7 Best Affiliate Marketing Courses for Beginner (Ultimate Guide for 2020)

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So you’re looking for the “Best Affiliate Marketing Courses”, No problem you’re in the right place. Because in this guide I’ll be walking you through the best courses to get you up and running with affiliate marketing.

No doubt, Affiliate marketing is one of the lucrative ways to start earning passive income online without creating a product, handling support, or doing fulfillment.

Anyone can get started with affiliate marketing online with the right resources.

And that’s the purpose of writing this guide to show you 7 Best Affiliate Marketing Courses for beginners to join today.

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links where I may receive a small commission for at no cost to you if you decided to purchase one. However, these are courses I fully recommend when it comes to starting affiliate marketing and the commissions help me provide free content. You can read my full affiliate disclosure in my privacy policy.

What Are Affiliate Marketing Platform?

Affiliate marketing platforms are a type of link tracking system that helps affiliate networks to record which affiliate brings a particular sales into their network.

There are different types of affiliate marketing platforms namely affiliate network and in-house affiliate system.

Affiliates can sign up to an affiliate network and starting promoting different kinds of offers to their audience.

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Affiliate networks like Clickbank, JVzoo, Digistore24, and CJ Affiliate let their publishers pick from various categories of affiliate products to promote.

Most of these network products sell digital products meaning these are products that can deliver instantly to the customer online without any effort.

If you are looking for Best Affiliate Network or Program to join then you should check my guide on 13 Best Affiliate Programs.

Most product vendors go to these platforms to launch their products and then recruit affiliates to promote their products for them.

What Are Best Affiliate Marketing Courses?

The best affiliate marketing courses should give students confidence by assuring them that at the end of the course the instructor must fulfill every promise laid out in the course outline.

Because there are many terrible courses out there on affiliate marketing but never keep to their promise with the course delivery which may give such type of courses a bad rating.

If you’re planning to step up your game and take your affiliate marketing business to a whole new level.

Here are my 7 picks for the best affiliate marketing courses for beginners

1. Affiliate Secrets 2.0 by Spencer Mecham

Affiliate Secrets 2.0

Spencer Mecham is an online marketer and super affiliate with a passion for passive income. He has training on how to make money with affiliate marketing, email marketing, blogging, YouTube, Pinterest, and many more. He has won multiple cars, trips, and awards for being a top affiliate marketer in the internet marketing space.

He is a super affiliate known for generating 8 figures in revenue with Clickfunnels as an affiliate and qualifying him to win multiple Clickfunnels dream car.

He releases his course to help other affiliates trying to make their way to be Clickfunnels dream car winner with the secrets weapon he shared without holding anything back on his journey of winning the dream car in the Affiliate Secrets 2.0.

The course thought the most challenges every newbie’s getting started in affiliate marketing usually face which is traffic. The course is bundled into three main parts:

  • The main Affiliate Secrets 2.0 course
  • Affiliate Traffic Secrets Edition
  • Email marketing profits

Who’s Affiliate Secrets Target Audience?

Affiliate secret is targeting people that want to learn the strategies of earning passive income online leveraging affiliate marketing from the Clickfunnels top affiliate earner.

Also, if you don’t intend to promote Clickfunnels products, what was taught inside the course can be applied in any affiliate program of your choice.

The courses target the following type of people to benefit from:

  • Clickfunnels Affiliate: If you’re willing to learn how to earn your 6 – 7 figure in commission by been a Clickfunnels affiliate then this is the only course for you.
  • YouTube Affiliate Marketer: If you want to do affiliate marketing leveraging organic traffic of YouTube to grow your audience then this course is for you as well. Because himself his using this traffic source to grow his business and also one of traffic source that earns him the Clickfunnels dream car.
  • Affiliate Marketers that Wants to Level Up: If you are not sure whether starting affiliate marketing is right for you, this course is also for you because it’s totally beginner-friendly. He’s going to show you how to leverage promoting high ticket affiliate products so you can scale your affiliate business as fast as possible.’

Course Walkthrough

The course shows in-depth into affiliate marketing, packed with 25 hours of video training content broken down from 124 videos in total.

Here’s detail walkthrough of how each module in the course are arranged

Module 1: Overview – You’ll be walkthrough the fundamentals of affiliate marketing, how it works, important between search vs. sell, and how to set up your long term goal.

Module 2: Niche – In this module, you’ll learn about how to pick your own profitable niche.

Module 3: Traffic – Here you’ll learn different types of traffic sources to drive traffic to your offer leveraging both free traffic and paid traffic.

