13+ Best Article Rewriter & Spinner Software of 2021 (Free & Paid)

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Are you looking for the best Article Rewriter & Spinner of 2021?

Worry not because you’re in the right place.

In this guide, you’ll discover and make the right decision on the best article rewriter or spinner to choose for your content creation.

This post shows you both free and paid tools that you can start using starting from today.

Normally it’s very hard to decide the best tool that can really do the work perfectly.

You need an article rewriting tool that not only replaces part of your wording but one that can restructure your sentences and characters without modifying their meaning.

If you’re a content creator, blogger, freelancer, SEO, or affiliate marketer that seriously in need of an idea bank solution to help rewrite, spin, or produce a unique article that’s human-like readable – I’ll show you the perfect tool to kickstart spinning your articles right here.

I don’t know how you’re previously creating the content that leads you to find an article writing tool, but I know for one thing that’s certain is:

Content creation can be a real pain and headache that require your time, sweat, and effort.

That’s the purpose of these article rewriter and spinner tools tends to help you achieve in your article rewriting and creating content.

Without wasting much of your time, here are the:

Best Article Rewriter & Article Spinner Tools and Software for 2021

1. The Best Spinner – Overall best article spinner software

2. Spin Rewriter – The most advanced article rewriter

3. WORDAI – Top article spinner software

4. Spinner Chief 6

5. Jarvis.AI

6. Clever Spinner

7. Quillbot

8. Content Professor

9. Spinbot

10. Chimp Rewriter

11. Article Rewriter Tool

12. Small SEO Tools

13. PrepostSEO

14. SEO Tool Station

But before we dive into the usefulness and comparison between the best article rewriting tool, does article rewriting software really work? Is it legal to use article rewriting tools and Is it best practice to use these tools for SEO traffic?

Let’s start with…

What is an Article Rewriter Tool?

An article rewriter is a software that helps you quickly craft tons of unique content based instantly and automatically which makes it easy instead of writing them manually.

These artificial intelligent tools make the use of similarity or related words with the help of programming computation to yield content from the original word.

But there are some misconceptions that result in the usage of article rephrase tools – leading to problems and issues when it’s used for SEO purposes.

While most online marketers see this article spinner tool as one of the marketing tools.

Some people agreed that when it comes down to strong and perfect SEO for a website it’s bad practice and shouldn’t be adopted.

But truth be told here if the right steps combined with the perfect tool are used Article rewriting and spinning is not bad when it’s duly implemented appropriately and can be harmful when done otherwise.

Does Article Rewriters Work?

The easiest answer is Yes, Article rewriter tools are capable of easing the stress of content creators but shouldn’t be replaced with the most usual way of content writing because they can’t perform like humanly written content.

For your content to be good, unique, and start out from the crowd enough…

You need to put more effort and time into creating a spin that can be easy to read by humans and not look like a piece of content created from an article rewriter tool.

Devoting time to create content takes much time, and more so if you’re outsourcing it to competent writers, most importantly if you’re a startup blogger that is just getting started in the blogging world.

Creating content on your new site will take blood and sweat especially when you’re planning to step up your link-building strategy.

Article spinners work like writing an article having the same meaning but producing an outcome in a different way.

Is Article Rewriting and Spinning Tools Legal?

For me, I would say article rewriting or content spinning isn’t illegal, so far you’re not copying someone else content word for word and that’s plagiarism on its own.

The best and most important thing is to create content that doesn’t flag plagiarism and your copy of the rewritten article passes the Copyscape requirement.

Is Article spinning best practice for SEO?

The fastest answer is as thus:

While article rewriter by spinning could be good for easier content creation ranking faster in search engines and more importantly short-term SEO strategy, to be honest, it’s an extremely bad approach to cultivate when you think in terms of users.

And the long version is:

These days Google algorithm is becoming smarter to detect content that is recreated using article spinner or rewriter tools which made article spinning fall down as an SEO strategy.

From a human perspective, bad content can easily be discovered as fast as reading a few paragraphs from it.

While this creates a scene in the mind of your readers whether you are an authority leader in the area of the topic you are trying to pass across to them.

And that’s a bad metric in the eyes of Google.

There are some sites I know that succeeded in using this strategy to rank their content in the search engine, it’s an approach I don’t recommend for anyone to cultivate in the long run.

