate and makes it’s functionality to be located without hassle.

You can get started with Market Hero today at $19/month or with an annual plan and save 15%.

12. OntraPort


OntraPort has been around for over a decade now serving its customer with the best email marketing tools to grow businesses. 

It’s full-featured email marketing tools that come with effective automation system capabilities and built-in-CRM for managing your contacts.

With no setup fee and monthly cost that’s less than some other competitors are charging for the exact level of service. There’s no question that Ontraport is built with small businesses in mind.

Despite the fact that Ontraport is a low-cost platform for small businesses, that doesn’t make it come at the expense of low product quality.

Their email deliverability rates are no doubt among all automation vendors out there and their range of services is equally as impressive.

The most obvious benefit of using Ontraport is the affordability of their service. At $297/month with no setup fee with an onboarding phone call that lasts for up to 2 hours so you can most use of your account.

What you need to consider using Ontraport is that they give your access to all their features, and the ability to save up to 25,000 subscribers and send 100,000 emails to your audience.

Ontraport is scalable so as your business is growing they can grow as you don’t need to worry about migrating systems later.

You can get started today with their Basic Plan at $79/month by clicking the button below.

13. SendLane


SendLane is a marketing and email automation platform with a drag-n-drop form builder to make your email marketing an easy task.

The platform is designed in such a way to help customers keep the entire management of their sales funnels easily accessible in one place.

Sendlane is best for small or large online businesses but not perfect for brands and marketers, as for now.

With Sendlane you can track and bring back your customer to your sales funnel with an automated abandoned cart funnel using the prebuilt funnels to get started or customized your own from scratch.

Sell more of your products with a data-driven product recommendation tailored to what your customers are already buying so you can maximize your average cart value.

Track all sites visit, click, purchase, and email sends to know hidden revenue potential or learn how to optimize your ROI with detailed tracking.

They are integrated with ever-growing 1,400+ integrations with your favorite business tools for automating your daily business activities.

Sendlane outsells their competitor with their smart segmentation which gives your privilege to send the right message to the right person at the right time.

You can get started today with their Growth Plan at $79/month and save 17% with an annual plan using my link below.

What is Email Autoresponder?

An Email Autoresponder is a series of emails, usually target on a specific topic, delivered in an automated sequence at a speculated interval.

Email autoresponder series helps you to successfully engage your email list, build relationships, and turn leads into paying customers.

It helps you to automate your email marketing campaign so you can focus on the important aspect of your business.

The content of these email autoresponder series is created in advance with a specific time to your audience with the help of email marketing platforms.

How Does Email Autoresponder Software Works?

Email autoresponder software is an online platform where you can send a series of automated messages to your loyal subscribers who join your email lists. This approach allows you to build relationships, trust, and engage with your customers.

With email autoresponder, you can easily reach your potential customer anywhere without paying for an expensive advertisement on either Facebook or Goggle.

The best email autoresponder services out there must possess some of the following features.

1. Message Automation

Email marketing automation is one of the best powerful features that any email service provider can offer its customer. These features let marketers send out automated email sequences at any time to their subscribers at a speculated time.

2. Advance List Management

The ability to add and remove email subscribers from your list is the best feature of email service providers. Especially if you choose ESP automatically remover bounces i.e invalid email address after sending your broadcast.

3. Easy Integration

Best email service providers should be easy to integrate with other services with easy-to-use API platform to have access to your email and at least email capabilities to be added at an eCommerce service level. 

4. Dynamic Content

You can specify a tag with your emails to change for every member in your email list inside your email autoresponder.

5. Responsive Layout

Every email service providers allow marketers to send out messages in HTML and plain text. Some email service providers also allow HTML and CSS to enhance the responsiveness of the messages so it could fit in most recipient devices. 

6. Deliverability Support

Many marketer are not familiar with how email deliverability’s work, a good email service provider should have a support help that guides marketers on how to master email deliverability best practice.

What Are the Benefits of Email Autoresponder Platforms?

An email autoresponder is important in an online business because it helps marketers to automate sending emails to their loyal subscribers who are willing to do business with them.

Most sites use email autoresponders to provide their subscribers with the most relevant offer at the right time. This automation helps to solve the issue caused by humans when the email schedule is sent out.

By choosing the best email autoresponder, you can cost-effectively send messages to a warn audience with specifically doing cold emailing outreach.

Below are the more benefits of using email autoresponder services:

  • Email autoresponder offers perfect communication with every new visitor on a website. Online marketers provide values in this type of email series that lead the prospect to submit their name and email addresses in exchange for a report, cheat sheet, swipe file, or training videos.
  • Email autoresponder allows marketers to schedule an automated message to be sent out to their subscribers on a specific time interval. 
  • Email autoresponder handles the regular marketing email delivery to customers and subscribers.
  • Using email autoresponder, marketers can follow-up with their prospect anytime without leaving any of them out.
  • Email autoresponder makes sure that there are constant communications with new and existing customers. Who people you can later sell higher-ticket things on the backend.
  • Email autoresponder can be used to direct customers to training videos, websites, blogs, or community, and many more.
  • Email autoresponder help marketer to create brand awareness by building their brands using tag, signature, logo, phone numbers to create a positive believe with their products or services to their potential customers.