Module 4: Value – In this module, you’ll learn how to start giving value upfront, if you’re missing this you’re doing affiliate marketing the wrong way.

Module 5: Funnel – This is where you’ll learn different types of funnel-like bridge pages, sales funnel, lead funnels, and affiliate funnel. You’ll also learn how to build more advanced funnels inside of Clickfunnels.

Module 6: Products – Here, you’ll learn about connecting products to the right traffic, how to find good affiliate products on low-quality affiliate sites like WarriorPlus, Clickbank, and JVzoo, where to find high-quality affiliate products.

Module 7: Email Marketing – In this module, You’ll get an introduction about getting started with email automation, soap opera sequences, Seinfeld sequences, the anatomy of emails, deliverability, and reports, how to not get shut down, and He provided an example from start to finish. BUT, keep in mind; you also get his entire email marketing course as well which offers even more.

Module 8: Outsourcing – Here, you’ll learn the best tips for outsourcing work using Upwork, Freelancer.com, and Online jobs. You’ll be shown the hiring process and managing virtual assistance for your project.

2. Simple Wifi Profits by Chris & Andrew

Simple Wifi Profits

Simple Wifi Profits is a step-by-step strategy for anyone that looking for a way to start an online business leveraging the affiliate marketing business model.

This course shows anyone with an internet connection and a computer how to start earning a living online from their home.

Chris & Andrew co-created the course to show you how to drive targeted Facebook ads traffic to a weight loss offer. Their approach to promoting this type of offer is so unique that almost no one is utilizing this method to promote a competitive weight loss niche.

Chris & Andrew give a step-by-step training video, exact products, Facebook ads, ad copy, swipe file, targeting, and more.

Also included in this course are as follow:

  • 24/7/365 support
  • A call twice a week
  • A group coaching call
  • And a membership group

Who’s Simple Wi-Fi Profits Target Audience?

The course is a target to anyone who wants to start earning passive income online with the power of affiliate marketing. It’s perfect for anyone who is just getting started into any online business in general as well.

They also provide:

  • Done for your best products, ad swipe file, ad targeting that will help you to build your audience without burning your finger.
  • How to eliminate the hurdle of needing a huge budget for running your ads upfront by helping you to fund a few ads for you to get started.
  • How to start to scale your campaign up from the ground and start making high ticket sales from each of your ads campaign.

Course Walkthrough

The course shows how to start affiliate marketing on Clickbank utilizing the power paid traffic using Facebook ads and a sales funnel.

Here’s detail walkthrough of how each module in the course are arranged

Chapter 1: Affiliate Marketing 101 – This chapter explains the fundamentals of affiliate marketing is, and how it’s the difference from another business model.

It also shows con and pro of different types of affiliate network programs which is a great resource newbie’s who are just getting started in affiliate marketing is going to find very helpful.

Even if you haven’t made your first dollar online before, this chapter have you covered and it’s the best introduction to affiliate marketing I have ever since online.

Chapter 2: Funnels 101 – In this chapter, they reveal the secrets for dominating affiliate marketing using just Simple 3 – Step Funnel!

This funnel as simple as it is can help you to make your first dollar online even if you have never made any dime as an affiliate marketer.

There’s nothing fancy here if you’re a fan of Russell Brunson Co-founder of a company called “ClickFunnels” and his challenge “One Funnel Away”. I’m sure this chapter won’t be strange to you because it’s the same concept.

And you will get the opportunity to model and copy the same funnel used by Chris & Andrew inside your Clickfunnels account.

Before you dive deeper into the course you will be pointed to note some few things down which are:

  • Do what Chris and Andrew Say
  • Do not reinvent the wheel, JUST Make it better
  • Repeat

And also besides the Simple 3-step Funnel, you’ll be introduced to the concept of sale and persuasion techniques to level up your marketing skills.

This chapter in recap covers:

  • What makes a Good Lander (Landing Page)
  • The anatomy of a Good VSL (Video Sales Letter)
  • What Makes A Good Facebook Ad

Chapter 3: Setting Up Your Landing Page – This module will show you how to set up your landing page using Clickfunnels or Hostgator. You’ll also be provided with the need for swipe files to get you started.

With the swipe file, everything is done for you all you need to do is plug and play then add your Clickbank affiliate link to your landing page.

This chapter has more to cover as it will be your first actionable task where you will be introduced to how to create your first online business.

Chapter 4: Building Your Empire – This is where the magic happens because you will learn one of the highest income skills in the world that is – Facebook ads.