That’s why it’s good to use this type of content on sites where you want to build a black and grey hat SEO link-building strategy.

As smart as Google is they can detect if your content is produced using a spinner, which can result in the ranking of your pages and possibly penalize your site.

If you really want to take your content creation to the next level you need to devote what time and resources to create good content before you think of publishing them.

The best way to make sure that your content is outstanding, exceptional, unique, and readable is to use one of the content spinners below.

So by the time we finish this comparison guide, you will be the one to choose from the good and bad.

Right now I think I have made my point enough to show you the good, bad, and worst myths about article spinning…

Let’s get started on a list of article rewriting tools before we choose our best pick with the criteria you should be looking out for.

List of The Best Article Rewriter & Spinner

#1: The Best Spinner – Overall best article spinner software

The Best Spinner 4 is the latest version and our first on the list of best article rewriters and spinner software.

This article spinner is downloadable for both Mac and PC (Windows) users. It’s also one of the oldest in the game and has more than 100,000 active users worldwide with positive reviews from customers including Matthew Woodward.

To be honest, here, I found this particular to be my favorite tool on the list.

Normally creating content for SEO purposes would take you a lot of hours to complete. But with The Best Spinner, you don’t need to spend hours trying to write an article.

All you need to do is simply copy and paste the content into The Best Spinner and instantly it creates unique content for you from the original content that can be shared on social media, posted on your blog, and email newsletter.

With this, you can boost your traffic metrics on Google and also be used to get a number of backlinks easily to your website, etc.

Using The Best Spinner 4, you can easily spin content and publish it directly on your WordPress site. This feature is enough to save you a lot of time and manual effort.

And this will save the stress of copying your spin content from one place to another while you can do everything smoothly from a single dashboard that hosts your website.

The Best Spinner 4 Features:

  • Built-in grammar and spelling checker
  • Ability to generate an audio and mp3 file from any content with the help of an inbuilt text-to-speech feature
  • It’s capable of spinning content into more than 12 different languages globally.
  • Inbuilt English Thesaurus language across millions of real users
  • Full-blown paragraph and sentence spinning
  • Generates up to 1,000 spun version of the article at a go
  • 100,000+ FREE Inbuilt “Seed” Articles
  • Analyze your spun articles against each other articles on the web to make sure it’s visible to Search engines (SEO) as a fresh content
  • Full automatic sentence rewriting functionality
  • Display the comparison side by side between the original and spin article to see how unique each article are
  • It helps you publish your content to WordPress site instantly within The Best Spinner 4 dashboard
  • It operates on both Mac and Windows PC such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10
  • The built-in walkthrough shows content tips and snippets generation for a large pf popular topics.
  • Plus, many other features on their site

The Best Spinner 4 Price

After being referred to as the best article rewriter software, it’s also very affordable in terms of their pricing that starts from $67/year with 30 days money-back guarantee which gives you access to other amazing software and bonuses.

The Best Spinner Pricing

Normally this can cost you $247/year but that’s a discount price for you as a first-time customer you can get it at $67/year for the Basic plan.

That’s a whopping insane huge discount right there.

#2: Spin Rewriter – The most advanced article rewriter

Spin Rewriter

Spin Rewriter is the most advanced spinner I have come across in recent years.

It makes content spin smoothly, especially with their latest updated version which is capable of generating a human-like type of unique content.

The software is one of the best cutting-edge article spinners out there known to produce spun content with high-quality texts that are easy to read and plagiarism-free.

The team behind this tool makes it easy to navigate with a very detailed video tutorial and text content to help you get started as fast as possible.

I’ve seen some great testimonials about Spin Rewriter from many affiliates in different Facebook groups and online forums.

Spin Rewriter makes it easy to produce the result of spun content in minutes with its seamless settings

One of the great edges Spin Rewriter has over others is the use of ENL (Emulated Natural Language) spinning technology that lets you analyze the meaning of each of your articles.

This tool is owned by a famous marketer who has been in the online marketing space for quite a period of time now called Aaron Sustar.

Spin Rewriter is easy to use, all you need to copy and paste your text or upload your document that needs to be spun then click on the “Rewrite Article” at the bottom to get your result instantly.