What are Some Email Autoresponder Best Practices?

An email autoresponder is not just for sending sake to your customers, there are ways you need to structures your email when sending, so your potential customer doesn’t burn out each time receiving your email. 

No doubt the main purpose of email autoresponder is to build relationships with your prospect and along the line sell your products or services to them but not immediately they are signup into your email list.

Here are the best practices to follow when you plan to send your next email autoresponder series to your subscribers.

Write a Personalized Autoresponder Welcome Email

Mistakes most businesses make is sending about their products or services out in the first welcome email. This is not the best practice and also bad for your business especially for any business that wants to thrive in the long run.

You welcome emails should explain about your or your company and how it can be of a benefit to your newly actual audience so you can build a long term relationship with them.

The welcome email should be in form of a value-driven message to your customers and should go beyond just explaining about your product or service but explain what you’re offering will benefit the user’s life and what’s the next step he or she should take is.

1. Make the Subject Line have Compelling Hook

Now that you know what to say in your welcome emails, make sure to compose your emails to your prospects in a way that will make them open your email and click on your call to action.

Consider spending some time deciding on a perfect email subject line for your email because that’s the first hook that will grab the attention of your prospect to open your email.

With so many spam messages on the internet now, it takes an average of 7 seconds from your prospect whether they should open your emails or not.

So, I suggest taking at least 50% of your time to write more than one subject line to decide which caught your attention the most or ask colleague marketer out.

2. Send Your Welcome Email Autoresponder Message Immediately

Time is very important in online business, people when they optin or signup to your products or services are expecting to receive a response immediately on what next step to take.

You should make sure to trigger your welcome message to be sent out for every active user’s takes on your website requesting for more information. 

3. Let Subscribers Know How they get into your Email List

Most people make this mistake of not letting their subscribers know why they are getting such an email. Knowing that you send the first welcome email correctly but there are chances it might hit your subscriber’s spam inbox.

So, in every email, you send out always make sure to include how they got into your email list at the bottom of every email your send out.

Also to lift your spam rate you can ask them to add you to their contact list so your messages can be sure to deliver into their inbox.

4. Be Real You and Don’t Claim Who You’re Not

Have at the back of your mind that those people you’re sending your email campaign to are real human and human-like someone that can be relatable to them in term of assistance. 

Your emails shouldn’t be about selling your products or services to your prospect but always be providing value to them. 

So anytime you want to send an email to your audience, always have at the back of your mind how to provide value to them and making them want to buy your products or services.

Email Autoresponder FAQ

What type of content should my autoresponder include?

There are three main types of content you can send to your list:

Blog Post: You can include series of your blog post in your email autoresponder to send out each time someone optin to your email lists.

Cheat Sheets: This type of email can be sending out to your subscriber who just signup to receive your guide or freebies.

Relationship-Value: In this series of email autoresponder you can provide value to your subscribers teaching them how to achieve the kind of results you have. Also let them know more about you and products or services.

Do I need to write new content for the autoresponder series?

You don’t need to think much about this; sometimes most of your subscribers have not gone through your previous emails. But did you know you can include your youtube videos in an email autoresponder series.

If you feel getting out of content, you can use mix of your new and some old content and put together inside your autoresponder series or combination of both.

How do you choose the topic of your autoresponder?

There are two ways you can decide on these either you come up with your own idea related to you business or list of what your subscribers want you to share with them by conducting a quick survey.

Another way you can come up with next topic to cover in your autoresponder is to signup and read content of your competitor for inspiration.

How long should an autoresponder series be?

These one is depended on your niche and audience as well the type of email autoresponder you’re using.

When it comes to attention grabbing copy, it’s good to have hook in your email series so you audience can expect and looking forward in your next email on what you thought in your previous email.

When is the Best Time to Send an Email?

Time you’re sending you email depend on your customers, as most of them can’t be in the same geographical region.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays mostly have best engagement when sending an email series because people tend to open, read, and click you emails. Additionaly, 9am and 5pm happen to be the best time of the day to send an email messages.

Final Thought

That’s all about best email autoresponder for clickfunnels and other sales funnel services. I hope you find this list helpful to choose your choice email autoresponder service for your online business.

There are a lots of great tools out there but knowing the price and some other features I has is so crucial.

Your focus should be on choosing the right one judging by the price, easy to use, deliver abilities, template designs and the amazing features you need.

My final recommendations:

If you want great email automation platform with an integrated CRM system to manage your email campaigns, Active Campaign is your winner.

If you’re looking for best all-in-one online marketing platform to grow your business, Getresponse is your best choice.

Do you need email marketing platform build for blogger and creators in mind to send text-based email and sequences at an affordable price, Signup with Convertkit.

Over to you, what did you think with these lists of the best email autoresponder software for Clickfunnels? Are they anyone I didn’t mention? Share you thought with me in the comment below.

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