Paid Traffic is one of the fastest ways to start seeing traction with affiliate marketing when you follow the right blueprint. You will learn how to scale your Facebook ads with every $1 you put into advertisement should yield $2 ROI, so you won’t be wasting money on ads at the beginning.

Chapter 5: Making Stuff Happen – Now that you have a Facebook business manager, Clickbank Account, and your Pre-Sell Page (Landing Page) Set Up.

This chapter is where you will start creating Facebook ads for your Clickbank offers. And it’s not that complicated if you have successfully created an ad account once you can start creating that multiple time and it becomes a routine.

Chapter 6: Scaling to the Moon! – This chapter is about scaling your Facebook ads correctly; meaning for every $1.00 you invest in ads should yield $2.00 back, or spend $1.00 to make $3.00 addition, etc.

If you can confidently spend $1.00 with Facebook ads and make back $2.00 and boldly scale that, then you can turn $50 into $100 back, or $200 back or $300 back, etc.

SCALING is all that you’ll be learning in this chapter so you can quickly scale your ads and kill ads that are not working.

Chapter 7: Super Affiliate Hacks! – This section is more of providing more value to the training, it all about bonus where you’ll be shown “Trick of the whole magic” that you can implement into your business and start seeing results right away.

3. 6 Figure Affiliate Bootcamp by Liam James Kay

6 Figure Affiliate Bootcamp by Liam James Kay is an online course of 82 video training that shows even a complete beginner to build a successful affiliate marketing business and earning 6 figures in a little period of time.

Here is what the modules inside the course entail:

Module 1: Millionaire Mindset – In this module, you’re going to learn the most missing pieces some online course lack which is a mindset. You’re going to learn how to position mind on how to approach your new business with the positive though to be successful.

Module 2: Selecting a Niche – You’ll learn how to identify and pick your own niche of products you’re going to be promoting to the type of customers you have chosen to serve.

Module 3: Building Your Personal Brand – Brand identity is essential in any online business, in this module you’ll learn how to build your personal brand to drive conversion into your business. Build trust with your audience and helping them to solve their pain point.

Module 4: Finding the Best Affiliate Marketing Products – This module is about finding the type of affiliate product to promote. These are products that are high selling and high paying as well with low competition to promote.

Module 5: Building High Converting Sales Funnels – You’ll learn how to use the power of Sale Funnel to take your potential customers on a journey which helps increases your chances of converting them.

Module 6: Email Marketing – Here you’ll learn sending an email communication to your subscribers of your list promoting products or offers. You will get insight on how to set up Email Marketing and automation to make it more successful.

Module 7: YouTube Marketing – This module shows you how and why you want to use this platform to drive traffic, leads, and sales. You’ll learn how to create a YouTube channel, strategies to build it up, what makes a good video, and how to rack your video for the most competitive and profitable keywords.

Module 8: Instagram Marketing – Here you’ll be introduced to one of the biggest social media platform Instagram. In the “Instagram Marketing” module you will learn how to create good content to drive traffic from your Instagram traffic to your Sales Funnel (Introduced in the previous modules).

Module 9: Google Ads – With this module, you’ll learn how to set up an account, create ads, run ads campaign with the power of Google Ads to drive traffic to your Sales Funnel. This is a paid marketing method and you’ll learn how to do keyword research with good cost per cost (CPC), so you can maximize your ROI.

Module 10: YouTube Ads –  To take your organic youtube marketing to next level, you should be running youtube ads, so that’s the purpose of this module is to show you how to get faster results running paid ads with your youtube videos.

Module 11: Solo Ads – This module covers the aspect of leveraging other people’s email marketing lists. The idea here is that you pay a certain amount of money to someone of a bigger list of subscribers to send your Sales Funnel to their list on your behalf.

4. Authority Site System 2.0 by Gael Breton

This course will show you how to get an affiliate site up and running from scratch. You’re going to learn how to create an authority website by using the white hat method link building method.

The course is the best fit for the following type of people:

  • Anyone who has tried and failed with creating a passive income-generating website.
  • Affiliate marketers who are looking to scale their affiliate business using other sources of branding.
  • Someone looking for a perfect training that’s beginner-friendly.

Let take a look at the content modules:

Module 1: The Authority Site Business Model 101 – In this module, you’ll learn about how to build an authority website to make money leveraging the power of SEO tactics. 

Module 2: Niche Research and Site Planning – This module will show you how to make research on the best niche in the marketer and find a profitable niche for your new authority website. And later dive into keyword research in this module.