Features of Spin Rewriter

  • Ability to compare your original and spun content by placing it side-by-side
  • Integration with some SEO tools and content marketing that includes Copyscape
  • Emulated Natural Language technology that spin contents and articles without losing any form
  • Generate up to 1,000 variations of your original content at ones
  • Bulk article spinning of up to 10 articles with easy copy and paste or upload a .zip file.
  • Stock photo integration
  • HTML formatting
  • Support all devices such Mac, Linux, and Windows PC
  • Ability to manually and automatic spin articles
  • Access to 5-Day Free Trial (for new accounts)
  • Extensive API integration for developers that want to integrate Spin Rewriter features in their own application and many more.

Spin Rewriter Pricing

Spin Rewriter costs a monthly fee of $47/month or $197/ year but when you take advantage of their special deal on going you get access to a 5 day trial for free and enjoy a whopping discount then you’ll only pay $77/year after the trial period.

Spin Rewriter Pricing

That’s a huge discount of about 60%. How awesome is that?

They also have a lifetime deal where you pay for this software only once and have access to it for life at $497. If after the 30 days of your trial and you’re not satisfied – you will get a full refund of your initial investment no question asked.

#3: WORDAI – Top article spinner software

WordAi is yet another great software on the list that has been around for some time now that’s known for its humanly quality content creation with the use of smart technology that makes it easy to produce unique and readable content.

It was founded and developed in 2011 by Alex Cardinell.

As stated on their website they claim to be the “smartest article rewriter software of all time” while also saying that WordAi rewriter content is topnotch that grasp the right word and key phrases and neglect those that do not match.

Well, some of their customers have said this to be a legit statement.

WordAi is incorporated with a magnificent simple user interface and is easy to operate.

As a matter of fact, being easy and simple to use doesn’t disturb its efficiency.

One of the things that make it differ from every other software out there is the ability to use artificial intelligence that understands the text and the ability to automatically transform your rewrite content with improving in the quality for the same readability of spun content.

WordAi Features

  • It can spin bulk articles in a matter of a few seconds
  • Easy to understand ideas and context with an advanced artificial intelligence technology
  • Support more than 3 global languages including English
  • It capable of spin 10 to 1,000 articles with a single file upload (docx, pdf, or .zip)
  • Sharp spelling and grammar checking quality
  • Support HTML formatting

WordAi Pricing

They offer both monthly and yearly plans. This is more expensive than other software in my own case but when compared with the feature is definitely worth the price.

WordAI Pricing

The monthly plan starts at $57/month and $324/year with both having a 3-day free trial to test it out

You can check all the details here by starting your 3 days free.

#4: Spinner Chief 6

Spinner Chief

Spinner Chief is capable of generating hundreds and thousands of fresh articles in a matter of minutes from your original article. With its advanced spinning article features, you can rewrite articles that seem to be written and readable by humans.

It also makes use of Artificial intelligence and Natural Language to analyze the meaning of original content and ensure that it matches the content quality of article rewriting.

It’s not that powerful or performs better than the mentioned article rewriter software.

Being the only article spinner and article rewriter that comes in both desktop and web versions.

Also, the Spinner Chief 6 can be used to perform content spun either online or offline.

Spinner Chef works on both Mac, Windows (PC), iPad, and Android Systems.

They can be used on any Operating system (OS) without paying any extra cost even if you switch your machine to other OS devices.

Features of Spinner Chief

  • Batch spin thousand of spun content and article in few minutes
  • Built-in WordPress article spinning functionality
  • Built-in Grammar checker with the power to set article spinning rules.
  • Support for major characters and syntax that guide you to protect some certain keywords.
  • Available in at least 20 global languages for full bulk or batch article spinning
  • Uses human-like quality content spinner to generate a well readable spun content with help of Emulated Natural Language and A.I technology.
  • Developer access to API integration
  • Auto-complete and Grammar fix
  • Cloud-based article rewriter that can be accessed anywhere you go
  • Different type of version that can be shared between a single group or multiple users to have access to on more than one computer

Spinner Chef Pricing

For Personal Users

The Spinners chief has a free version limitation meaning you are restricted to some certain features that came with the software.

Spinner Chief Personal Pricing

The ELite version cost around $105 for a one-time fee.

The Ultimate version

The plan has featured more than above and it exists in 5 different varieties as a sub-plan with different billing cycles.