Module 3: Site Setup – This module is when you’ll start your first task by picking a domain name for your website and register it, set up your hosting and WordPress, Pick your WordPress theme and plugin, set up your branding, analytic and SEO setup, email setup, and setting up your website pages.

Module 4: Content Creation – In this module, you’ll work with content templates, writing a review template, and how to signup with the amazon affiliate program. You’ll also be shown how to outsource the heaviest lifting work in this module to some competent virtual assistance online.

Module 5: Link Building – In this module, you’ll learn how to start link building for your authority website in the right way even if you’re a complete beginner in this area.  

5. Super Affiliate System by John Crestani

Super Affiliate System

Super Affiliate System is one of the training resources that I recommend for anyone who’s looking for a way to earn a living online by just following a simple step-by-step fundamentals share in the course.

Here’s who the course target:

  • The course is great for anyone who hasn’t made any dollar online before
  • It’s also a good fit for anyone who’s making decent money online but what to level up there game.

The Super Affiliate System is much of a newbie-friendly course and I will give a hat to John Crestani for this awesome training.

What’s included in the course:

Super Affiliate System is great a course that shows people how to become a successful affiliate marketer in under 6 weeks.

Here’s what you’re going to learn in this course:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Native Ads
  • Youtube Ads
  • And many more

You will not be spending much on ads spend right away, as little as $5 daily is enough to start with and then scale up when you’re profitable.

John explains every detail you need to get started without complicating things; even as a complete beginner, you can flow with the training.

He also provides you with done-for-you ad templates, audience targeting, and landing pages to use for your promotions.

The training is a 6-week program with over 50 videos included explain how to start affiliate marketing from start to finish.

Here’s the overview of everything you’re going to get inside the course:

Week 1: The System Setup – In this module, you’re going to learn about how the whole concept works, tools, and resources needed with the training and how to set them up for the upcoming week.

Week 2: Understanding the System – After you set up the system then you need to know about how every piece of the whole concept works. In this module, the instructor shows you how to connect missing dots together.

Week 3: Marketing Skills – You’ll learn the act of doing marketing for the product you will be promoting to your audience and how to present it to them in a way that will make them want to buy now.

Week 4: Facebook & Google Ads – Here in this module, you’ll start promoting your product to your targeting audience using the done for you audience targeting provided along with the training.

Week 5: YouTube and Native Ads – You’ll be leveraging the power of the world most viewing video platform to get your product in front of your audience and also using pop up or pop-under to drive traffic to your product. 

Week 6: Scaling & Automation – This module will show you how to start scaling your ads when you have been seeing results. If you master this week’s training very well then you can boldly say for every $5 spend into advertisement you can turn it into $10. You’ll also learn the power of automating your business even if you don’t work for some time. Your business will still be running.

6. Commission Hero by Robby Blanchard

Commission Hero

Commission Hero is an affiliate marketing training by Robby Blanchard on how to start affiliate marketing promoting Clickbank products. He’s one of the Top Clickbank earners making $1,000,000 per month online on Clickbank alone without launching any product.

It’s also another best affiliate marketing courses focus on promoting Clickbank products.

His main tactics are leveraging the power of Facebook ads and funnel to drive traffic to most of the products he promotes and that’s exactly what he taught inside the training.

The Commission Hero training course uses a 3-step formula run an affiliate marketing success. And these steps are broken down into pieces so you can start applying what you learn inside the course immediately.

Commission Hero Step 1: Pick an Offer to Promote – Here you’ll find an offer to promote to your audience. It’s advisable to pick products to promote on ClickBank as they have LOTS of offers in various niches.

Examples of niches you can pick from are below:

  • Business opportunity 
  • Parenting
  • Gardening
  • Health & Fitness
  • Survival
  • Make money online

Commission Hero Step 2: Build Your Landing Page – Now that you have picked a product to promote, the next step is to build a simple landing page to presell the offer to your potential customers about how the product can help solve their pain point.

Here you’ll be building your landing page inside of Clickfunnels, but it’s not compulsory to be Clickfunnels…You can design your landing page using WordPress by getting a hosting account on Bluehost.

Inside the course, you’ll learn the art of writing a good ad copy to trigger emotion and make your prospect take action and want to buy anything you promoted to them.

Commission Hero Step 3: Create Your Facebook Ads – In step 3 of this training, you will learn how to create Facebook ads for your products. 

Be ready to induce yourself on how to write a winning ad with attention-grabbing images because that is what will cause pattern interruption on the newsfeed of your potential customer while strolling to notice your ads and that will result in your ads being clicked.