  • #1: One-time fee of $162
  • #2: A yearly plan on a subscription at $55/year
  • #3: Cost $27/month on a subscription
  • #4: Cost $7 for 3 days then after charge at $63/year
  • #5: Cost $7 for 3 days, then after charge at $179 one-time fee

The Team version

This plan is good for any business running an SEO agency which you can use to deliver any of your client’s tasks.

Spinner Chief Team Pricing

Team member version (3 users)

  • The first option is for a $328 one-time fee
  • The second option is for $146/year
  • The third option is for $7 for 3 days, then charge a $336 one-time fee

Team member version (5 users)

  • The first option is for a $495 one-time fee
  • The second option is for $245/year
  • The third option is for $7 for 3 days, then charge a $504 one-time fee

Team member version (10 users)

  • The first option is for an $826 one-time fee
  • The second option is for $328/year
  • The third option is $7 for 3 days, then charge at $835 one-time fee

#5: Jarvis.AI (best AI article writer)

Jarvis is an AI tool for content creators and bloggers to speed and craft great articles with the help of AI in due time.

Not everyone is great at content creation which some things lead to procrastination and delay in putting content out there with your target audience.

With this AI tool, you don’t need any guessing framework to start writing all sorts of content such as blog posts, social media posts, email newsletters, and headlines.

Jarvis does more than spin or rewrites an article when it comes to creating content of any type.

This feature makes it one of the best article rewriting software out there.

It’s a complete AI-powered tool that lets you write a full-blown article from scratch in any kind of niche.

Jarvis Features for both Writers and Bloggers

  • You can write a fully articles from scratch from a blank fill in the gap templates available straight out the with Jarvis.
  • Incase you got loss using the tool, there’s a community of fellow writers & blogger you can seek help from, very active group of about 50k+
  • Ability to write content for convert a prospect into a lifelong paying customer.
  • You can access to a free blog template that can assist you to craft blog posts idea
  • The long form template helps you witer content faster without spinning
  • You can also produce artices from different type of language, incase you’re an English speaking countries.
  • Lots of videos tutorials to assist a long your journey when you sign up for a free account.
  • Reasonable pricing for any kind of budget.

Jarvis Pricing

When you signup with Jarvis, you’ll have access to a 5-day free trial account which gives you the ability to 10,000 worth of written word, so you can generate marketing copy of any type.

  • Starter Plan: This pricing option start from $29/month and access 20,000 word with unlimited users.
  • Boss Mode: This pricing plan start from $119/month with access to unlimited words and includes 1 user. You also get the opportunity to write faster using advanced coommands. View All Jarvis Templates Here.

#6: CleverSpinner

Clever Spinner

CleverSpinner is an AI-based and one of the best article rewriters and article spinner software available out there.

The Artificial Intelligence feature is used to determine the uniqueness and probably the performance. It’s easy to spin content written in native English into spun content.

It doesn’t stop there, out of all the article writer software that I have mentioned above CleverSpinner used to be one of the simplest, affordable and cheapest.

All it takes to turn an article until a unique content is to copy and paste the content into a field then click on a button and the results will come out in a matter of a few seconds.

Features of CleverSpinner

  • It first understands the meaning of a sentence before spinning them
  • It comprises an extensive library of synonyms
  • It has the fastest speed of article rewriting process, in a few seconds to spin a 500 words article
  • It generates an accurate 100% unique content with a built-in technology that passes Copyscape’s duplication.
  • Ability to spin your original complex articles into a simpler sentence with losing a form and as well still mean the same thing

CleverSpinner Pricing

Like I have mentioned above, CleverSpinner is the most affordable article rewriter tool in the marketplace. That on the other side, meaning it’s the cheapest out there doesn’t mean it isn’t capable of doing an excellent job. The quality of CleverSpinner is unexceptional.

CleverSpinner offers only a single plan that comes with a 3 day free trial period –

The basic plan is starting at $9.90/month which gives you access to all the software features at a go.

#7. Quillbot


Quillbot wasn’t one of the best article rewriters & article spinning tools on my list but after a series of trying it, I was blown away with the thought of the performance and the advanced feature.

To be honest, I was not a huge fan of freemium article rewriter tools, But I know for certain that the free version is capable enough to rewrite any given content into a human-like language. What do you expect from the paid version?

Bomb right?

QuillBot Features

  • Integrated with Google Docs add-on and Microsoft Word to make spinning of content easily with a file upload
  • Easy of use with Chrome extension integration
  • It’s Cloud-based Thesaurus software that gives your access to your account on the go
  • Enabled with Word Flipper require to suggest the level of spinning word level
  • Offer five model for article spinning and rewriting

QuillBot Pricing

Like I said above, this is a freemium article rewriting tool with a free plan coupled with certain limitations and restrictions. So to remove these limits from the free plan, you’ll need to upgrade your account to a paid plan.

Lifetime Free plan gives capped 500 characters and three spinning models

QuillBot Pricing
  • Then the paid subscriptions are charged as thus:
  • The first option monthly is charged at a price of $4.95/month
  • The second option for the semi-annual plan is charged at a price of $4.15/month
  • The third option for the annual or yearly plan is charged at a price of $3.33/month

All plans come with a discounts

#8: Content Professor

Content Professor is an article rewriting tool with only a single paid plan. Due to the fact that it’s not popular like the mentioned article rewriter Softwares most users still consider it to be the “easiest tool capable for spinning your articles”.

Content Professor

For beginners just getting started to use article rewriter but don’t know how to use the tool for the very first time, they have included a 5-step training video that shows the process of spinning your first article with your Content Professor account.

And that creates an impression in the mind of its user that they actually value them with also the top-notch article rewriter and spinning features.

Content Professor Features

  • Advanced synonym algorithm check from its global database
  • It has up to 100,000 PLR article with guaranteed copyright to spin content from and generate a unique version for you at a go
  • Support all other kinds of syntax formats for easy selection of one you’re familiar with.
  • The multilingual thesaurus that supports languages from English, Fresh, German, and Spanish
  • The spin content passed through spelled checker, duplicate checker, with the support of Copyscape and Plagium integration.

Content Professor Pricing

This article rewriter and article spinner has two pricing options consisting of free and premium plans. You can decide to sign up for the paid plan or enjoy the forever free plan but it has some limitations that give access to lesser features.

Content Professor Pricing

You can get started today to have access to the software for a whole 7 day free trial for the Pro plan.

  • The First plan is called Standard (Free)
  • The second plan is called Pro starting at a fee of $19.95/month and a quarterly plan for a fee of $9.99/month

When you subscribe to the Pro plan all the restricted features in the Standard plan will be unlocked for you to spin unlimited articles.

#9: Spinbot

This is one of the freest article rewriters and article spinners that has been saving most bloggers and content writers to spin content for free.

As a matter of fact, for being a free tool, Spinbot has moved the character spinning cap compared to other free spinning tools.


You can spin up to 10,000 characters with a limit which makes it spin and rewrite articles to make it look like they are written by humans. I.e the spin articles are closed to human-like quality.

Let me tell you face here, this tool is much more efficient and quality standard when it comes to rewriting articles. This tool is far better than spin articles produced by some other paid article spinners.

Spinbot Features

  • No need to register before you can use this free version of Spinbot
  • You can spin up to 10,000 characters which are almost 1,000 words
  • It generates a human-readable content version
  • Ability to ignore some certain word from passing the spinning stage

Spinbot Pricing

As I have mentioned above, Spinbot is a free article spinner tool that can be used to spin up to 10,000 characters with an estimated 1,000 words. But if you would like to lift this limit then you can upgrade to the paid plan.

Spinbot Pricing

There are 3 pricing options when you exceeded the free plan as stated below:

  • Option #1: The monthly plan is priced at $10/month
  • Option #2: To get access for a period of 6 months, you can get that at $50 per 6 months
  • Option #3: You can secure the yearly access at a price of $75/year (billed annually)

#10: Chimp Rewriter

Chimp Rewriter is an article spinner that you can use to spin various types of content creation. It’s another paid article rewriter that made it on this list.

It’s downloadable software that can only be used on desktop computers and it’s perfectly compatible with Windows PC and Mac (through a Windows emulator).

There are other features available in this software that make it the most preferred choice to many, even though it is famous as the best article rewriter & article spinner tool it has lots of negative reviews in various forums and blogs.

Chimp Rewriter is packed with Emulated Natural Language and artificial intelligence technology that helps you produce original and improve content for your publication.

Not to forget that it’s software that is compatible with Windows PCs such as Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Mac users.