Now let take a look inside the course overview:

Module 1: Getting Started – In this module, you’ll learn the basics of affiliate marketing, ad account, Clickfunnels walkthrough, and different ad networks like Clickbank & Maxweb

Then next is picking the right offer to promote using the Clickbank marketplace.

There are lots of products on Clickbank to choose from in various niches. 

Now is to find an image for your ads copy to use for running Facebook ads for the offer you have chosen to promote.

You’ll build your landing page in this module as well using Clickfunnels but you can also use WordPress to build your landing page.

Module 2: Facebook SetUp – This section went into setting up a Facebook business ad account, Facebook fan page, setting up your campaign with ad set, and also creating a custom audience.

You’ll learn how to set up your pixel to track conversion on your ads and how to set it up inside Clickbank for more accurate tracking’s sake.

Inside this module you’ll be learning the following pieces about running Facebook ads:

  • Setting Up Facebook
  • SetUp Your Business manager
  • Launching Your First Campaign
  • Setting Up Your Fan Page
  • Setting Up Facebook Ads Set
  • Setting Up Your Ads

Module 3: Tracking & Scaling – In this module, you’ll learn how to track your campaign. It also includes a spreadsheet showing how to set it up and how to scale up your campaign when your ads have started converting.

Module 4: Resources & Tools – Here in this module you’re going to be provided with a done for your resources such as Ad Copy, Ad images & Million Dollar Landing Page Swipes.

He also goes into detail explaining Mindset which is the number one most essential thing most course instructors missed when creating an online course.

Module 5: Additional Training – This is training in the course that contains 3 sections namely: The Ninja Tactics Section, The Snapchat Training, and The Email Marketing training. You can call this as an extra BONUS that comes with the course showing another method to see better results with the course.

7. 12 Minute Affiliate by Devon Brown

12 Minute Affiliate by Devon Brown is my recommended legit system perfected for newbies in affiliate marketing or email marketing.

Before I get started, let’s I walk you through what to expect inside 12 Minute Affiliate:

Step 1: Set up your opt-in or Bridge page (Presell Page) that sends prospects to the sales page for the offer you’re promoting.

Step 2: Set up your Auto-responder account to send out your Emails.

Step 3: Send traffic of potential customers to your landing page or bridge page!

12 Minute Affiliate is a system well-structured course for anyone that wants to start in affiliate marketing with a proven system.

When you first register to 12 Minute Affiliate, you’ll be given a quick start checklist explaining everything a new affiliate marketer should be doing on the first day.

Step 1: Create A Free Affiliate Account (2 Minutes) – In this training inside the 12 Minute Affiliate you’ll be learning how to set up your affiliate account! This is the place to find products to promote and earn an affiliate commission. You’ll be signing up on Clickbank as an affiliate. Clickbank is the #1 marketplace for varieties of digital products online.

Step 2: Get Your Auto-Responder (2 Minutes) – You’ll learn how to connect your auto-responder to the 12 Minute Affiliate System. An auto-responder is a marketing tool that helps you build your email list and also sell to them.

12 Minute Affiliate uses Aweber for its email marketing integration and the same thing you would be using as well.

Step 3: Set Up Your Auto-Responder (Step-By-Step Instructions) – The part is going to show you how to set up your auto-responder step-by-step. You’ll be shown how to structure your email auto-responder series by just importing a key/code generated by 12 Minute Affiliate Software into your Aweber account alongside your affiliate link of the product you’re promoting.

Step 4: Activate Your 12 Minute Affiliate Funnels – The funnel page are also easy to set up inside the 12 Minute Affiliate dashboard where you can choose from 3 main categories niches namely; Online Business, Health, and Personal Development. You can choose from varieties of templates to use, make a little change, and WOOLAH you’re good to go.

Step 5: Get Done-For-You Traffic (2 Minutes) – This is the best part of the whole set up because without this implemented you won’t make sales as an affiliate.

You’ll learn how to drive TONS of traffic to your affiliate offer using the premade traffic done for you traffic system integrated into the 12 Minute Affiliate.

Final Thought

There you have the list of my most recommended best affiliate marketing courses on the internet.

With the list highlighted here, you can start your affiliate marketing business in no time.

Find the one that resonates with you and go for it.

If your aim is to win the Clickfunnels Dream Car award then I would recommend you signup for Spencer Mecham Affiliate Secrets 2.0 Course.

But if you want to focus on promoting Clickbank affiliate offer, I recommend you to join Simple Wifi Profit.

Let me know what you think about each of these courses highlighted below.

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