Here are what you can do with Chimp Rewriter

  • Integrate with other applications like WP Robot, RankWyz, Ultimate Demon GSA, SEO Content Machine, etc.
  • Automatically add images and videos to your newly rewritten content
  • Spin or Rewrite article into multiple languages
  • Research content across the web and then spin and combine into a single unique and original content
  • It has Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing technology that spin content at a faster rate

Chimp Rewriter Pricing

Chimp Rewriter as one of the best article rewriters and spinner gives a 14-day free trial with a 60-day money-back guarantee of your investment when you eventually subscribe to the paid plan.

After the 14-day free trial window expires then you can get the paid plan below:

Option #1: Monthly – This plan is charged at $15/month can be connected to 2 computers

Option #2: Yearly – This plan is charged yearly at $99/year

Plus other amazing bonuses that came with both plans worth a whopping of $200+ all up for grab for free.

#11: Article Rewriter Tool

Article Rewriter Tool

Article Rewriter Tool is a free tool that can be used to spin content from your original human-readable content.

It lets you copy and paste your content into a text field like other free tools and generate unique content that can be posted on your blog.

Just like any other free tools I have mentioned here, it’s also capped to a limit of 1,000 words that can be rewritten at a time.

Content produced by this tool is SEO friendly but if you want to make it a bit stand out you can modify the synonyms word from the spin content generated.

Article Rewriter Tool Features

  • Free lifetime access to an unlimited content spinning tool
  • Upload a rewritten article from your PC or through third-party platforms like Google Drive or DropBox
  • It’s also capped at a limit of 1,000 words

Article Rewriter Tool Pricing

It’s free lifetime access to use this tool like every other free article rewriter mentioned in this post.

#12: Small SEO Tools

Small SEO Tool

Small SEO Tools is a free article rewriter tool out there that can turn any given text into a human-like readable text which makes it above the rest.

This tool works like other article rewriters on a copy-paste approach.

If you want to spin articles, all you need to do is simply copy your text from any place online, upload a file from your computer system, or sync a file from your Dropbox or Google Drive account then you’re set to go.

This online software paraphrase can simply be used without any issue not in any way better but does do the job. After spinning your articles there is still a need for proofreading and editing like any other free rewriters and spinning tools out there.

Small SEO Tools Features

  • It offers a lifetime deal service for free
  • Easily import content files from third-party platforms like Google Docs or DropBox
  • Upload Content files from your computer system
  • It’s capped at 2,000 words limit for rewriting or spinning articles

Small SEO Tools Pricing

You don’t need to pay for using this tool as it’s free for lifetime access to use the software

#13: PrepostSEO

Prepost SEO

PrepostSEO is yet another free article rewriter and article spinning online tool for rewriting content from your supply text then producing an output with charge in their synonyms.

You can easily upload articles from your computer or upload a file from third-party services like Google Docs, DropBox, PDF, TxT files, or Microsoft word.

Because this tool is free doesn’t limit you on the number of words of rewrite articles you can perform.

It’s free for lifetime access to use this tool to rewrite your content but can’t in any way match with some advanced tool out there in the marketplace.

PrepostSEO Features

  • It’s 100% free lifetime to have access to this content spinning tool
  • You can either upload a rewritten article from your PC or through third-party platforms
  • It’s capped to a limit of 1,000 words that can be spin at a time

PrepostSEO Pricing

PrepostSEO is also another free option in our best article rewriter & spinning software.

#14: SEO Tool Station

SEO Tool Station

SEO Tool Station is another free online article rewriter tool that spins out content from the original article supply into human-like readable content.

To get to use this tool, all you need to do is simply copy and paste the rewritten article and you’ll get your result in human-readable content.

It’s also a free article rewriter and article spinning.

The SEO Tool Station is capable of scanning through your content word for word and replacing each synonym of the word to better serve you within a few minutes.

SEO Tool Station Features

  • It has free lifetime access for content spinning
  • Upload a rewritten article from your PC or through third-party platforms
  • Capped to a limit of 1,000 words that can be spin at a time

SEO Tool Station Pricing

Just like the other article rewriter and article spinning above, SEO Tool Station is a free lifetime to access for spinning your content

Which is the Best Article Rewriter & Spinner Tool?

To discover the best tools for better content rewriting and spinning without moving from one platform to another you need to decide to subscribe to a quality article rewriting service.

And the best way to achieve this is not to use a FREE Article Rewriter tool.

The search engine is very smart to know whether an article is a unique content or not with its smart algorithm that keeps improving on a daily basis.

Using article spinners helps some content marketers and SEO service providers to craft content as fast as possible and that saves a lot of time when you consider writing it from scratch.

The free tools can’t do half of what the paid services have to offer. That’s why most of the tools hide the best features from the free plan and keep them inside the paid plans.

The subscription-based tools have a lot more features than the free plan. They transcribe your content from the original article into human-like readable articles in a matter of a few seconds.

But, with the paid plan you should be very smart using them.

Then, which paid article rewriter should you really go for?

If you’re looking for an affordable online article rewriting & spinning tool, there’s nothing special in any of these tools but you can give any of the below text spinners a trial to see the one that best suits you.

The 3 top best article rewriters are:

So you can sign up for any of the above spinning tool software before subscribing to the paid plan. Doing this will help you discover the right and best tool that fits your spinning content style.

So you rewrite articles should be well arranged with different images, different formatting, different bullet lists, different anchor texts, etc.

There are lots of articles that involve article writers & spinning tools, one of them is making sure that the entire content has many variations of the content you want.

But not all article rewriter tools satisfy these needs which will take a lot of time from your end if you want to start doing them on your own.

One of the best ways I have seen most article rewriter tools work is that the more you have your content readable with the right settings the more you’ll have high-quality duplicate content.

So, what’s the best way to fill the gap causing most article rewriter to create quality content

I don’t mind any of the article rewriter or spinner tools you have chosen above to spin your content, I highly recommend you to use Grammarly to fix errors, corrections and make your content outstanding from the original one.

Final Thought (Conclusion)

You’ve just gone through a list of 13 Best Article Rewriter & Spinner Software. I hope it helped you find the best tool for article rewriting and spinning.

So here’s the big question – Which should I go for free tools or the paid plan?

If you want my honest answer then I would suggest that you go for the paid tools.

You may ask: But Why?


With the paid subscription plan you can generate an unlimited number of new articles from the original content that was supplied within a short period of time.

And most of these rewrite articles are human-like readable that don’t require too much proofreading and editing from you.

So as a result it generates 100% accurate and readable content with the help of Ai and NLP technology to better understand the meaning of the content before it can be spun.

You can either go with

Or you can go with any of our topmost 3 best article rewriters

So, it’s now left to you to decide which one is right for you.

Have any questions or thoughts on my list of best article rewriters? Drop them in the comment section below and I’ll be more than happy to answer them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to use Article Rewriters?

Firstly, to use an article rewriter tool you need to decide the purpose of your content, If you’re spinning content to SEO benefit then you need to opt-in for the paid article rewriter software to give you the perfect job.

Then have your document to be rewritten prepared down on your computer system or from any online file sharing platform like Google Drive or DropBox.

What is the best Article Rewriter & Spinning Tools?

The Best Spinner, Spin Rewriter, and WordAi are the best article writing tools. To better choose the one that serves you the most, I would suggest that you sign up for a free trial to try them before thinking of investing your money into any tool.

As a matter of fact, you don’t have anything to lose as all the tools come with a money-back guarantee which gives you an assurance that you don’t have anything to lose if you’re satisfied with your subscription.

What are the best things to look for in Article Rewriter?

To determine the best article rewriter tool, it must have any of the following characteristics.

  • It must have a smart ultra or manual mode
  • Ability to instantly check plagiarism of new & original content
  • An AI-based system that rewrites any content without losing any form
  • It must able to find suitable words to replace the original content while keeping the integrity of the topic
  • It should be efficiently designed to works on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to create a unique article

Which is the best Article Rewriter without plagiarism?

Firstly, you need to decide on which of the article rewriter tools to use from any of the mentioned tools above.

Then you should have your rewrite article content ready and copy the original content into any of the software for spinning. Then click on the “Rewrite” button to produce a new version from the original content.

So, it’s not an issue most of the article rewriter & spinning tools are very smart to detect and generate a new one that passes plagiarism check.

How to rewrite an article for free?

This definitely depends on the spinning tool, inside of this post I have given you enough article rewriter tools that are free to use.

Then simply copy your rewrite article from your computer systems or a file sharing service like Google Docs or DropBox into the text field then click on the “Submit” button and a new unique spun article will be generated.

Now, you can copy your spun text and you go to use it wherever you want. But it’s firstly checking your content with an AI-based content checking system.

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